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[07:05]  Oklahoma Court dismisses suit seeking same-sex â€?divorce’
[04:10]  Pope Benedict responds to terrorist attacks in India
[01:05]  Ministry helps Trans World Radio stay on the air in Swaziland


[22:10]  US evangelist sees silver lining in dark economy cloud
[19:05]  Tim and Matthew Morgan: Behind the scenes of "Volition" (press)
[16:10]  Russia: "Soon there won't be a single Baptist church in Lipetsk!"
[13:05]  CURE International increases qualifications for missions
[10:10]  Collider is non-destructive but it can’t make people happy - expert (press)
[07:05]  Movie epic Australia serves up typical political myths (press)
[04:10]  Iraqi Christians jittery after the murder of two Christians
[01:05]  Texas appellate court defines unborn child as "person"


[22:10]  Football salvation story is brighter than Friday night lights
[19:05]  Catholics offer support after targeting of Mormons in Prop. 8 battle
[16:10]  English Catholic Bishops’ pamphlet pushes gay lobby agenda
[13:05]  Extremists shut down church to make room for Hindu temple
[10:10]  Spainish socialists out of arguments for justifying new abortion law
[07:05]  French philosopher: European Union beats USSR in atheism
[07:05]  Ministry held forum to discuss AIDS, trafficking, trauma
[04:10]  New Life church completed leaders training ”Save the nation”
[01:05]  Kazakhstan: restrictive amendments on religion go to president


[22:10]  Jesus Film expects to 'tighten its belt' financially this holiday season
[21:05]  US bishops: â€?no moral justification’ for upcoming execution
[20:10]  Missionary story: An urgency for Rio de Janeiro's poor (press)
[19:05]  Global Aid Network Spring Work Project to be held in March
[18:10]  U.S. churches expected to voice concerns and hopes to Obama
[17:05]  Vermont government opposes 'gay marriage' bill
[14:10]  CNA and Franciscan Foundation try to keep Christians in the Holy Land
[12:05]  'Joking' political prayer in Philippines provokes indignation
[10:10]  Cardinal Biffi: Christian teachings do not change with the times
[09:05]  Gospel For Asia leader cries out against Mumbai terrorist attacks
[08:10]  1500 Bibles collected in response to financial cutbacks
[07:05]  John Lennon approval from Vatican paper triggers blog reactions
[06:10]  Socialist senator who converted to Catholicism calls for end to abortion
[05:05]  20,000 Muslims attacked Christian church in Cairo, Egypt
[04:10]  Swedish church assembles faith leaders for climate 'manifesto'
[03:05]  Pope prays for full unity with Armenian Apostolic Church
[02:10]  Indian hate campaign in 'the world's largest democracy'
[01:05]  Texas cardinal leads prayer rally against abortion and death penalty
[00:10]  American teen campaigning for fresh water in Sudan


[23:05]  Why Kmiec will not become the new Vatican Ambassador
[22:10]  Tom Wappel's 13 recommendations for Catholic bishops
[21:05]  Judge overturns Florida law barring homosexual adoption
[20:10]  Saddleback Civil Forum to honor President George W. Bush
[19:05]  American missionaries aid homeless families in the Congo
[18:10]  Obama breaks churchgoing habits to work out at gym
[17:05]  Australian senate passes de facto same-sex “marriage” laws
[16:05]  South African student wins Dutch sermon competition on 'doubt'
[14:10]  Indonesia quake causes reflection on ministry growth
[12:05]  UK Christians fight against slavery and human trafficking
[10:10]  Cardinal: Society is sick because the family is being destroyed
[09:05]  Bethlehem visitor numbers soar in 2008 says Israel
[08:10]  Russian city observes â€?week without abortion’
[07:05]  Christian pastors are released from jail in Laos
[06:10]  Christian bus adverts declare Good News to London’s commuters
[05:05]  'Iraq is finished' say Christians who fled conflict
[04:10]  Ministry hopes to deliver 30,000 Christmas gifts to kids in Russia
[03:05]  British churches will remember Asia on World Aids Day 2008
[02:10]  Sudanese bishops warn peace accord for the south losing force
[01:05]  American activists hope new law reduces Down abortions
[00:10]  Activists asked church head to highlight Sri Lanka abuses


