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[23:05]  Can "Fireproof" save marriage at the ballot box in November?
[22:10]  Rick Renner ministered at Victory Life Church in Australia
[21:05]  Pro-lifers launch campaign to pray for abortionists’ conversion
[20:10]  Financial panic must not derail anti-poverty plans say faith leaders
[19:05]  Catholic school district’s HPV vaccine stance addresses all concerns (press)
[18:10]  Latin America to celebrate the Days of Russian Spiritual Culture
[17:05]  Levi Jeans funds push for homosexual "marriage" in California
[16:10]  Japan's Protestants to mark 150th mission anniversary
[14:05]  Catholic doctors encourage defense of life from conception to natural death
[12:10]  The foundation stone of Qatar’s second Anglican church was laid
[10:05]  Women who had abortions in Barcelona recommended get tested for AIDS
[08:10]  Expert: Islamic regimes should abide by the Declaration of Human Rights
[07:05]  Students complete IN Network Bible course in Bangladesh
[06:10]  Terry Mize: bringing a message of Truth to Moscow and Kiev
[05:05]  Church finance role questioned after leaders slam markets
[04:10]  The supermodel Naomi Campbell may become Orthodox
[03:05]  Azerbaijan pastor remains jailed despite new investigation
[02:10]  Christian Orthodox leader urges European Union to accept Turkey
[01:05]  Cuba hurricane survivors get Southern Baptists relief
[00:10]  Panama took advantage of bishops’ absence to pass controversial law


[23:05]  California marriage amendment supporters lead in fundraising
[22:10]  Save Africa’s children honors the American Bible Society
[21:05]  No Q and A at religious leaders' meeting with Iranian president
[20:10]  Bishop’s defense of Church at gay ministry conference draws ire
[19:05]  Sports Fan Outreach moving forward with Superbowl ministry plans
[18:10]  Hundreds of thousands to participate in Life Chain on Sunday
[17:05]  New technique advances embryonic stem cell alternative
[09:10]  British Catholic school stands against HPV vaccination
[07:05]  Trans World Radio Minictry marks growth in Kenya
[05:10]  UK government drafts proposal to allow royal succession to Catholics
[03:05]  Catholic theologian rejects demand to retract Vatican criticism
[02:05]  Iran may be moving to silence Christian media ministries
[01:10]  Release International celebrates 40 years of its ministry
[00:10]  Government won't accept: Spaniards do not want new abortion law


[16:10]  Christians take to streets to protest as attacks on them continue
[13:05]  Obama faith adviser cancels appearance at D.C. faith forum
[10:10]  Somali church leader assaulted in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
[07:05]  Сardinal: Legalization of abortion could spread to other states in Mexico
[04:10]  Zimbabwe's Christian students reject immunity for violence
[01:05]  Team grows Christian ministry with a new studio in Peru


[22:10]  Hurricane Ike's impact felt far beyond Texas, Louisiana
[19:05]  Former gay showdown: God made me free from this nasty thing (press, exclusive)
[16:10]  Aid agencies say Middle East Quartet is failing peace task
[13:05]  Pro-government mob attacks Catholic demonstrators in Hanoi
[10:10]  Ministry in India feels first shocks of anti-Christian violence
[07:05]  Archbishop of Canterbury quotes Marx on 'unbridled capitalism'
[04:10]  Canadian pro-life apostle still saving babies behind bars
[01:05]  USA Christians urge stronger tobacco regulation


[22:10]  Democratic analyst: The Party's been hijacked by secularist elites
[19:05]  Five US chaplains lose jobs for praying 'in Jesus' name'
[16:10]  Moscow Patriarchate says talks with Pope are possible
[13:05]  Priest seriously wounded by crazed Da Vinci Code viewer
[10:10]  2008-2009 TV season to more than double homosexual characters
[07:05]  Colombian euthanasia law moves towards congressional approval
[04:10]  Hurricanes in US bring wave of opportunity for churches
[01:05]  Famous Mexican actor rips Obama over abortion, warns U.S. Latinos


