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[01:55]  American Missionary Ministers at Feminine Fire in Michigan (exclusive)


[16:40]  "Dark knight" of hollywood's soul
[12:50]  MGNC's First Summer Children's Camp (exclusive)
[12:30]  Baptist pastor still in jail, prosecution given second chance


[12:50]  Greg Laurie’s son killed today in crash in Corona, California


[08:10]  China earthquake relief effort adds focus on 'Hope Centers'
[05:05]  Christians imprisoned in India for giving Gospel tracts
[02:10]  Massachusetts may OK nonresident 'gay marriages'


[23:05]  Pro-lifers reject changes to pro-abortion Constitution in Ecuador
[20:10]  The boycott against McDonald's has escalated after "hate" smear
[17:05]  Baseball star Josh Hamilton: From heroin to home run hero (press)
[14:10]  Croatia parliament bans Sunday shopping because of Church
[11:05]  Gospel reaches remote villages in Tanzania; discipleship begins
[08:10]  Cardinal Walter Kasper wishes unity for Anglicans
[05:05]  Uzbekistan Christian faces criminal trial for reading Christian literature
[02:10]  Oslo court fines two evangelists for disobeying police


[23:05]  Christian & religious families happier, less likely to divorce
[20:10]  Soccer pro retires to pursue Catholic priesthood
[17:05]  Church has acted in good faith to cooperate, position has not changed
[14:10]  Half of Americans would choose death over disability: survey
[11:05]  Spanish archbishop: The Church is close to those who fight for peace
[08:10]  Human rights and religious rights record in Iran condemned
[05:05]  Bishops of Costa Rica: â€?rights’ for gay unions undermine family
[02:10]  The first Dari Bible now available for Afghanistan


[23:05]  Anglicans face divisions on women and homosexual clergy
[20:10]  McCain against gay adoption; Obama won't 'impose' faith on his kids
[17:05]  Two Chinese priests missing after being detained by officials
[14:10]  Moscow authorities ban gay picket near Iranian embassy
[11:05]  Myanmar relief focuses on Southeast Asia partnership
[08:10]  Minnesota professor encourages theft and desecration of Eucharist
[05:05]  Authorities restrict distribution of Bibles to Chinese tourists
[02:10]  McCain campaign plans â€?very aggressive’ outreach to Catholic voters


[23:05]  The story of Billy Graham comes to the Big Screen
[20:10]  Southern Baptists rally to New Orleans homeless needs
[17:05]  Bolivian cardinal says meaning of the family needs to be recovered
[14:10]  Kenyan Anglicans to boycott Lambeth, HK primate urges dialogue
[11:05]  Ministry: Darfur situation requires ’more than money’ (press)
[08:10]  Polish priest backs expansion of Tesco retail giant despite uproar
[05:05]  The Gospel of peace reaches oppressed Tibet
[02:10]  Belgian youth commit to protect environment at World Youth Day
[00:25]  8th Canadian to return Order of Canada because of Morgentaler award


[21:05]  Gay sues Bible publishers over verses against homosexuality


[21:10]  Iowa town of Waterloo shows gratitude to Baptists
[17:05]  Black pro-lifers oppose taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood
[14:10]  Yemen: Christian arrests may herald new era of persecution
[11:05]  Uzbekistan banned import of Bibles into the country
[08:10]  Swiss campaign to ban minarets gathers 115,000 signatures
[05:05]  American singer brings her passion to Liverpool’s Festival of Hope
[02:10]  Philippines bishop urges government to teach natural family planning


[23:05]  Poll: Marriage amendment stance could cost Obama
[20:10]  Oldest northeastern U.S. Catholic parish celebrates bicentennial
[17:05]  Iran detains 2 Christians who converted from Islam
[14:05]  Gay priest defends "gay" orientation under auspices of church
[11:05]  Christian singing group Point of Grace became a trio
[08:10]  G8 summit concludes, Christian relief groups are hopeful
[06:10]  Top British judge gives blessing to Sharia law
[05:05]  Church in Ecuador against constitutional reform in support of abortion
[02:10]  Mission Aviation Fellowship facing crisis with soaring gas costs


[23:05]  Hundreds of couples in Ontario validate lifetime marriage
[20:10]  Southern Baptists included at Bush faith-based conference
[17:05]  Catholic diocese in Mexico sponsors homosexual youth group
[16:10]  Hindu nationalist confidence grows. Christians called to pray
[15:05]  Kids in France benefit this week from short-term missions
[14:10]  Priest quake survivor: With Christ in your heart you will have no fear
[13:05]  Priest: measures by Socialist government â€?are against the Church’
[12:10]  British GP "did nothing wrong" in helping choose against abortion
[11:05]  Local Christian leaders will help in long-term disaster relief
[10:10]  U.S. Catholics top list of contributors to Peter's Pence
[09:05]  Kenyan church leaders say smoking ban good for national health
[08:10]  Iran shows defiance; believers forced underground
[07:05]  Nepal's new government vows not to harm Christians
[06:10]  Chinese pastor sentenced to two years re-education through labor
[05:05]  Numbers for Australian Catholic Church released ahead of WYD
[04:10]  Secretaries of Episcopal Conferences of Europe will meet in Ukraine
[03:05]  High incarceration rates in U.S. answered by prison ministry
[02:10]  3,142 churches represented at Southern Baptist Convention
[01:05]  Pro-life group labels Obama 'The Abortion President'
[00:10]  Christian education brings hope to a displaced community


