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[23:05]  Church warns about messages from liberal â€?Catholic’ groups
[20:10]  California marriage supporters raise $5 million in one week
[17:05]  Leonard Sweet: It's time for Christians to take the lead (press, exclusive)
[16:10]  Israeli archaeologist found possibly oldest Hebrew inscription
[14:10]  170 people killed as powerful earthquake hits Pakistan
[11:05]  Colombian bishop calls euthanasia law grave attack on life
[08:10]  Fundamentalist secularism threatens U.S. (press)
[05:05]  Believers help hurricane survivors rebuild in Haiti
[02:10]  Germany’s biggest mosque opens; Church wants freedom in Turkey


[23:05]  Archbishop against anti-defamation laws in U.N. speech
[22:10]  New â€?educational’ movement comes to Panama
[21:05]  US biotechnology firm hopeful for embryonic trials
[20:10]  Christian ministry responds to mass flooding in Honduras
[19:05]  Against bishop's plea, city council passes anti-Prop. 8 resolution
[18:10]  Baptist pastor still missing after Tijuana kidnapping
[17:05]  Erin Bethea told Christian Telegraph about herself and Fireproof (photoreport, press, exclusive)
[10:05]  U.K. Catholic Education Service cooperates with sex-ed for kids
[08:10]  A Russian priest visits Saudi Arabia for the first time
[06:05]  Heavy persecution of Christians in India spreads nationally
[04:10]  Two well-loved Catholic priests murdered in Russia
[03:05]  New committees created at Fall Russian Baptists sessions
[02:10]  Cardinal calls for non-violence as Hindus celebrate Diwali
[01:05]  Bible magazine encourages children around the world
[00:10]  New Russian national idea: to be Russian is to be an Orthodox


[23:05]  Spanish ministers against Cuba democracy project (press)
[22:10]  Hurting women find compassion, healing through ministry
[21:05]  Floods hit Honduras; ministry responds to call for help
[20:10]  Catholic governor: embryonic stem cell research is "pro-life"
[19:05]  Chuck Norris unleashes attack on Obama over abortion
[18:10]  Fireproof continues to burn in USA as other films fizzle
[17:05]  Christian ministry works to strengthen Jamaican churches
[15:10]  Cambodians learn about environment to build up Church
[13:05]  Pastor in Kazakhstan punished for leading unregistered church
[11:10]  Spanish government might publish figures on abortions in 2007
[09:05]  Zimbabwe bishop: churches have done nothing for people
[07:10]  Spain officials seek to promote homosexuality during family festival
[06:10]  Vatican criticised for 'inappropriate' language
[05:05]  Christian in Somalia beheaded for converting from Islam
[04:10]  â€?Institute for Women’ created in Panama to promote abortion
[03:05]  The letter to the ambassador of India in Republic of Belarus
[02:10]  New Zealand’s secret agenda for social engineering
[01:05]  Denise Renner ministers to women in the U.S.
[00:10]  Persecution “Way of Life” missionaries rising in India


[23:05]  Cardinal compares abortion crimes to those of Hitler, Stalin
[23:05]  Azerbaijan imprisons pastor in order to destroy church
[22:10]  New York Baptist Christians achieve baptisms distinction
[21:05]  Pro-Obama Catholic: pro-lifers adhere to â€?pelvic theology’
[20:10]  A university looks at erasing God from graduation ceremony
[19:05]  Bishop: Non-participation in secular life a â€?grave omission’
[18:10]  Miltancy growing in Philippines makes outreach difficult
[17:05]  Rick Warren endorses California marriage amendment
[15:10]  Services in English to begin at Moscow Good News Church
[13:05]  U.K. counselor sacked for refusing to give gay sex advice
[11:10]  Bishops: parents can object government school course
[09:05]  Asia is continent with most violations of religious freedom
[08:10]  Despite unrest, people keep coming to Christ in India
[07:05]  Polish gay parade in Krakow cancelled due to president's visit (press)
[06:10]  Catholic prelates appeal for peace in Lebanon, Iraq and India
[05:05]  A two-day forum in Ukraine helps unify the evangelical church
[04:10]  Business to Long Island: No Christmas, no fireworks
[03:05]  'Gay marriage' legalization destroys religious freedom (press)
[02:10]  Christian prisoners to have a Church at Pakistan jail
[01:05]  Institute to award Catholics who infuse society with their faith
[00:10]  Mission team moves to build local church in Philippines