[23:05]  Obama consulted repeatedly with gay Anglican bishop
[22:10]  Three people shot, one dead, inside New Jersey church
[21:05]  US bishop apologizes for Catholic hospitals’ unethical sterilizations
[20:10]  'Fireproof' movie passes $31 million mark; DVD date set
[19:05]  Catholic Gonzaga University rejects pro-life fliers
[18:10]  Open Doors urges diplomatic action regarding India persecution
[17:05]  US bishop explains his willingness to die to end abortion
[11:10]  Vietnamese authorities pressure new Christians to recant
[09:05]  Vatican in “firestorm” over brain death criteria for organ transplants
[08:10]  Europe suffering from chronic lack of hope, bishop warns
[07:05]  Japan enters recession, plans for ministry growth threatened
[06:10]  Churches: Zimbabwe in state of disaster as cholera claims 300
[05:05]  Christians of Mosul fear a new wave of sectarian violence
[04:10]  Spanish cardinal criticizes removing crucifixes from schools
[03:05]  Ukrainian church marks 20th century 'genocide' Russia disputes
[02:05]  Biden experiencing troubled conscience over abortion
[01:05]  Christians reach out to victims of the U.S. sex trade
[00:10]  Obama administration reveals plans to advance gay agenda


[23:05]  Evangelistic event brings light of Christ to occult-ridden area
[22:10]  New Zealand has one of the highest rates of child abuse
[21:05]  Faith Comes By Hearing released twelve new audio Bibles
[20:10]  Obama selects pro-abortion Communications Director
[19:05]  Ministry brings Gospel to deaf population of Uruguay
[18:10]  Chuck Norris wrote an open letter to Barack Obama (press)
[17:05]  Commentary: America…Let’s really talk about the Bible (press)
[09:10]  Kazakh police "struggle against terrorism" - and restaurant meals
[07:05]  Pakistani Christians fear Muslim extremist reign
[06:10]  Two priests and a nun arrested in probe of 1992 killing in India
[05:05]  Pope: Christ’s Kingdom requires us to love our neighbor
[04:10]  Islamic extremist told about his conversion to Christianity (press)
[03:05]  Good News Church women minister orphans in Russia
[02:10]  Kazakhstan: New Law still in parliament and harshened
[01:05]  Church in Poland fends off criticism about land claim handouts
[00:10]  Jordan’s king says 'humanitarian crisis looming in Gaza'


[15:05]  Iraqi Christians ordered to leave country or have throats slit
[12:10]  Filipino hunger survivor now bishop runs food project
[09:05]  Moscow church held prayer for the Persecuted Church
[06:10]  Planned Parenthood head lashes out at Cardinal O’Malley
[03:05]  Wycliffe pushes to translate last remaining languages
[00:10]  The вeath of Catholic culture and the election of Barack Obama (press)


[21:05]  Kyrgyzstan law will 'increase' Central Asia religious restrictions
[18:10]  Brazilian Christian fined for making "homophobic" remarks
[15:05]  Work begins on new Nativity scene at the Vatican City
[12:10]  Zambia archbishop angry at government attack on priest
[09:05]  Mainstream media ignoring violence and intimidation of gay protestors
[06:10]  Two churches attacked and destroyed in Nigerian town
[03:05]  Churches urge prayer against abortion for coming Obama rule
[00:10]  Canadian students face possible arrest for pro-life display