[22:10]  British bishops support US colleague removed from post
[21:05]  Bishops: Crisis of violence in Mexico has its roots in loss of values
[20:10]  Arson suspected at historic Baptist Church church in Iowa
[19:05]  Lord of the Rings star to promote homosexuality in schools
[18:10]  500 millionth Book of Hope, Colombia takes next step
[17:05]  Bishops: "we can't reduce abortion by promoting abortion"
[11:05]  African church leader praises Mbeki for resignation decision
[10:10]  Closed door trial for Chinese Christian pastor already scheduled
[09:05]  Catholic U.K. minister's resignation for family reasons questioned
[08:10]  Ministry team ramps up for awareness on Orphan Sunday
[07:05]  German synagogue opens in former Protestant church
[06:10]  Indian cardinal: Prayer is best weapon against anti-Christian violence
[05:05]  German church urges European nations to admit Iraqi refugees
[04:10]  Biblical training lays groundwork for church growth in Ghana
[03:05]  President of Colombian bishops: No to legalizing abortion in Colombia
[02:10]  Hurricane Ike recovery heads into long-term phase
[01:05]  15 year anniversary of Association of Churches in Belarus
[00:10]  Constitutionality of public financing of abortion challenged in Estonia


[23:05]  Cardinal: World financial crisis is a consequence of idolatry of money
[22:10]  US Baptists endorse proposed constitutional marriage amendment
[21:05]  Christian Heritage party sues to open leaders TV debates to all parties
[20:10]  Catholic author pens book on how people should relate to money
[19:05]  Johnny Hunt calls for a 'Great Commission resurgence'
[18:10]  China rejects US report that says it infringes religious liberty
[17:05]  Expert: summit on young people is anti-life and anti-family
[14:10]  Another UK Catholic adoption agency opts for secularisation
[12:05]  Growing Christian center in Greece had great summer of ministry
[10:10]  Spanish bishops condemn terrorist attack by ETA
[08:05]  German TV ads promote kids "as a cherished matter of course"
[06:10]  A Christian satellite television ministry speaks to Iran's youth
[05:05]  Cathedral seminar to equip clerics to deal with Dawkins
[04:10]  Vietnamese gang ransacks Catholic chapel as police stand by
[03:05]  Tutu says he is 'deeply disturbed' by the way Mbeki was ousted
[02:10]  "The largest pro-life mobilization in history" begins in Ottawa
[01:05]  Muslims Christians break Ramadan fast together in Bethlehem
[00:10]  Uzbekistan: Criminal trial for teaching religion to restart?


[23:05]  Shortage of Bibles in Africa prompts ministry to ask for help
[22:10]  Australian Archbishop: Catholic hospitals set to close
[21:05]  Haiti braces for more bad news; Christians get ready to help
[20:10]  Religious groups divided on Iranian president's visit to New York
[19:05]  Powerful TV commercials driving Catholics back into the pews
[18:10]  Christians concern: Religious freedom to be defined in Australia
[17:05]  Liberal Democrat: same-sex marriage makes society less 'pro-child'
[15:05]  Unregistered Pentecostals hold Convention in Ukraine
[11:10]  German Protestants pledge to expose abuse in church-run homes
[08:05]  Vatican calling for restoration of Catholicism in England
[04:10]  Vietnam: police beats AP reporter, bulldozes former nunciature
[03:05]  Support for traditional marriage rises considerably in USA
[02:10]  Archdiocese of Caracas demands military return chapel
[01:05]  Baptists Christians busy in helping Ike-ravaged Texas cities
[00:10]  McCain, Obama defend embryonic stem cell research