[23:05]  50 bishops say abortion most important issue in U.S. election
[22:10]  'Fireproof' movie opened in at least 85 more cities
[21:05]  Indigenous tribes in South America transformed by Gospel
[20:10]  Apple, Google both come out against traditional marriage
[19:05]  United States condemns beating of China pastor's sons
[18:10]  Bishop's booklet on Catholic civics reaches more than 100,000
[17:05]  Chavez offers help building Orthodox church in Caracas
[16:10]  Pastor Sunday Adelaja supports Ukrainian nationalism
[14:05]  YWCA of Palestine protests attack on employee by Israelis
[12:10]  Pakistani Christian asks UN to protect Christians in India
[10:05]  Priest apologizes for "marrying" fellow gay clergy
[08:10]  Holly See will publish a document on use of psychology
[06:05]  Indian Sikhs urge church leader take up France's turban ban
[04:10]  Pope Benedict decries anti-Christian violence in Iraq and India
[03:05]  Russian Protestant leader attends EU parliament sessions
[02:05]  UK announces mandatory sex education for kindergarteners
[01:10]  International Forum addresses outreach future in CIS
[00:05]  Bishop on challenges facing Christians after war in Sudan


[16:10]  Catholic Association of Latino Leaders issues position papers
[13:10]  Homosexuality sin says evangelist after launch of Malawi gay group
[10:05]  Presidential election 08: Gambling seeks gains in Missouri
[07:05]  London buses proclaim: "There's probably no God"
[04:10]  New Polish primate: I never cooperated with secret police
[01:05]  Central Interior assembly says â€?yes’ to same-sex blessings


[22:10]  Column on Obama abortion policies prompts invastigation
[19:05]  Arizona's pro-marriage campaign showing strong momentum
[17:05]  May a church tear down a historic landmark in US?
[16:10]  Bible distribution in India becomes difficult because of violence
[13:05]  Missionaries: Suicide, abortion mark Lithuania's despair
[10:05]  Seeking dialogue with Muslims: 'knowing more' about Islam
[07:10]  Complete works of Joseph Ratzinger to be published in German
[04:05]  Uzbekistan: Seven Protestants in self-financed detention
[01:10]  Sarah Palin speaks with Dr. Dobson about faith and life issues


[22:05]  New partnership helps free those trapped in pornography
[20:10]  University in hot water with Bishop Brandt for inviting Kmiec to speak
[17:05]  Mexican kidnappers demand $1 million ransom for pastor
[15:05]  Rabbi of Kiev Messianic Jews goes on a ministry trip to the USA
[14:10]  Extremists intent to bring the Orissa violence to their own state
[13:10]  Eritrea is among worst violators of religious rights and freedom
[11:05]  Pro-family coalition in Panama rejects anti-parental laws
[08:10]  San Francisco measure seeks to decriminalize prostitution
[05:05]  Christians in Algeria accused of 'shaking the faith of Muslims'
[02:10]  Florida marriage amendment must get super-majority


[23:05]  Christians bring hope to Sierra Leone despite food crisis
[22:10]  Chinese pastor's son survives attack by government agents
[21:05]  A teacher shortage threatens Bible translation work
[20:10]  Kindergarten promotes gay and lesbian ideals to children
[19:05]  Zogby finds Obama’s lead widening among Catholics
[18:10]  Bishops: Catholics “morally obliged” to oppose Roe v. Wade
[17:05]  Saddleback Pastor Rick Warren makes private pain public
[13:10]  Spain extends controversial course to schools abroad
[11:05]  Ukrainian churches address ambassador of India on persecution
[09:10]  Britain’s “macabre” embryo bill passes in the Commons
[07:05]  Open Doors: Christians facing even more trouble in Iraq
[06:10]  Gospel compels Church to seek peace during war, says WCC head
[05:05]  “Wall-E” inspires reflection on the defense of life
[04:10]  Tributes flow for Canadian journalist with passion for Africa
[03:05]  Zambia churches urged to 'be non-partisan' in election
[02:10]  Press: Why was protestant bishop deported from Belarus? (press)
[01:05]  Great Europe Mission invites thousands to pray for Europe
[00:10]  US Catholic bishops develop plan to defend marriage


