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[23:05]  Cyclone devastation haunts survivors in Myanmar; Christians bring hope
[11:10]  Friendships grow as Baptists serve first responders at DNC
[09:05]  WBTC: Thousands of Bibles destroyed by radicals in India
[06:10]  Kids visit dads at Angola Prison: largest celebration of its kind in U.S. (press)
[03:05]  Missionaries excited to continue Great Commission project
[00:10]  Bishops: Church has right to educate the faithful for public life


[21:05]  Update: Second wave of flooding devastates Assam
[18:10]  Pro-life Democrats look to future after Casey convention speech
[15:05]  HIV/AIDS missionary in Uganda bad for business
[11:10]  TV ministry records episodes of popular program in Iraq
[09:05]  Indian schools shut down to protest attacks on Christians
[06:10]  By 2015, deaths will surpass births in the EU, study reveals
[03:05]  Lithuanian archbishop rues church decline since fall of communism
[00:10]  McCain himself accuses Obama of courting infanticide


[21:05]  A Christian man lets his feet do the talking in missions
[19:10]  Baptist disaster relief specialists from USA head to Georgia
[18:10]  Supreme Court in Mexico upholds law allowing abortion
[15:10]  McDonald's says Christians belong to a culture of "hatred"
[11:05]  While Denver parties, witnesses impact eternity
[08:10]  Sports Fan Outreach kicks off ministry at Georgia University
[05:05]  Hallmark Greeting Cards pushes same-sex marriage
[02:10]  Senator McCain will defend the life of children born alive


[23:05]  Canadian pro-life hero celebrates 60th birthday behind bars
[22:10]  Post-Soviet Baptist youth to hold forum in Ukrainian city
[21:05]  Katrina, after 3 years, still presents opportunities for missions
[20:10]  American kids sell toys to help poor African schoolkids
[19:05]  Homosexual club to be opened in the capital city of Tatarstan (exclusive)
[18:10]  US faith groups seek to revive ties ahead of workers' holiday
[17:05]  Mexican Supreme Court endorse constitutionality of abortion law
[16:10]  DNC panel considers future of faith-based initiatives
[15:05]  Gospel message met with joyful 'trill' in Uganda
[14:10]  Church in Ecuador places posters against abortion around country
[13:05]  Christian Filipino army officer promotes love of Muslims
[12:10]  Indian government isn't protecting the Christian population in Orissa
[11:05]  Pope appeals for end to attacks against Indian Christians
[10:10]  Religions join to fight homosexual "marriage" in California
[09:05]  African bishop asks media to be more 'gracious and balanced'
[08:10]  At least four Muslims â€?murder’ Pakistani Christian woman
[07:05]  Charges against Baptist pastor in Russian town dropped
[06:10]  New Christian pre-school show reveals its true colors
[05:05]  Cardinal: Impossible to be against violence but in favor of abortion
[04:10]  Irish Cardinal: EU's secularist agenda undermining public confidence
[03:05]  Christian summer camp near Moscow still closed
[02:10]  Churches call for support of flood victims in Western Ukraine
[01:05]  Arkansas pro-family group hopes to ban gays from adopting kids
[00:10]  Homosexual activists praise Obama at DNC’s LGBT Caucus