[23:05]  Video shows abortion supporters harassing Catholics near church
[22:10]  Mission Backpack heads to Russia, Guatemala and India
[21:05]  World renowned controversial artist exhibits "Fear Naught but God"
[20:10]  Pro-life groups scheme to shut down Planned Parenthood
[19:05]  Hispanic church in Nevada state sees explosive growth
[18:10]  Ministry in Bolivia continues its work despite of political situation
[17:05]  Survey: Gov. Palin pick boosts McCain among Catholics
[11:05]  More teenagers in England study religion for examinations
[10:10]  Church in Belarus will prepare leaders to "save the nation"
[09:05]  Pope to Panama prelates: Combat secularization with love for Jesus
[08:10]  Unregistered Baptist churches are persecuted in Russia
[07:05]  Thousands of women are having abortion, but no one is talking
[06:10]  Philippine church council hails release of jailed pastor
[05:05]  Two foreigners among 60 killed in Pakistan blast
[04:10]  Vatican calls Muslims for cooperation in defending the family
[03:05]  Swedish Lutheran church celebrates 50 years of women priests
[02:10]  New Student Orientation at Good News Seminary
[01:05]  Spain has lost two million young people in last 20 years
[00:10]  Catholics can learn from Luther too, says Cardinal Kasper


[03:05]  The finish line nears for a Bible translation team in rural Peru
[00:10]  Presidential candidates to attend dinner hosted by New York cardinal


[21:05]  Brad Pitt gave $100,000 against authentic marriage amendment
[18:10]  Study: parental involvement laws effectively reduce abortion rate
[15:05]  U.S. families, churches pick up pieces after Hurricane Ike
[12:10]  Cardinal Rouco: Schools should facilitate objection to Socialist course
[09:05]  Azerbaijan: Baptist prisoner of conscience is still jailed
[06:10]  Microsoft and Google pull sex selection product ads after India complaint
[03:05]  Academic: 'faith-based' parties have little chance in New Zealand
[00:10]  Brazilian President Luiz Lula defends abortion, gay unions


[21:05]  World class illusionist and female escape artist share Christ
[18:10]  American Airlines asked to install anti-porn filters for in-flight internet
[15:05]  Church project in Thailand could be model for the world
[12:10]  Anti-Christian violence spreads to five more states in India
[07:05]  Zimbabwe church group urges 'national healing' after accord
[04:10]  Argentina: rape victim does not have to undergo abortion
[01:05]  Book of Hope reaching next generation in Columbia


[22:10]  U.S. presidential candidates weigh in on stem cell research
[21:05]  Although Haiti's situation is desperate, believers make a difference
[20:10]  Ecuadoran bishops demand Correa respect opinion of priests
[19:05]  Media outlets take note of SBC disaster relief efforts
[18:10]  Ministry says obscure Chinese law hinders Bible distribution
[17:05]  U.S. bishops invite presidential candidates to meet for discussion
[13:05]  Study: gay lifestyle strongly linked to depression, suicide
[12:10]  Sharia courts operating in Britain recognised by British law
[11:05]  Catholic Church in Malawi to monitor uranium mining
[10:10]  Madrid: government 'supports abortion and euthanasia'
[09:05]  Ministry takes Jesus 50 Million Man March across Africa
[08:10]  Vietnamese media exposed for critics of Catholic demonstrations
[07:05]  Bolivian Lutherans mark anniversary by ordaining women
[06:10]  World church group mourns death of Bulgarian 'bridge builder'
[05:05]  Christians minister to hurting widows and orphans in Iraq
[04:10]  Google will allow religious pro-life ads following legal action
[03:05]  U.S. bishops praise protections for pro-life medical workers
[02:10]  United Kingdom will teach kids about "pleasures of gay sex"
[01:05]  Ecuadoran archbishop: sacrifice of the unborn is unacceptable
[00:10]  Catholic universities will examine the evolutionary theory