[23:05]  56 religious organisations in Russia to be eliminated
[22:10]  Alaska hosts first time ever missionary commissioning
[21:05]  Right to Life has launched a campaign of pro-life advertising
[20:10]  Economic impact of abortion in U.S. - $35 to $70 trillion
[19:05]  Hollywood money boosts opponents of California amendment
[18:10]  Mission Aviation Fellowship plane missing after crash
[17:05]  Brazil priests promote pro-abortion and pro-gay pamphlets
[12:10]  Turkish nationalism, Ergenekon, and denial of religious freedom (press)
[10:05]  Training institute in Ghana to cultivate ministry with kids
[08:10]  UK rugby star suicide generating support for euthanasia movement
[06:05]  Spanish abortion supporters call for church burnings
[04:10]  Church: killing of aid worker is 'offence against God'
[03:05]  Belfast rally opposes abortion in Northern Ireland
[02:10]  'Fireproof' movie passes $20 million mark at US box office
[01:05]  Thousands flee Congo Democratic Republic as LRA attacks
[00:10]  African American pastor: Pro-lifers pick up where MLK left off


[23:05]  US International Religious Freedom warns about Yemen
[22:10]  Texas pastor Ed Young Jr.: Scripture is best voter guide
[21:05]  Venezuelan bishops concerned for situation in their country
[20:10]  Catholic political groups are financed by George Soros
[19:05]  Palin on faith, prayer, gay "marriage", and abortion
[18:10]  SBC President Johnny Hunt urges prayer for awakening (documents)
[17:05]  Christians protest against US nuclear carrier stationed in Japan
[11:05]  UK charity worker has been shot dead near Kabul University
[10:10]  Evangelicals 'ready to talk' to Orthodox on faith in Muslim states
[09:05]  Free abortion ship arrives in Spain to pro-life protests
[08:10]  Psychiatrist: "Celibacy is a provocation" to a superficial world
[07:05]  Attacks premeditated; Ministry involved in persecution rehab
[06:10]  The Russian Orthodox Church awards the Castro brothers
[05:05]  Christians of Ukraine participated in Thanksgiving Day
[04:10]  Pro-Obama Catholic: abortion is evil, but you can still vote pro-abortion
[03:05]  Maher filmed anti-religion movie in church under false pretenses
[01:05]  Don't forget poorest in global credit crisis plead churches, aid groups
[00:10]  10 New Audio Bible recordings reach nearly 100 million people


[23:05]  Scottish chapel to become 'shrine' to potential Australian saint (press)
[22:10]  McCain and Obama trade jokes at Archdiocese of NY dinner
[21:05]  City Lights program introduces Christian teaching in Latin America
[20:10]  Catholics reminded to remember Judgment Day in the voting booth
[19:05]  Dr. John Howard will deliver a lecture and speak of his new book
[18:10]  Inspirational Country Music Awards honors winners
[17:05]  California opens back door to assisted suicide, critics say
[13:10]  Religious extremism 'one of greatest threats', says WCC leader
[11:05]  EU states cannot be forced to recognise "gay marriage"
[09:10]  Media Mir - Spreading the Gospel through television
[07:05]  UK’s Christian Aid provides food aid to people of Zimbabwe
[06:10]  Religion is not making a comeback in Europe
[05:10]  Belarus Court recommences hearing of the case of New Life Church
[03:05]  Anti-Christian violence in India affects Book of Hope Ministry
[02:10]  Blair declined to attend Catholic youth conference in Rome
[01:05]  State corruption to blame for Zimbabwe collapse says bishop
[00:10]  Prayer prepares the way for the Gospel, Pope Benedict says


[07:05]  Extremist violence continues to force Christian exodus in Mosul
[04:10]  Protestant bishop Benjamin Brukh was deported from Belarus
[01:05]  Pope: Church in Ecuador needs â€?mature and committed’ lay people