[21:05]  Vision Beyond Borders founder black listed in China
[18:10]  Wyoming Baptists urge prayer for the United States
[15:05]  California Supreme Court to hear anti-Proposition 8 cases
[12:05]  French Academy elects author of legal abortion as a member
[10:05]  Academics deplore scorn for human life in Spain
[09:30]  Despite threats, Christians in India to celebrate Christmas as usual
[09:25]  Zimbabwean Christians vow prayer offensive until crisis ends


[20:10]  Diocese rebukes priest’s claims that Obama voters must confess
[17:05]  West Virginia Baptists back state marriage amendament
[14:10]  Supreme Court authorizes euthanasia for Italian 'Terri Schiavo'
[11:05]  In U.K. nearly 40% reject adoption by homosexual couples
[08:10]  â€?Yes on 8’ supporters unite against post-election vicious attacks
[05:05]  Broken walls: Entering prison walls, setting captives free (press)
[02:10]  Missions: Peruvian villagers are very responsive to Gospel


[23:05]  With gay 'marriage' Christian freedoms will be under greatest threat
[20:10]  U.S. Army restores Baghdad college property to Church
[17:05]  'Fireproof' has made millions, but it's split multiple ways
[14:10]  Uruguayan president vetoes pro-abortion legislation
[11:05]  Hope comes to harassed church leaders in Azerbaijan
[08:10]  United Nations urges India to legalize sodomy
[05:05]  Faith-based economist: Agreement with EU will not help Malawi
[02:10]  Separating Christianity from Europe leads â€?down a blind alley’ (press)


[23:05]  What homeschoolers can expect under an Obama administration
[20:10]  IN Network releases 2008 Christmas Wish Book
[17:05]  Chicago transit authority affirms right to preach on platforms
[14:10]  Ukrainian Church describes holodomor as genocide
[11:05]  Half of Church of England clergy 'will be women' by 2018
[08:10]  Pope meets Brazil’s president, discusses need to bolster the family
[05:05]  Orissa bishops warn state leader of “master plan” to wipe out Christianity
[02:10]  Oklahoma Baptists elect 1st Native American president


[23:05]  Iraqi archbishop asks Obama to protect Christians
[20:10]  "Conversations with God" teach American kids to live in sin
[17:05]  UK Catholic Bishop: “I have been thrilled by Obama’s victory”
[14:05]  Spanish scholar: Education for Citizenship an 'amalgam of aberrations'
[12:10]  Zambian bishops urge electoral reforms after presidential poll
[09:05]  National Bible Bee contest is launched in the United States
[06:10]  Montreal promotes tourism to gays with ad suggesting public sex
[03:05]  Archbishop questions benefit of legalizing drugs in Mexico
[00:10]  Humanist association launches ad campaign for lonely humanists


[23:05]  At 90, Billy Graham's role as mentor to US presidents winds down
[22:10]  Bright Hope launches job initiatives for Mapuche people
[21:05]  Connecticut begins issuing marriage licenses to gay couples
[20:10]  Mission Colleyville reaches Hispanics; 285 accept Christ
[19:05]  The battle for marriage in the United States has just begun (exclusive)
[18:10]  Brazil promotes abortion in standardized testing
[17:05]  US ministry will deliver God's Word via text messages
[13:10]  Manga Bible series goes global, target Japan's prime minister
[11:05]  Religious tolerance forum hosted by -- Saudi Arabia?
[09:10]  56 major religious organisations in Russia to be shut down?
[07:05]  Ministry brings hope to kids of war in the Middle East
[06:10]  Vatican official calls for end to anti-Christian violence in India
[05:05]  Islam grows exponentially, but evangelical churches dwindle
[04:10]  Another 'champion of abortion' becomes defender of life
[03:05]  Church groups appeal for unity in Zimbabwe, and freeing of women
[02:10]  Secular media covering persecution against Christians
[01:05]  Schwarzenegger: Same-sex couples previous "marriages" intact
[00:10]  California parental notification campaign was outspent 11 to 1