[23:05]  Scientists: Is embryonic stem cell research obsolete?
[22:10]  Millions of Christians will be praying with Muslims during Ramadan
[21:05]  Cardinal Egan joins criticism of Nancy Pelosi’s abortion remarks
[20:10]  Research: Southern Baptists' views of Scripture studied
[19:05]  Tens of thousands of Christian youth cry for life in US and Canada
[18:10]  Archbishop urges Argentineans to protect the family
[17:05]  Behind the scenes at the DNC, Baptists aid first responders
[14:10]  Watchdog reports Vietnam government harasses religious leaders
[13:05]  Sports ministry reaching out to young people in Italy
[12:10]  Roman Catholics in Ukraine ask prayers for media
[11:05]  Human Rights Group condemns’horrific’ anti-Christian attacks in India
[10:10]  Talk a woman out of abortion in the UK? Two years jail
[09:45]  Situation out of control: Christians violently killed in India
[09:05]  In Britain, both Church and State worry about teenage stabbings
[08:10]  Holy See expresses support for Christians under attack in India
[07:05]  Montreal: One of the world's capitals in pornography production
[06:10]  Suspected Hindu militants burn orphanage, killing nun
[05:05]  Conflict in Russia and a new Bible translation are tools for ministry
[04:10]  Pakistan government banned Pakistani Taleban
[03:05]  40 Days for Life campaign coming to 170+ cities in US and Canada
[02:10]  Barack Obama, Joe Biden align on most major issues
[01:05]  Billionaire tells of his strategy to advance the homosexual cause
[00:10]  Statement of Evangelical Christians-Baptists on the war in Georgia


[23:05]  Honda of Alabama won't cover artificial insemination for a lesbian
[22:10]  Cross Movement Records releases Joyful Noise music video
[21:05]  Media ignores huge Latino rally supporting marriage and the family
[20:10]  New DVD series give modern view of Jesus' parables
[19:05]  Abortion Supervisory Committee ignores High Court judgment
[18:10]  Obama on Gay Rights: What he did not tell Rick Warren's church
[17:05]  "Catholic" speaker denies that Catholicism condemns abortion
[17:05]  Kenneth C. Ulmer: Some churches in US lose Christianity (exclusive)
[14:10]  Shattered peace in the Philippines shutters a ministry project area
[13:05]  Olympic protest bracelet raises awareness on China
[12:10]  Ukraine Baptists ask prayers for Christian politicians
[11:05]  Nigerian man faces death penalty for having 86 wives (press)
[10:10]  Protest turns violent in Orissa; Churches attacked
[09:05]  Egyptian doctors prohibit transplants between Muslims and Christians
[08:10]  India Partners helps the homeless as monsoon rains continue
[07:05]  Evangelicals support Catholics' position on new Constitution
[06:10]  Christian camp helps Ukrainian children in Spain deepen identity
[05:05]  Uzbekistan: Attacks, including violence, against Christian continue
[04:10]  Dalai Lama urges to move NATO headquarters to Moscow again
[03:05]  Abortion and morning-after pill rates rise in tandem in Sweden
[02:10]  Dutch former church leader: WCC best when giving victims a voice


[23:10]  Olympic impact echoes in eternity, volunteers say
[20:05]  Bolivian archbishop: Stop the violence, or we’ll all be destroyed
[16:10]  Hundreds of Catholics gather to honor slain Indian priest
[13:05]  Book of Hope is concerned about violence in Kenya's schools
[10:10]  Caritas Italy collecting aid for victims of conflict in Georgia
[07:05]  Bhutto’s widower calls for banning of Pakistani Taleban
[04:10]  Sen. Barack Obama chooses pro-abortion vice president
[04:05]  Representatives of Ukrainian city council vandalized Christian relics (exclusive)
[01:05]  Chinese house church critical of Bush for Beijing church call


[22:10]  Father killed his daughter for conversion to Christianity
[19:05]  Latino leaders holding rally in support of marriage ahead of DNC


[02:10]  Bishops: â€?irreconcilable differences’ drive out some of the â€?faithful'


[23:05]  Pastors attacked, tied to a car and paraded half naked in India
[20:10]  Nancilea Foster's next challenge: Olympic diving (press)
[17:05]  New England Journal of Medicine: 'Brain Death' is not Death
[15:10]  Students offered financial incentives for good ideas
[11:05]  First indigenous woman earns degree at Baptist Seminary of Mexico
[08:10]  Pro-life victory: University to change restrictive speech code
[05:05]  McCain has not ruled out pro-choice running mate
[02:10]  Archdiocese of Chicago will give $12.6 million to sexual abuse victims