[22:10]  McCain, Obama have sharp disagreements in final debate
[19:05]  College president asked to clarify support for church teaching on abortion
[16:10]  Son of a pastor in China in critical condition after severe beating
[13:05]  Kenyan church in race to beat auctioneers selling education centre
[10:10]  Bethany Christian Services offers hope to children in Ethiopia
[07:05]  Kyrgyzstan: Secrecy surrounds Religion Law before final reading
[04:10]  Anglican head urges joint Christian-Muslim approach on credit
[01:05]  The Love Dare jumps to no. 1 on New York Times’ bestsellers list


[22:10]  Pro-life Catholics who support Barack Obama face criticism
[19:05]  IMB missionaries use agriculture to share Gospel in Ecuador
[16:10]  New website is offering Christians moral investing help
[13:05]  Iraq Christians protest against displacement of Christians in Mosul
[10:10]  Indian government urged to ensure security of Christians
[07:05]  UK traditional wing of Anglicans to leave Church of England
[04:10]  Church refuses archives access to those who want to relive Civil War
[01:05]  A Russian Baptist attends the World Public Forum for the first time
[00:10]  Baptists launched relief initiatives to help Texas churches


[23:05]  Political differences between practicing and non-practicing Catholics (press)
[22:10]  California fires continue; Christians mobilize to help
[21:05]  Judge in Brazil allows homosexual couple to adopt two girls
[20:10]  Living Water Christian Ministry restores wells in Haiti
[19:05]  New poll: Over 90% of Americans want limits on abortion
[18:10]  Storm-ravaged American churches bless and help others
[17:05]  US school denied Catholic status for refusing "human sexuality" course
[13:10]  North Korea loses its terrorist moniker but still persecutes Christians
[11:05]  Maldives: Religious freedom survey, October 2008
[09:10]  Pastor-leaders conference took place in New Life church, Belarus
[07:05]  British politician: Action needed to save Christians in Iraq
[06:10]  Ukraine reps go to Lourdes for International Faith and Light Meeting
[05:05]  War on terror shifts from Iraq; ministry voices concern
[04:10]  Pope calls for theologians and Bible scholars to work together
[03:05]  Belarusian Christian lawyers participated of international meeting
[02:10]  Kazakhstan religion law stiffened, to Christians' dismay
[01:05]  Recovering markets won't slow Marketplace Missions
[00:10]  Research study debunks claim Christians are "homophobic"


[23:05]  Philippine Catholic Church vows to battle 'contraceptive mentality'
[22:10]  Palin blasts Obama for opposing protections for infant abortion survivors
[21:05]  Recommitment to biblical standards in the US might ignite revival
[20:10]  Archbishop: Rule of law helpful in addressing economic crisis
[19:05]  Baptists are among victims of violent persecution in India
[18:10]  Order of Canada member launches legal challenge to Morgentaler award
[17:05]  Bishop of Fresno removes priest who opposes Proposition 8
[11:05]  Nearly 100 villagers saved after watching Jesus Film
[09:10]  Indian Christian students counter gender stereotypes in media
[07:05]  Pastor of New Life church visited «Good News» church in Riga
[05:10]  WorldServe provides sustenance for starving Ethiopians
[03:05]  Protest rally against Indian violence brings faith communities together
[02:10]  Sexual violence in war ignored says international women's leader (press)
[01:05]  Iraq has become place of death for Christians, priest warns
[00:10]  New Life Church pastor met with the ambassador of Netherlands


[21:05]  Christian ministry helps Haitian victims after major storms
[20:10]  'Fireproof' movie had another solid showing in its third weekend
[19:05]  Ministry Alum in the United States exemplify campus outreach
[18:10]  Oregon court orders IVF embryos in divorce case destroyed
[17:05]  Collegiate journalism students urged to pursue excellence
[11:05]  Indian church leaders criticise government response to alleged rape
[09:10]  Bishops suggest ways to bring Word of God to the modern world
[07:05]  Greater Europe Mission missionaries minister in Greece
[05:05]  Assyrian Aid Society asks for aid to cope with refugees from Mosul
[04:10]  Henry Morgentaler receives Order of Canada medal
[03:05]  Pope urges the faithful to pray for Christians in India and Iraq
[02:10]  Two Pakistani Christians accused of desecrating Quran
[01:05]  Grand opening of the "1000 Millionaire Club" filial in USA (exclusive)
[00:10]  'Fireproof' opening in 59 new cities thanks to its success