[23:05]  Chaplain in Korea looks for "God-fearing" soldiers
[22:10]  Cardinal reiterates: it’s not enough just to be â€?good people’
[21:05]  Audio Scriptures to be delivered through text messaging
[20:10]  Gay anarchists storm Michigan church during Sunday service
[19:05]  Brazil's one of the largest Christian evangelistic efforts in history
[18:10]  U.S. bishops approve new blessing for unborn children
[17:05]  Chaplains impart support & strength to soldiers in combat
[15:05]  Vatican hosts conference on protecting kids from diseases
[13:10]  'Partnership' needed from Jerusalem clergy who had fist fight
[11:05]  Ministry launches a Scripture distribution in high-conflict regions
[09:10]  "Bella" opens in Spain with appearance by Eduardo Verastegui
[07:05]  Christian Books Festival held in the capital city of Ukraine
[06:10]  Two nuns kidnapped in Kenya amid tribal violence
[05:05]  Church in Jordan reaches out to help those in poverty
[04:10]  Irish MEP: influential EU a threat to rights of unborn kids
[03:05]  Budget cuts show Spain’s lack of interest in the family
[02:10]  Orthodox want the handing-over of a church without compensation
[01:05]  Bible Translation Center provides digital Arabic Scripture
[00:05]  Haitiâ€?s tragic school collapse is sign of nationâ€?s instability


[23:10]  U.S. election message to Catholic Bishops: Time to clean house
[22:05]  Colombian archbishop still hopeful for dialogue with rebels
[21:10]  Sexual content on television linked to teen pregnancy in US
[19:05]  Ministry team joins coalition to help in wake of U.S. hurricane
[18:10]  Fireproof movie crosses $28 million in 7th weekend
[17:05]  Schwarzenegger: Fight for same-sex “marriage” like body-building
[15:05]  MPs stand for building a church in Moscow City business center
[13:10]  Congo families who take refugees are themselves at risk (press)
[11:05]  God is moving among Persian Christians throughout Europe
[09:10]  Pope eager to promote peace between China and Taiwan
[07:05]  German Protestant Church calls for change in lifestyle
[06:10]  Archbishop of Canterbury praises Zimbabwean Anglican leader
[05:05]  Persecution in Eritrea goes unnoticed by western nations
[04:10]  Kenyan physician: "Obama administration will be a nightmare for us"
[03:05]  Madrid cardinal: Same-sex marriage is contrary to civilization
[02:10]  German churches: we failed to oppose persecution of Jews
[01:05]  American ministry launches Operation: Freedom Bell
[00:10]  Salvadoran bishops call on priests to refrain from politics


[23:05]  Catholics in U.S. to remember Communist- inflicted famine
[22:10]  Abortion is "Non-Negotiable": Archbishop of Santa Fe
[21:05]  John Allen: Obama should â€?pick up the phone’ in U.S.-Vatican relations
[20:10]  Shepherds Enterprises provides jobs, reflects Christ
[19:05]  Proposition 8 protesters besiege LA Mormon Temple
[18:10]  Use of the word 'Christmas' scrutinized again
[17:05]  American military service meets Great Commission (press)
[15:05]  Ministry efforts lead to release of Pakistan ’blasphemer’
[13:10]  Kiev Good News church teaches the Basics of Christianity
[11:05]  Gospel For Asia: prayer for India needed all year
[09:10]  Pope marks Feast of Dedication of Lateran Basilica
[07:05]  Nigerian Christian newspaper marks 14th anniversary
[06:10]  1st English-language service held in Moscow Good News church
[05:05]  Vatican: objection to Education for Citizenship is necessary
[04:10]  Christian Orthodox leader meets Iranian President
[03:05]  New Life church’s minister is being summoned to KGB
[02:10]  Christian satellite television sees growth in Turkey
[01:05]  'Bella' star works to protect the unborn in Spain
[00:10]  Zimbabwe church leaders say they failed their suffering nation