[23:05]  Befriending Iraqi children is crucial, major says
[22:10]  Presbyterian vote to eliminate standards of chastity faces critics
[21:05]  America's reverence for the Bible could bring spiritual renewal
[20:10]  Sir John Templeton, founder of the Templeton Prize, dies aged 95 (press)
[19:05]  Officer sues LAPD alleging discrimination for off-duty Bible quotation
[18:10]  Guatemalan cardinal concerned about EU immigration measures
[17:05]  Homosexual "Marriage": Illegal in all 50 States of America (press)
[13:05]  Scholars divided on interpretation of â€?Gabriel’s Revelation’ tablet
[12:10]  Spanish bishop reacts to law granting rights to chimps and apes
[11:05]  Tanzania: Catholic Biblical Federation Assembly ends
[10:10]  Minorities push for secular constitution in Muslim Bangladesh
[09:05]  Outspoken archbishop may return to troubled Zimbabwe
[08:10]  Press: Homosexuality is "natural" and must be accepted by the Church
[07:05]  Spanish government playing with dictionary on right to life issues
[06:10]  German Protestant parish criticised for clamp on women pastor
[05:05]  Indian Hindu woman publishes 900-page epic on life of Jesus
[04:10]  Russian Church alarmed by Anglicans' decision to ordain women
[03:05]  Adoption ministry focuses on special needs children (press)
[02:10]  Commentary: Obama, Fonda and the "patriotism of dissent" (press)
[01:05]  Southern Gospel Celebration draws 1,200 people
[00:10]  Bishops tell Venezuelans: 'reformist' group is not Catholic


[23:05]  Tributes flow for pastor who championed Japan's Korean minority
[22:10]  Ten thousand New Zealanders join WYD in Sydney
[21:05]  Ministries partner in their efforts to spread the Gospel
[20:10]  Dean of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary appointed
[19:05]  Proper of Seasons translation falls short of needed votes
[18:10]  South Carolina faces lawsuit for Christian license plates
[17:05]  Student missionary dies in a bus accident in Peru
[15:05]  Suicide bomber strikes in Islamabad; Christians stand strong
[14:10]  Moscow gays protest against executions of homosexuals in Iran
[13:05]  Earthquake victims touched by generosity of Pope Benedict
[12:10]  Lutheran council calls for removal of HIV-related travel restrictions
[11:05]  30 Chinese publishers to attend Hong Kong publishing event
[10:10]  Azerbaijan: Imminent trial for Baptist pastor
[09:05]  Anglicans to Catholics: Ready or not, here we come
[08:10]  Spanish bishop reacts to law granting rights to chimps and apes
[07:05]  Operation Mobilization Zimbabwe stopped from providing aid
[06:10]  Christian conservative leaders unify behind McCain
[05:05]  UK Catholic doctors may be forced to refer for abortion
[04:10]  Despite Islamic extremism, Catholic outreach continues in Pakistan
[03:05]  Japanese pastor wants government apology for Ainu people
[02:10]  Deal Hudson: Obama defenders ignore his support for infanticide
[01:05]  Chaplains offer independence to those who fight for it
[00:10]  Billy Graham honors Sen. Jesse Helms who passed away July 4


[23:05]  Cardinal Bergoglio denounces new forms of slavery in Argentina
[22:10]  PowerPack gives boost to new school year for inner city kids
[21:05]  Churchgoing married couples happier, study says
[20:10]  George Bush addresses National Right to Life Conference
[19:05]  Catholic group scorns Youth Day protest laws in 'godless' Australia
[18:10]  Priest returns Order of Canada award in protest of Morgentaler
[17:05]  McDonald's reaffirms support for homosexuality in letter to AFA (documents)
[16:10]  Olympic crackdown continues on Christians in China
[15:05]  Roman Catholic priest shot dead in Nepal by a gang of robbers
[14:10]  Kenya church leaders protest 'shady' sale of hotel to Libyans
[13:05]  India Partners recommends tools for witnessing Christ
[12:10]  First lesbian couple in Iceland “marries” in church
[11:05]  Missionaries arrested and beaten by Hindu radicals in India
[10:10]  Tanzania: Delegates to Bible Assembly visit Christians in Dar
[09:05]  Philip Renner reflects on a year as youth pastor
[08:10]  WCC general secretary warns on Zimbabwe economic sanctions
[07:05]  Pope Benedict’s visit to France confirmed by the Vatican
[06:10]  In Japan, religious leaders tell G8 nations to cut military spending
[05:05]  Kazakhstan: "They want to close down our church with any excuse"
[04:10]  Local Christian churches mobilize to reach Belgium
[03:05]  Bishops: Church should overcome temptation to secularization
[02:10]  Gospels to be printed specially for Beijing Olympics