[23:05]  Evangelist Billy Graham returns home from hospital
[22:10]  Abortion Law Reform passed in Australia: A day of betrayal
[21:05]  Connecticut Supreme Court legalizes 'gay marriage'
[20:10]  California college threatened to expel students who prayed
[19:05]  Survey suggests young people of faith bridge US political divides
[18:10]  Rick and Denise Renner appear on The Place for Miracle
[17:05]  Central American communicator to lead Christian media group
[15:10]  Former bowling alley sees its lanes turn into church aisles
[13:05]  Patois Bible translator to visit london this week amid controversy
[11:10]  Evangelism training seminar to Muslims underway in Congo
[09:05]  Vatican joins Interpol during the organization's General Assembly
[07:10]  Christian leaders of Ukraine address politicians on political crisis
[05:05]  Christian broadcast in Turkey celebrates five years of ministry
[04:10]  Church and the House of Mercy hold services for homeless teens
[03:05]  Iraqi Prime Minister pledges to protect Christians
[02:10]  Cruel oppression of Christians increasing in Laos
[01:05]  All the dioceses in Poland celebrated â€?Pope Day 2008’
[00:10]  New global Protestant body will help overcome 'history of separation'


[23:05]  Boycott successful: McDonald's abandons homosexual activism


[22:10]  Marriage amendment supporters have fundraising lead
[19:05]  World Bible Translation Center welcomes new president
[16:10]  Christian leaders to meet in Ukraine to discuss missions today
[13:05]  UK's largest teachers' union lobbies to legalise sex with students
[10:10]  Presbyterian from Rwanda to head African ecumenical body
[07:05]  Northeast India suffering floods and sectarian violence
[04:10]  Church: values be included in sexual education program
[01:05]  University and seminary partner to raise students with Christian worldview


[22:10]  Movie about Christian revival in Brazil set to spread to Milan
[19:05]  Proposition 8 gaining traction with young California voters
[16:10]  Shoes for Orphan Souls provides better footing for orphans
[13:05]  World financial system 'built on sand', Pope tells bishops
[10:10]  Berlin Professor: There is much to learn from the early church
[07:05]  FamilyNet building sale closes Southern Baptist TV era
[04:10]  Family Watch is releasing a new tool to defend marriage
[01:05]  McCain, Obama offer contrast in second of three debates
[00:10]  Australian doctors oppose anti-conscience abortion bill


[23:05]  United Nations Anti-Blasphemy resolution hurts Christians
[22:10]  Ending Sudan violence: United States Commission hearing
[21:05]  Sanctity of life, marriage not voting issues for young Catholics
[20:10]  Hollywood actor gets up personal after movie presentation
[19:05]  California restores â€?bride’ and â€?groom’ to marriage licenses
[18:10]  Pro-abortion speaker disinvited from St. Mary's University
[17:05]  Thousands of inquirers visit vocations advice web site
[15:05]  Vatican rejects gay militant as French ambassador
[12:10]  Christian anti-apartheid campaigner says still more to be done
[11:05]  London Catholic hospital's ethics code to allow abortion referrals
[10:10]  Three Christians in Mosul, Iraq, killed because of their faith
[09:05]  Cardinal: Everything that made Europe great has its roots in the Bible
[08:10]  Arab conference empowers women, says Anglican group
[07:05]  Church minister apologises for criticisms of homosexual lifestyle
[06:10]  Catholic girls’ school latest casualty of violence in Pakistan
[05:05]  Media accused of gender stereotypes, bias by Christian global group
[04:10]  Web site ruffles some feathers, pleasantly surprises others
[03:05]  Indian Christians consider self-defense against violence
[02:10]  Xenophobic attacks 'brought shame' to South Africa says Tutu
[01:05]  In early centuries, a "gladiator" was prohibited to become Christian
[00:10]  Greg Laurie drew 45,000 in Philadelphia to hear message of God’s love