[15:05]  Spanish parliament urged not to loosen abortion law
[12:10]  Ministry calls Christians to pray for students around the world
[09:05]  Bishops of Orissa to persecuted Christians: rekindle your hope
[06:10]  Sweden considers "gender neutral marriage" law
[03:05]  Southern Baptists in Congress return to Washington D.C.
[00:10]  Two believers deny Iranian court claims of renunciation


[21:05]  Payback time: What Planned Parenthood expects from Obama
[18:10]  3-minute testimony leads 1,600 Americans to Christ
[15:05]  Catholic-Muslim Forum: Defense of religious freedom
[12:10]  Irish Cardinal warns against homosexual “marriage”
[09:05]  Ministry calls for teams to help with trokosi outreach in Ghana
[06:10]  Spanish bishop denounces anti-Christian persecution of youth
[03:05]  Taxi drivers' club reaches passengers with Christian radio
[00:10]  Audio Bibles ready U.S. troops with God’s truth


[21:05]  Young New Yorker leaves police force to become priest
[18:10]  Study: Catholic colleges have little positive impact on faith
[15:05]  Obama could radically change U.S. landscape on social issues
[12:10]  Mission receives ’Passion Award’ for furthering the Gospel
[10:10]  Baptist statement on the United States election victory (press)
[09:05]  Kyrgyzstan: restrictive law due for final parliamentary vote
[06:10]  Ordinance designed to advance gay 'rights' overturned by voters
[03:05]  New Life Ministers took part in a Gospel Festival
[00:10]  Hindu militants continue their attacks on Christians in India


[23:05]  Movieguide® is looking for most inspiring TV program and movie
[22:10]  Homosexual couples initiate trial to overturn Proposition 8 (exclusive)
[21:05]  Box of Love campaign ministers to inner city families in US
[20:10]  Opinion: Marriage victory proves Americans' values (press)
[19:05]  Our environmental condition is connected to lifestyle (press)
[18:10]  Washington becomes 2nd US state with legal assisted suicide
[17:05]  USA presidential election: How the faithful voted (photoreport)
[11:05]  Ministry: Pastor Hamid Shabanov is free until end of trial
[09:10]  Without Resurrection, â€?Christian life is absurd’ (press)
[07:05]  Open Doors forms umbrella organization to help Orissa
[06:10]  Uruguay approves abortion, despite veto promise from president
[05:05]  Prominent Beijing rights defense lawyers fired from law firm
[04:10]  Faith-backed survey: workers in Malawi being exploited
[03:05]  Scientist leaves Britain, criticizes â€?obsession’ with adult stem cells
[02:10]  Christmas hope comes in the form of a Bundle of Love
[01:05]  Gospel has reached imam at Sahara Desert's edge
[00:10]  World Evangelical Alliance Assembly closes in Thailand


[23:05]  Russian Church asks tax administration to release its church
[22:10]  Archbishop concerned that abortion could spread to all of Mexico
[21:05]  Alexey Ledyaev: America will never be the same (exclusive)
[20:10]  Salvadoran bishops call on priests to refrain from politics
[19:05]  Ottawa 40 Days for Life wraps up: It’s just the beginning
[18:10]  Freedom of Choice Act threatens pro-life successes
[17:05]  From Cross to Crescent: Islam triples in Europe
[13:05]  Christians salute priest who died after Orissa attack
[11:10]  Archbishop of Kyiv and Halych: Ukraine needs Christian elite
[09:05]  Thousands of Christians pray on the Day of Prayer for Europe
[07:10]  Historic Catholic-Muslim dialogue starts at the Vatican
[07:10]  Convert from Islam murdered by militants in Somalia
[05:05]  Zimbabwe Catholic journal warns against return to 'Stone Age'
[04:10]  Rebel violence in Congo affects Christian outreach
[03:05]  Interdenominational Russian committee plans to visit Georgia
[02:10]  Obama is for â€?gay marriage’ even as he’s against it (press)
[01:05]  Belarus pastor asked Kyrgyzstan to protect Christians
[00:10]  Colorado Baptists Convention welcome six new churches