[23:05]  McDonald's restaurants continue to promote homosexuality
[20:10]  Gunman enters Baptist church after killing Democratic Party chairman
[17:05]  Obama misrepresents opposition to Born-Alive Infants Protection Act
[15:10]  Netherlands recognises polygamous marriages of Muslims
[11:05]  Seminar bears fruit in unreached people group in India
[08:10]  Pope: most important service is the proclamation of Jesus Christ
[08:10]  President pushing young people to resist guidance from the Church
[05:05]  Kenyan president says churches must become more self-reliant
[04:10]  Spanish Minister of Justice vowed to help pro-euthanasia group
[03:05]  Memoirs of religious who escaped death in Spain to be published
[02:10]  Free Bibles available at Olympic Games in Beijing
[01:05]  Humans are not 98% genetically identical to chimpanzees
[00:10]  Uzbekistan: religious freedom survey, august 2008


[23:05]  Cardinal met with opposition to 'reinforce' anti-abortion legislation
[22:10]  Bishop of Fort Worth and Episcopal delegation discussed communion
[21:05]  University of California is permitted to reject Christian courses
[20:10]  'Lost Boy' sees Olympics as God-given second chance
[19:05]  â€?Reclaiming Fatherhood’ to discuss fathers’ losses from abortion
[18:10]  Brazil begins pro-homosexual "diversity" classes for grades 1-9
[17:05]  Protestants show interest in â€?wisdom’ of Natural Family Planning
[14:05]  A Marathon, a chat, and a prayer benefit kids in Ukraine
[12:10]  Baptist World Aid supports relief programs in war-torn Georgia
[11:05]  Maldives' constitutional changes fall short for many
[10:10]  Gaza humanitarian work destroyed by Hamas
[09:05]  First Christian radio station launched in Ireland
[08:10]  Beijing House Churches pledged not to meet during the Olympics
[07:05]  Malaysia government warns Christian weekly for denigrating Islam
[06:10]  Catholic group urging transitional Zimbabwe government
[05:05]  Christians pray that the conflict in Georgia opens doors for outreach
[04:10]  Cell phones and radio broadcasts prove to be useful in outreach
[03:05]  'Prejudicial' language to stay on California ballot
[00:10]  Christian businessmen pray for future of Ecuador


[21:05]  Outfielder credits prayer for helping him make Olympics
[18:10]  Kansas state bishops: voting for abortion candidate is "evil"
[17:05]  Catholic effort launched to support proposition defending marriage
[15:10]  Elderly Christian couple in Iran die from injuries sustained by police
[12:05]  Help neediest children in Uganda get Christian education
[09:10]  Charges filed against archbishop for opposing "abortion" constitution
[06:05]  British tour operators fear fuel surcharges could hit pilgrimages
[04:10]  Coffeehouse ministry in Japan plants seeds for the Gospel
[03:05]  Caritas Internationalis joins Pope in calls for peace in Georgia
[02:10]  Evangelical youth hold conference in Ukrainian city of Vinnytsia
[01:05]  Family's love carries U.S. swimmer to Beijing Olympics
[00:10]  Hollywood Kid’s Prayer Network celebrates its first year


[23:05]  Ecuadoran president: socialists were hired to draft new Constitution
[22:10]  Gay US bishop says Church will regret excluding homosexuals
[21:05]  New pamphlet gives college women the truth about "safe sex"
[20:10]  Call for backpacks goes up for needy children in the U.S.
[19:05]  George Bush: China not to â€?fear the influence of a loving religion’
[18:10]  Helsinki Commission condemns Russian assault on Georgia (press)
[17:05]  Possible Casey speech at DNC: Democrats’ abortion platform
[16:10]  California public high school refused to allow Bible club meetings
[11:10]  'Smoking Jesus' picture continues to embarrass media in Asia
[10:05]  Two missionaries released from detention in Inner Mongolia
[09:10]  Russian Ministries poised to help refugees as Georgia/Russia clash
[08:05]  Son of Pius X’s personal butler won gold medal in 1904 Olympics
[07:10]  Churches urge Ethiopian and Eritrean restraint after UN withdrawal
[06:05]  Kirk Franklin will present his first Central-Eastern European concert
[05:10]  California appeals court reverses homeschool ruling
[04:10]  Crash of bus carrying Catholic pilgrims kills at least 14 in Texas
[03:10]  Six Olympians are profiled to show the strength of Christianity
[01:05]  V-chip ratings mislabel increasingly anti-marriage television shows