[23:05]  Open Doors makes International Day of Prayer kits available
[22:10]  Abortion survivor asks Obama to protect the unborn in new ad
[21:05]  After Ike, flooded churches in Louisiana ponder their future
[20:10]  Kansas bishops: No reason to vote for pro-abortion candidate
[19:05]  U.S. churches are being encouraged to reach their unreached
[18:10]  McCain discusses role of religion in personal and national life
[17:05]  Dr. Death Suicide Handbook – The Peaceful Pill Approved (press)
[13:05]  Jewish and evangelical groups clash over 'conversion' of Jews
[12:10]  A report on the Hindu – Christian violence in Orissa (press)
[11:05]  Zimbabwe unity government brings ministry hope for freedom
[10:10]  Holy Father asks U.N. to build a world of greater solidarity
[09:05]  Violence in India growing: one thousand could have died (press, exclusive)
[08:10]  Archbishop will not abandon 'dog collar' protest over Mugabe
[07:05]  Spanish cardinal: Society must support family founded upon marriage
[06:10]  Bishops of India warn anti-Christian violence could spread
[05:05]  Roma nun highlights hardships for Gypsies in eastern Europe
[04:10]  Catholics in Vietnam losing hope for dialogue with government
[03:05]  Theologians warn on 'biblical metaphors' in Middle East conflict
[02:10]  Indian Christians in US join demands to ban VHP-instigated violence
[01:05]  Argentinean cardinal to priests: Don’t become clerics of the State
[00:10]  $1 billion Cooperative Program milestone set by Alabama Baptists


[23:05]  14 Catholic bishops in USA correct Senator Joe Biden
[22:10]  Bishop urges Catholics to support Arizona marriage proposition
[21:05]  Jungle Christian hospital in Ecuador celebrates 50th anniversary
[20:10]  LifeWay Christian Resources follow-up poll examines hot topics
[19:05]  Pro-life pharmacy owner explains his no-contraception policy
[18:10]  Hurricane Ike pushes relief workers beyond million meals
[17:05]  South American presidents will discuss violence in Bolivia
[12:10]  Pope concludes his visit with prayer for France and the world
[11:05]  Christians from 20 African nations gather for discipleship training
[10:10]  New Life church in Minsk carried out Gallup poll in the city
[09:05]  Latvians don't want to live in vicinity of gays and Muslims
[08:10]  Spanish bishop: Christ calls youth to respond with generosity
[07:05]  Pope Benedict XVI condoles over plane crush in Russia
[06:10]  Kenya's tribal tensions are tackled in by Christians
[05:05]  Anglican apology "pointless" says Darwin descendant
[04:10]  Muslim-led violence against Christians causes 130,000 to flee
[03:05]  Cardinal returns Order of Canada medal to the government
[02:10]  Indian Christians condemn Delhi bomb blasts, ask for prayers
[01:05]  Christians rescue children at risk of child slavery in Asia
[00:10]  UK's trades union group to lobby for de-restriction of abortion


[23:05]  Ecuador needs ?public testimony of faith,’ says bishop
[22:10]  Lawyer heads group with great success defending family, faith
[21:05]  Pastoral training urgency uncovers new trend for churches
[20:10]  As Hurricane Ike leaves, relief teams move in to help
[19:05]  U.S. federal law would give protectection to chaplains' prayers
[18:10]  Bishop Vasa: Pro-abortion candidates are "disqualified"
[17:05]  Christian music star Jaci Velasquez to headline Joy Junction banquet
[12:05]  New Life Church started business ministry «For Gods kingdom»
[11:10]  Vietnamese bishop: do not ?use the sword’ against demonstrators
[10:05]  Moscow Good News Church celebrated its 8th anniversary
[09:10]  Russian Protestant efforts and thoughts on South Ossetia
[08:05]  Conversion fire engulfs Karnataka, 7 churches vandalized
[07:10]  Soldiers and officers in South Korea remembered 9/11
[06:05]  Church groups give cautious welcome to Zimbabwe deal
[05:10]  Pope Benedict calls on France to make religion part of a new Europe
[04:05]  European cyclists ride for peace through Holy Land
[03:10]  Churches in UK remember missing Methodist minister
[02:05]  Pope: Shun the worship of modern idols; hope in the promises of Christ
[01:10]  Iranian Parliament votes for punishing apostasy with death
[00:05]  St Paul's Cathedral hosts debates addressing science and religion