[23:05]  Israeli organization helps children victimized by terrorism
[22:10]  Bishops discuss challenges of evangelization in Oceania and Asia
[21:05]  New poll: California marriage amendment has taken a lead
[20:10]  Human rights expert: Electing Obama goes against the U.S.
[19:05]  Montana Southern Baptists will strengthen their churches
[18:10]  US churches respond to weakening economy serving communities
[17:05]  Canadian bishops consider mass mobilization for 2009 March for Life
[15:05]  Panama could pass a sex education law that violates parent rights
[11:05]  King of Spain asked not to allow aborted babies to be ground up
[10:10]  Bishop: Catholic adoption agencies in England could be evicted
[09:05]  We still need to 'speak truth to power' in South Africa says Tutu
[08:10]  Evangelistic camps in Russia overcome fighting and flooding
[07:05]  Parents demand dismissal of secretary of education in Spain
[06:10]  Orphan Outreach brings hope to needy families in Guatemala
[05:05]  Knights of Columbus airs pro-life â€?heartbeat’ radio ad
[04:10]  Pope Benedict: unlike great banks, the Word of God doesn't fail
[03:05]  Forgiveness and love replace messages of hate in Rwanda
[02:10]  Pakistan minorities will continue fighting for repeal of Blasphemy Laws
[01:05]  Spanish nun recalls horror of anti-Christian persecution in India
[00:10]  Legislators seek abortion-on-demand for every state in Mexico


[23:05]  Spanish bishop asks non-believers to 'reconsider' Catholic weddings
[22:10]  Houston Baptist University adjusts to Hurricane Ike's disruption
[21:05]  Japanese comic depicts Buddha, Jesus as Tokyo roommates
[20:10]  Billy Graham to turn 90: Public invited to send birthday wishes
[19:05]  'Fireproof' movie is among the top five movies in USA
[18:10]  USAID denies funding to international abortion group
[17:05]  Financial crisis in United States brings Wall Street to God
[16:10]  Ministry helps women and men to find hope after sexual abuse
[15:05]  Commentary on the European Baptist Federation in Lisbon
[13:05]  Anti-Christian threats unnoticed, recent violence in India
[12:10]  Kenyan Cardinal blasts government attempt to legalise abortion
[11:05]  Rick Renner Ministries: God is moving in Russia! (press)
[10:10]  Pope commends Knights of Columbus for their pro-life work
[09:05]  Survey suggests Europeans more religious than thought
[08:10]  The Greater Europe Mission hosts prayer day for Europe
[07:05]  10,000 religious communities protest against anti-Christian attacks
[06:10]  Spanish Supreme Court gives protection to Church archives
[05:05]  Tutu says South Africa needs new political party to counter ANC
[04:10]  Archbishop of Baghdad: Iraqi Christians suffer â€?paralyzing fear’
[03:05]  Culture digest: Evangelicals are more environmentally conscious
[02:10]  Franciscan does not back trustee member’s Obama endorsement
[01:05]  After seven years, interconfessional committee meets again
[00:10]  Catholic Charities in San Francisco severs links to gay adoptions


[23:05]  Southern Baptist churches cooperating to fight hunger
[22:10]  New Zealand Royal College betrays and abandons unborn kids
[21:05]  California governor vetoes proposal honoring homosexual rights hero
[20:10]  â€?The Passion’ producer: American Carol part of â€?emerging culture war’
[19:05]  Extreme pro-abortion feminist to speak at Catholic university
[18:10]  Christians worldwide will pray for the persecuted Church
[17:05]  Nigeria's top-ranking diplomat thanks CRC Missionaries
[09:10]  President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko visited Washington, DC
[07:05]  Prime minister’s remarks a â€?slap in the face’ to Archbishop of Hanoi
[05:10]  Reports: Muslim/Christian tensions are high in Kenya's north
[03:05]  Medical report confirms India nun’s rape by anti-Christian mob
[02:10]  Christian ministry brings hope to Albino children in Uganda
[01:05]  British Court grants asylum to persecuted Syrian Christians
[00:10]  Secretary general: Bible Synod to be ecumenical and international


[16:10]  East African Christian leaders call for action on sea piracy
[13:05]  NY state bishops say right to life outweighs other issues in voting
[10:10]  Iran feeling the tensions between faith and religious freedoms
[07:05]  Do not take revenge on government, say Lithuanian bishops
[04:10]  Convention of Baptists in Indiana celebrate half-century mark
[01:05]  US bishops to Catholic voters: "View politics through the lens of faith"