[15:05]  UK Parliamentarians: Defeat embryo bill and abortion amendments
[12:10]  Kids receive copies of the Book of Hope, respond to the Gospel
[09:05]  Pope calls for end to violence and extortion in Colombia
[06:10]  Magadan pastor fired for membership in protestant church
[03:05]  Bishops continue to denounce new “Catholic” religious sect
[00:10]  FamilyFEST in Baltimore draws 61 volunteers to do ministry


[21:05]  U.S. delegation is largest overseas World Youth Day contingent
[18:10]  America's gasoline crisis becomes mission opportunity
[15:05]  Rowan Williams criticizes proposed Anglican Primates’ Council
[12:10]  Home schooling family takes fight for rights at European Court
[09:05]  Christians are arrested in Yemen for handing out Bibles
[06:10]  Conditions still not ripe for papal visit to Russia
[03:05]  Texas Catholic hospitals did not follow Catholic ethics, report claims
[00:10]  30 Days Muslim prayer focus begins September 1


[21:05]  Stroke victim's case recalls Schiavo controversy (press)
[18:10]  Californians don’t share Obama’s support for homosexual marriage
[15:05]  72 new American missionaries tell of God's calling
[12:10]  Head of the Romanovs' Family hopes Russia will become monarchy
[08:10]  Tribal Christian in Paraguay becomes a missionary
[07:05]  Catholic Priest assassinated: the first in the history of Nepal
[04:10]  Denver Catholics settle majority of sex abuse claims for $5.5 million
[03:05]  The Spanish Parliament set to give rights to apes
[02:10]  Holy Land call for Christians and Muslims to engage on ecology
[01:05]  Church in Colombia calls for common sense in political corruption case
[00:10]  Court order permits Christian handouts at homosexual "PrideFest"


[23:05]  Cardinal: The real Church of Christ has no party affiliation
[22:10]  World Youth Day's 'Olympic torch' begins final stage of journey
[21:05]  Baptist World Alliance General Secretary visits Russia, Georgia
[20:10]  Home of Archbishop Nienstedt robbed in well-planned heist
[19:05]  US Jewish groups praise Presbyterian actions on Middle East
[18:10]  Bishop of Richmond knew of plans to help minor get abortion
[17:05]  Cardinal Rigali: The Church will never justify homosexual conduct
[16:10]  Tanzania: Catholic Bible experts gather for World Assembly
[15:05]  Europe 'aglow' after women unite to pray for the continent
[14:10]  Nepal Christians hope new republic brings religious freedom
[13:05]  French archbishop criticizes â€?rent-a-womb’ practice
[12:10]  Archbishop of Canterbury warns on 'orthodox' Anglican grouping
[11:05]  Benin: Church agency leads fight against malaria in children
[10:10]  Bible translation hampered by lack of teachers for missionary kids
[09:05]  World religious forum is on in Japan ahead of G8 summit
[08:10]  Anglican traditionalists sidestep Archbishop of Canterbury
[07:05]  Arizona puts marriage amendment on the November ballot
[06:10]  Azerbaijan: "No new Religion Law," official states
[05:05]  Order of Canada to be awarded to abortionist and atheist
[04:10]  Granite slab with image of Jesus to be donated to church
[03:05]  Russia: Reprieve for Methodist Sunday school – but for who else?
[02:10]  McCain supports, Obama opposes Calif. marriage amendment
[01:05]  Nicaraguan Christian school struggles to recover after tropical storm
[00:10]  â€?Culture wars’ far from over, Bishop Wenski says


[23:05]  US church votes for change that could permit gay ordination
[22:10]  Flood-stricken Suriname gets Southern Baptist help
[21:05]  American Idol’s Bo Bice puts Jesus Christ first in his life
[20:10]  Do families have a compelling interest in maintaining the state (press)
[19:05]  Bishops reject proposal to include right to abortion in constitution
[18:10]  â€?If fatherhood begins at conception, when does life begin?’ (press)
[17:05]  Minneapolis church rebuked for dishonoring the Saint (press)
[16:10]  Haiti food crisis deepens, answered prayer encourages ministry
[15:05]  Zambia’s born-again Christian president ill in hospital
[14:10]  Geneva-based Lutheran grouping scores on strong euro
[13:05]  It’s worse now for Christians in Iraq than under Saddam Hussein (press)
[12:10]  Ukrainian police detained "pilgrims' wear" from Gucci and Prada
[11:05]  Media Mir - bringing the Gospel of Peace into every home
[10:10]  Spanish cardinal: Religious freedom cornerstone of human rights
[09:05]  In era of green issues, Lutherans ponder how churches must act
[08:10]  Little Samaritan Mission sells radio network in Romania
[07:05]  Church in China raided; People placed under detention
[06:10]  Russian President: Interfaith dialogue is base of Russia's sovereignty
[05:05]  Daughter of singer Charlotte Church baptized
[04:10]  God's power and love manifested in home groups (press)
[03:05]  Anglican global network will fight for 'orthodox faith'
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