[16:55]  Best-selling Christian author Ray Comfort answered web-conference question (photoreport, exclusive, internet-conference)
[14:05]  Bishops call for 'profound convictions' to confront crime
[11:10]  Water Missions International aids storm victims in Haiti
[08:05]  Teacher received right to display "God Bless America" banner
[05:10]  Biden's remarks draw his local bishop into the fray
[02:05]  Poll: Canadian homosexuals shun Conservative Party


[23:10]  Baptist disaster relief teams turn eyes toward Texas
[20:05]  New website will inform Catholics about their ?rich heritage’
[18:10]  Euthanasia bill defeated in Victoria state, Australia
[15:05]  Reach Global Europe will bring light to the new "Dark Continent"
[11:10]  Papal visit to France will show the Pope ?knows how to listen’ (press)
[08:05]  Churches join relief work after river changes course in India
[04:10]  Catholic journalists being hunted by Vietnamese police
[01:05]  US commission urges Turkey to respect church property ruling


[22:10]  Billy Graham chaplains prepare to deploy as hurricane approaches
[19:05]  American Idol winner Jordin Sparks defends sexual abstinence
[16:10]  Kyiv hosts First World Congress of Deaf Baptists
[13:05]  Kazakhstan continues "Economic war" against Christians
[10:10]  Peace in Colombia needs to be real, says bishop
[07:05]  New LifeWay Christian Resources initiative to help churches
[04:10]  Hurricanes Gustav, Ike ravage Cuba; Baptists launch relief
[01:05]  Catholic bishops call for end to ?inhumane’ worksite ICE raids


[22:10]  Florida courts: Ban on homosexual adoption is 'unconstitutional'
[21:05]  Conference examining effects of abortion on fathers held in Chicago
[20:10]  Pro-lifers change strategy for parental notification vote
[19:05]  Feed the Hungry aiding hurricane victims in Haiti and Cuba
[18:10]  Coursework the foundation for biblical worldview
[17:05]  Archbishop: Terrorism a ?direct affront to humanity’
[13:05]  Living Water team brings Gospel to people of West Africa
[12:10]  The biggest European mosque to open in Grozny in October
[11:05]  French tax authorities recognize Dutch same-sex "marriage"
[10:10]  Kobia urges 'struggle' against Middle East 'apartheid'
[09:05]  New hospital offers hope for disabled children of Ethiopia
[08:10]  9-11 memorial service ministered in Moscow church
[07:05]  Open Doors will help persecuted believers in Orissa, India
[06:10]  Pro-life groups: new abortion law in Spain will not bring solutions
[05:05]  New leader of African Anglicans wants to focus on governance
[04:10]  Emotional debate on Victoria, Australia Abortion Bill
[03:05]  Church in Tennessee, USA, baptizes 120 people in 1 night
[02:10]  Why some politicians are against abortion and for stem cell research (press)
[01:05]  Homosexual agenda in Brazil suffers defeats despite official support
[00:10]  WACC to work with Ghana's faith leaders against HIV stigma


[23:05]  Episcopal bishops join effort to defeat true marriage in California
[22:10]  Bolivia erupts into instability; mission groups stand vigil
[21:05]  U.S. Baptists sponsor 'Soul-Winning Commitment Day'
[20:10]  Biden criticized for remarks on disabilities and stem cells
[19:05]  Tom White to lead Midwest Prayer Conference in U.S.
[18:10]  Baptists help feed a Gustav-battered Louisiana city
[17:05]  Archbishop: Legalizing gay unions is an attack on marriage
[14:10]  Churches of Ukraine asked politicians to stop intervene into their affairs (exclusive)
[13:05]  Pope: Paul VI’s contribution to Church becomes evident
[12:10]  Students use Internet to build interfaith understanding
[11:05]  One man's marathon training brings people to Christ in Africa
[10:10]  TWR plans to reach orphan and disabled kids with the Gospel
[09:05]  Pakistani Christians asked to choose: ?conversion’ or ?death’
[08:10]  Scientists hope ancient Dead Sea Scrolls will soon be online
[07:05]  Spanish family in meltdown: 3 "ruptures" for every 4 marriages
[06:10]  Protests by Catholics elicit threats from Vietnamese police
[05:05]  Obama: ?above my pay grade’ remarks were ?probably’ too flippant
[04:10]  US Pastors’ Spouses ?outraged’ at HIV/AIDS medical cuts
[03:05]  Church press officers join forces to make voice heard in Europe
[02:10]  Food for the Hungry helps Haitian hurricane victims
[01:05]  Bad news overshadows hope of China Christians
[00:10]  Biden also sees debate over abortion in Church teaching