[22:10]  Bishop: Proposed Freedom of Choice act would increase abortions
[19:05]  American Baptist family appears on BBC reality show
[16:10]  After receiving 18,201 petitions, YouTube pulls desecration videos
[13:05]  S. African bishop praised as unity advocate and defender of poor
[10:10]  Survey: One in two Europeans trust Christian clergy
[07:05]  Use the media to transmit the Word of God, says Holy Father
[04:10]  Bible group publishes guide to keep journalists on track
[01:05]  Is Islamic TV in English a threat to American citizens?


[22:10]  Galveston residents begin coping with hurricane's clout
[19:05]  Operation Mobilization in USA celebrates 50 years of ministry
[16:10]  Kyrgyzstan: Restrictive proposed new Religion Law to parliament
[13:05]  Archbishop predicts peace soon in Uganda despite recent attacks
[10:10]  Vatican: Global security must not rely on nuclear weapons
[07:05]  Bronze angel disappears in USA; police search for leads
[04:10]  Same-sex 'marriage', Biblical authority causes church to split
[01:05]  Boston-area Arabic Baptists are 'reaching out' to community


[22:10]  Chachi believers receive Scripture in audio and print
[21:05]  Archbishop rebukes Catholic governor for hosting NARAL fundraiser
[20:10]  U.S. - Muslim engagement seen as key to security, prosperity
[19:05]  Pro-family coalition launches election guide for serious Christians
[18:10]  Indian missionary answered questions about violent attacks on Christians (photoreport, exclusive, internet-conference)
[18:10]  World Hope International provides hurricane relief in Haiti
[17:05]  â€?Bella’ star joins 40 Days for Life vigil at L.A. abortion clinic
[12:10]  Dynamic Mission does great work in the Philippines and in Myanmar
[11:05]  Two Muslim-background Christians in Iran are now free
[10:10]  Representatives of Churches discuss church-state relations
[09:05]  Pastor Bike’s house church allowed to meet again
[08:10]  Statistics: 64% of pregnancies in Russia end in abortion
[07:05]  Christian woman killed in India as anti-Christian violence continues
[06:10]  New Life Church in Belarus held a sermon for women
[05:05]  Scientists find ancient bowl that may call Jesus a magician
[04:10]  'Elder' Tutu urges generations to listen to each other
[03:05]  None of Canada's major parties and leaders are pro-life
[02:10]  Outreach to Indian Gypsies seeing success despite violence
[01:05]  New federal rules would prevent â€?blacklisting’ of Catholic hospitals
[00:10]  Cardinal: economic crisis demands centrality of man be restored


[23:05]  Ecuador approves constitution with pro-abortion, pro-gay language
[22:10]  Somali house church attacked for the second time
[21:05]  â€?Fireproof’ takes in $6.8 million over opening weekend
[20:10]  A Bolivian woman creates Christian program for rural villagers
[19:05]  John McCain leading Barack Obama among Ohio Catholics 51 to 43
[18:10]  Martin Sheen stars in ad opposing assisted suicide in Washington
[17:05]  The Mission Society: financial crisis will cause problems for outreach
[11:05]  Welsh Archbishop to Catholic laity: Write to defeat embryo bill
[10:10]  Archbishop: Dems is the â€?party of death’ and denying Communion
[09:05]  Gospel For Asia joins protests against Hindu violence against Christians
[08:10]  Survey: Muslims in Germany are highly religious
[07:05]  EU urges Iran to release Christian converts from detention
[06:10]  Pope’s brother reveals unknown details of Benedict XVI's life
[05:05]  Christian ministries cooperate to reach youth in Congo
[04:10]  New Life Church received a letter from Minsk City Executive Committee
[03:05]  Where Canadian candidates stand on abortion now available
[02:10]  Campbellsville University 'First Class' a lesson on eternity
[01:05]  Bishops reaffirm commitment to promoting Christ among Uruguayans
[00:10]  Fox TV Network affiliates pick up inspiring Christian sports show
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Dr. Gilbert Yoonseok Chae, a Korean surgeon, President of WCDN

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