[23:05]  UN calls for $17 million to aid flood victims in Honduras
[22:10]  Analysts: Kmiec’s claims against Denver archbishop irrelevant
[21:05]  Southern Baptist pastor freed, hospitalized after kidnapping
[20:10]  New poll shows 13 point McCain lead among Catholics
[19:05]  Urban Christian Schools planned for U.S. neighborhoods
[19:05]  Argentine church: more to be done 25 years after democracy
[18:10]  Fireproof movie stays in top 10 in a per-theater averages
[17:05]  Church attendance â€?strongest gap’ in candidates’ support
[16:05]  Moscow Good News Church: healing school update
[14:10]  Queen of Spain denounces abortion and "gay marriage"
[12:05]  Ministry vandalism in Mozambique a major setback
[10:10]  Chocolates mark 500 years of Calvin in a taste of 'paradise'
[08:05]  Uruguayan lawmakers to vote on legalization of abortion
[06:10]  Partner Excursion to the Seven Churches of Revelation
[05:05]  Archbishop Marx follows namesake with book called 'Kapital'
[04:10]  Persecution of China Christians intensifies after Olympics
[04:10]  Authorities "dragging out" Baptist pastor's trial in Azerbaijan
[03:05]  Lutherans celebrate with Palestinian, Israeli procession
[02:10]  Iraq: Persecution an intentional political move
[01:05]  "March for Russia" will protest abortion, homosexuality
[00:10]  Archbishop: Halloween a superstitious triviality


[23:05]  US Christians change negative perception of Christians
[22:10]  Christians launch relief effort in mud-covered Haiti
[21:05]  American bishops defend marriage in YouTube videos
[20:10]  Christian radio ministry reaches Ecuadorean villages
[19:05]  Australian pro gay "marriage" priest denies Jesus is God
[18:10]  Virginia city council taking Jesus out of prayer
[17:05]  Miss America urges Americans to 'end the reign' of Roe v. Wade
[16:05]  A ministry brings mentoring hope to Russian orphans
[14:10]  Orissa bishops charge that government let Christians down
[12:05]  Dutch missionary preaches God's Word in Jerusalem temple
[10:10]  Pope met with president of Lebanon and his entourage
[08:05]  Year to mark Calvin's 500th anniversary to be launched
[06:10]  Christian aid groups fear catastrophe in Republic of Congo
[05:05]  Members of Ukraine's parliament celebrated Halloween (press)
[04:10]  American Christians help renovate Moldovan orphanage
[03:05]  Christian students say UN sidesteps Zimbabwe crisis
[02:10]  Iraq pledges $900,000 to help displaced Christian families
[01:05]  Christian hope always 'hope for others,' Pope Benedict says
[00:10]  Churches deplore India blasts that hit Baptist centre


[14:10]  Arkansas Baptists focus on reaching children and youth
[11:05]  UK government behaving like Nazis: Edinburgh Cardinal
[08:10]  Florida marriage amendment support nears victory level
[05:05]  Active church growth in China challenges a ministry to respond
[02:10]  Abortion given legal boost in 16 countries in last decade


[23:05]  Ministry: Bible to be in every language by the year 2025
[20:10]  Obama a student of man who dedicated his book to Satan
[17:05]  Indian Catholic priest attacked in August succumbs to injuries
[14:10]  Philippine church vows to stop bill on reproductive health
[11:05]  Bid to make women 'announcers' of Gospel stirs debate
[08:10]  Basque terrorist group bomb Catholic university in Spain
[05:05]  Ugandan Anglican bishop says war has ended despite flare ups
[02:10]  US church continues to restore homes damaged by Ike
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