[23:05]  O'Brien, former Woman's Missionary Union executive, dies at 75
[22:10]  Ohio Boy Scout helps Baptist preschool students in Guatemala
[21:05]  Church to create "Sanctuary for the Victims of Abortion"
[20:10]  U.S. State Department: Vietnam is one of the worst violators of religious liberty
[19:05]  Former Korn guitarist releases Save Me From Myself
[18:10]  Christians launch relief effort for damaged by the hurricane Haiti
[17:05]  Victoria, Australia set to drop abortion from crimes act
[14:10]  Archbishop Tutu: the Church ?makes the invisible God visible’
[13:05]  Pastor Bike's release encourages Chinese believers
[12:10]  Cardinal laments announcement of new abortion law in Spain
[11:05]  Churches in Zambia praise president, and some back his No. 2
[10:10]  Christians from Muslim background charged with apostasy
[09:05]  Gay masses continue in archdiocese of Westminster
[08:10]  Cardinal proposes making Mary patroness of European Parliament
[07:05]  African churches' leader takes HIV test to encourage others
[06:10]  Fr. Thomas Chellen describes the Orissa mob ordeal (press)
[05:05]  Good News Church celebrates with kids the first day of school
[04:10]  U.S. College presidents reignite debate on lowering drinking age
[03:05]  Leaders explain how ’Social Meets Gospel’ in new movie
[02:10]  Hurricanes and tropical storms kill 150 people in Haiti
[01:05]  Capital city of Canada gears up for 40 Days for Life rally
[00:10]  USA Catholic Bishops launch new stem cell research


[23:05]  Archbishop of Denver's book makes NYT Best Seller list
[22:10]  Event planned to gather Christian organizations in Bolivia
[21:05]  McCain's pastor says closing prayer at Republican Conventio
[20:10]  Broadcasting commission accused of bias against Christians
[19:05]  Archbishop: Nancy Pelosi "in opposition" to church teaching
[18:10]  College Ministry has great field of outreach with new year
[17:05]  Mayor of San Francisco to campaign against Proposition 8
[16:10]  Relief teams bracing for Ike; Christians asked to pray
[15:05]  House of Mercy wins Moscow mayor's office competition
[14:10]  Ukrainian Catholic University addresses moral crisis
[13:05]  References to other faiths in new Indian Bible draw some flak
[12:10]  Local churches in Bangladesh benefit from FARMS loans
[11:05]  Christian youth shares Christ in Belarusian village
[10:10]  New earthquake in China affects Catholic buildings
[09:05]  Alliance of Christian Intellectual Clubs of Ukraine created
[08:10]  Local authorities invade Vietnamese church service
[07:05]  North Ireland will pray and fast to stop abortion threat
[06:10]  Ukrainian Catholic Head calls students to observe law
[05:05]  Constant pressure on Christians no different during Olympics
[04:10]  Italian priest fined $80,000 for church bells’ ?noise pollution’
[03:05]  EU seeks legal means to shut up eurosceptic bloggers (press)
[02:10]  Catholic Mobile offering Pope’s thoughts via text message
[01:05]  Tiny Pacific nation: 'Don’t give up on us' on climate change
[00:10]  U.S. Christians to help victims of Georgian aggression in S.Ossetia


[16:55]  Ask the Vice President of the World Congress of Families a question (photoreport, exclusive, internet-conference)
[16:10]  Arizona bishops back state marriage amendment
[12:10]  Louisiana College begins master's degree program
[09:05]  Socialists seek to further loosen already liberal abortion law
[06:10]  Ministry works to bring Christmas cheer refugees in Uganda
[03:05]  France to call for UN action to decriminalize homosexuality
[00:10]  Doctors will have to give patients options to "commit suicide"