[23:10]  Prayer service attacked by Hindu radicals in India
[21:05]  Hamas leader's son declares his own faith in Jesus Christ
[19:10]  HLI president condemns death threats targeting Ecuadoran pro-lifers
[17:05]  Legislature passes bill for "gay day" celebrations in California schools
[15:05]  Bishop: reasons for participating in Olympic opening ceremonies
[13:10]  Abortion Supervisory Committee to appeal to Court of Appeal
[11:05]  Life in Iraq is 'becoming accustomed to the fear', says aid worker
[09:10]  Child sponsorship in India faces high food prices
[07:05]  Archbishop goes to pray for robber instead of calling police
[05:10]  Moscow Good News Church sponsored youth summer camp
[03:05]  Uzbekistan: Legal status denials and fines continue
[00:05]  African churches to target trafficking at 2010 World Cup


[22:10]  Christian protesters in China arrested again, then deported to U.S.
[20:05]  Christian missionaries shared the Gospel in Greece
[05:05]  Bishop calls for government to return former missionary schools
[02:10]  No Catholic festival in Sri Lanka due to government-rebel fighting


[23:05]  Kay Warren tells about 17th International World AIDS Conference
[20:10]  Suit filed in the United States over 'Harry Potter' discrimination
[17:05]  Breakaway St. Louis church to elect new board members
[15:10]  Sao Paulo: the birthplace of a youth missions movement
[11:05]  Ukraine Christians ask government to fund schoolbooks on morals
[09:10]  Study confirms abortion increases risk of depression
[06:05]  Lithuanian town authorities ban gay and lesbian festival
[03:10]  Israelis help curb spread of AIDS with circumcision
[00:05]  Ecuador President might take back his comments against the Church


[21:10]  Obama promises "change" for America one gay adoption at a time
[18:05]  Hindu radicals: replace the Cross on school uniform with Hindu logo
[15:10]  Holy Land conflict needs courageous leaders, says new patriarch
[11:05]  Kenya: Church to hold peace rallies after 70 are killed in attack
[08:10]  Italian clergy to use inflatable church to minister to beachgoers
[05:05]  Turkmenistan: Religious freedom survey, August 2008
[02:10]  Quebec mayor vows to continue city hall prayer despite legal threats
[01:35]  Christians detained twice in Beijing after human rights, pro-life protests


[23:05]  Dr. Dobson to remain national radio hall of fame nominee
[20:10]  At Olympics, believers carry hope onto Beijing streets (press)
[17:05]  Italian teachers adopt Book of Hope as official resource
[15:10]  Jailed missionaries granted bail, but denied release
[12:05]  Pope Benedict asks China to 'open up' to the Gospel
[09:10]  Church team outlines problems people face in West Papua
[06:05]  Foremost UK gay activist admits there is no gay gene
[03:10]  Pastor of church in Belarus gave an interview to the BBC news
[00:05]  Florida citizens unite to change controversial public restroom law


[21:10]  Sunday Adelaja will preach at church anniversary in Tacoma (exclusive)
[18:05]  World Congress of Families V to be in Amsterdam
[15:10]  Canadian same-sex couple forces spousal insurance coverage in US
[12:10]  China, United States have complex history of partnership
[09:05]  Catholic cardinal denounces 'social revolution' against Christianity
[08:15]  C.S. Lewis strongly opposed any screen adaptation of his book (exclusive)
[06:10]  Audio outreach team cultivates medical ministry in Kenya
[03:05]  Anglican bishops critical of Rowan Williams' plan for church unity
[00:10]  Saudi Arabia to deport 15 Christians for holding worship meetings


[04:00]  Presence of Pope awakens Catholic fervor in northern Italian region
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