[21:05]  President of Guidestone Financial Resources: Reclaim fear of God
[18:10]  Australian homosexual bill promotes polygamist agenda
[15:05]  Lawsuit: Young pro-lifers jailed for peacefully sharing message
[12:10]  Missionaries in Russia offer trips to teach and disciple
[07:05]  Churches tell Accra summit: Recognise us as 'development partners'
[06:05]  Pro-homosexual cops forced to pay $30,000 for abuse of power
[04:10]  Huckabee speaks about Palin power and John McCain’s faith
[01:05]  Hurricane Gustav evacuees find Baptists waiting to help


[22:10]  After 100 years, two new churches in China give hope to Catholics
[19:05]  Orthodox Jewish-Catholic statement: ?shared commitment’ to marriage (press)
[16:10]  House churches growing in Iran despite persecution
[13:05]  Mexican Court upholds legalized abortion in Mexico City district
[10:10]  Relief agency ’prepared to empty warehouses’ in response to Gustav
[07:05]  New York: governor can order out-of-state 'gay marriages' recognized
[03:05]  Youth For Christ begins another year of ministry at schools
[03:05]  Ukrainian schools opened their doors to gay-teachers (exclusive)
[01:05]  Italian bishops set aside day to fast and pray for Christians in India
[00:10]  Nigerian Catholic author-priest killed by armed robbers


[23:05]  New believers in Panama clash with old village tradition
[22:10]  Petition to overturn ?bizarre’ bathroom law makes the ballot
[21:05]  2,000 refugees in Georgia fed by Texas relief workers
[20:10]  Obama launches ad campaign attacking McCain for pro-life policy
[19:05]  Media slammed for libelling John Henry Newman as homosexual
[18:10]  U.S. bishops: Church constantly condemns abortion
[17:05]  God transforms a desert community with the help of church in Brazil
[12:10]  Benedict XVI: Christianity is a personal encounter with Jesus
[11:05]  World church grouping delegation visits Russia and Georgia
[10:10]  Scotland bishops oppose "Sexual orientation discrimination" bill
[09:05]  Denver Archbishop: I will deny communion to pro-abortion politicians
[08:10]  Vatican: Brain death and thus organ donation must be reconsidered
[07:10]  Award-winning TV Program to help ministries spiritually and financially (photoreport)
[07:05]  Thailand Christian leaders urge prayers during civil unrest
[06:10]  New Session of Ukraine parliament opens with prayer
[05:05]  Iraqi media ignore kidnapping of Christians, archbishop says
[04:10]  Christians being forced to renounce faith and then destroy churches
[03:05]  "Grace Works" gave professions of faith to more than 80 Alaskans
[02:10]  Catholic Charities assisting victims of Hurricane Gustav
[01:05]  Bible translators fight malaria in South Pacific and Central Africa
[00:10]  Catholics of Costa Rica: ?The family is a treasure, care for it!’


[23:05]  Native American Baptist churches start fellowship
[22:10]  Zogby online poll: most Catholics think Palin good choice for McCain
[21:05]  New book by singer Rebecca St. James challenges readers
[20:10]  Tulsa bishop makes ten correcting Pelosi's abortion statements
[19:05]  Minimal Hurricane Gustav damage at New Orleans Seminary
[18:10]  Mexican bishops renew calls to defend life of unborn children
[17:05]  The 'Jesus' film is now available in more than 1,000 languages
[15:05]  Opposition to caste system is root of attacks against Christians (press)
[14:10]  Russian Church hopes a cultural wall won’t divide Russia and Europe
[13:05]  Kenya Catholic bishops reject Milingo call that celibacy not feasible
[12:10]  Vatican equates Christianophobia with anti-Semitism
[11:05]  Russian and Georgian Orthodox leaders seek understanding
[10:10]  Pope plans to make one day visit to island of Sardinia
[09:05]  More than 5000 homeless after Hindu-Christian violence in Orissa (exclusive)
[08:10]  New radio program in Uganda advances the Great Commission
[07:05]  Arne Fjeldstad: My main concern is lack of tolerance toward religious expressions (exclusive)
[06:10]  Britain chooses Hitler-loving abortion movement pioneer for stamps
[05:05]  Church property issues still not resolved after communism
[04:10]  Kenya: New report accuses state security of torture in Mt Elgon
[03:05]  Philippines court rejects claims of New York pro-abortion group
[02:10]  Hindu radicals take advantage of the Christians peaceful attitudes (press, exclusive)
[01:05]  Christian radio helps earthquake victims in China province
[00:10]  Oklahoma state Baptists heat up DNC feeding effort


[23:05]  Going off the deep end in Denver: Democrats walk the abortion plank
[22:10]  Baptist schools listed in 2 rankings of America's Best Colleges
[21:05]  Christian faith and elite education thrive together in the U.S.
[20:10]  President Bush proclaims 9/11 day of Prayer and Remembrance
[19:05]  World fascinated by Amish 'forgiveness' as US numbers double
[18:10]  DNC Faith Caucus tries to claim ?moral values’ for Democrats
[17:05]  Hollywood author writes of his Damascus-like conversion
[15:05]  YMCAs call for action after killings of Guatemala volunteers
[14:10]  Africa: Churches call for foreign aid reforms to help the poor
[13:05]  A pastor continues cultivating church planting ministry in Sudan
[12:10]  Local missionary: Government will not offer help to Indian Christians (exclusive, internet-conference)
[11:05]  Maoists say they killed Hindu leader, attacks on Christians continue
[10:10]  Ukraine Defense Minister reminded of spiritual guidance in army
[09:05]  Tanzania: Congress discusses Catholic social doctrine in Africa
[08:10]  Ministry in Myanmar sees doors open for Christians
[07:05]  Pope asks prayers for those affected by war and for the family
[06:10]  Church offers a prayer to soothe back-to-work British commuters
[05:05]  Sunday school teachers discuss problems of abandoned kids
[04:10]  Pastor Rick Warren: New breed evangelicals not liberal
[03:05]  Children's disability ministry marks a decade in Kenya
[02:10]  Parents: prayer at graduations is violation of religious freedom
[01:05]  Honduran bishop: Pay no attention to insults of Hugo Chavez
[00:10]  Pro-family leaders praise McCain's choice of pro-life VP running mate


[23:05]  Chinese pastor released as thousands sign petition
[22:10]  Bolivian bishop calls government and the opposition to the dialogue
[21:05]  Gay activists target businesses that support pro-marriage proposition
[20:10]  Actor Kirk Cameron hopes people see themselves in 'Fireproof'
[19:05]  Baptists gear up to prepare 600,000 meals a day as Gustav nears
[18:10]  Howard Dean discusses Democrats’ newfound zeal for religion
[17:05]  Extraordinary measures to be taken against house church in China
[16:10]  National Right to Life: GOP platform "strongest ever" on life issues
[13:05]  Police beat and shock Catholic protestors in Hanoi
[11:05]  Franciscan monks savagely beaten at Italian monastery
[10:10]  Malaysian Christians urge national leaders to heed religious unity
[09:45]  Mikhail Morgulis asked President Bush to protect Christian of Ukraine (exclusive)
[09:05]  The violence against Christians in India is continuing unabated
[08:10]  UK Christian leader 'shocked' after Arab student's killing
[07:05]  Indian cardinal calls for halt to violence against Christians
[06:10]  Good News Association staff members minister to churches
[05:05]  New population statistics: Europe facing demographic winter (press)
[04:10]  Missionaries are facing challenges in Gambia and Senegal
[03:05]  British government faces new pressure over faith schools
[02:10]  Zimbabwe students say Mbeki must not continue as mediator
[01:05]  Political leaders pray on Ukrainian Independence Day
[00:10]  Majority of Canterbury women not counseled before an abortion
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