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[21:05]  President Bishops’ Conference: Don’t abandon drug addicts
[18:10]  Study: Christianity makes men better husbands and fathers
[15:05]  Eleven-year-old rape victim taken to UK for an abortion
[12:10]  Orthodox prelate rebuked for receiving Catholic communion
[09:05]  Ugandan-born Archbishop delivers Zimbabwe plea
[06:10]  Church planter poisoned to death in Northern India
[03:05]  U.S. appeals court upholds S. Dakota informed consent law


[15:05]  Deal Hudson says Catholics don’t know the real Obama
[12:10]  Church in Cuba questions government’s promotion of homosexuality
[09:05]  Russian Church to use scout methods in its work with youth
[06:10]  Christian satellite television sees growth in kids' ministry
[03:05]  Synagogue demolition ends Jewish worship, Protestant church next?
[00:10]  Jamaican PM says no to decriminalization of prostitution


[21:05]  Florida bishops ask governor to stop state executions
[18:10]  55 International Mission Board retired missionaries honored (press)
[15:05]  Hindus angry over Bible Distribution in South African school
[12:10]  Anglican conference preparing statement about state of Communion
[09:05]  Uzbekistan: Protestant facing criminal charges, Baptists jailed
[06:10]  The Bishops' Council opened in the capital city of Russia
[03:05]  Spanish parliament passes unprecedented resolution
[00:10]  Schwarzenegger commits to daily rosaries to help pass health care plan


[21:05]  Bush lifts North Korea sanctions; Land disappointed
[18:10]  Canada hate-crime sentencing poses difficult question for Christians
[15:05]  China to permit limited Bible distribution at Olympics
[12:10]  Orthodox leader: Vatican is a 'key ally' in defense of morality
[09:05]  Former President of Indonesia calls for religious tolerance
[06:10]  N. Korea: Faith remains alive. Embers of 1907 revival persist (press)
[03:05]  Church: If laws are injurious for the society, they must be changed
[00:10]  Same-sex marriage could threaten civil liberties and religious freedoms


[21:05]  Appeals Court revisits ruling that made homeschooling illegal
[18:10]  America's religious tolerance moves away from Scripture
[15:05]  Iraqi bishop warns of effort to empty Middle East of Christians
[12:10]  Mexico is land of life and not of death, says Cardinal Rivera
[09:05]  Ministry in China reports vast damage to outreach in wake of temblor
[04:10]  Rival meeting in Jerusalem deepens rift in Anglican Communion
[03:05]  Land: Candidates should be free, not forced, to share faith
[00:10]  Dobson rips Obama for intentionally distorting Scripture


[21:05]  Marriage and Family Ministry Conference will be held in USA (exclusive)
[18:10]  U.S. Teacher fired for refusing to remove Bible from desk
[15:05]  Cardinal: Impossible for divorced to receive Communion
[12:10]  Zimbabwe student Christian leader calls for peace monitors
[09:05]  Businessman who claimed to be Vatican insider to face charges
[06:10]  Archbishop Fouad Twal becomes new Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem
[03:05]  ?I was tied in the helicopter position and tortured’ (press)
[00:10]  Churches use new resources to reach recovering addicts


[21:05]  Austin Ruse: Europe must proclaim Christ’s lordship to survive (press)
[18:10]  Calif. homosexuals launch effort to stop marriage referendum
[15:05]  Bishop’s Letter of thanks to the House of Representatives of Belarus
[12:10]  Cuban government cuts off dissident’s phone service
[09:05]  Refugees need more help, says African churches' leader
[06:10]  Birthday of the New Life church: «We are one big family»
[03:05]  Heads of Ukraine churches discuss issues of church-state relations
[00:10]  Thousands of American young people to go overseas


[21:05]  Southern Baptist volunteers playing crucial role in recovery
[18:10]  Major newspapers critical of California same-sex marriage decision
[15:05]  Christian radio is helping quake survivors in China
[12:10]  Controversial UK bishop will boycott Lambeth Conference
[09:05]  Right to Life welcomes the judgment of Justice Miller
[06:10]  The Good News church held kid's 'Native American' summer event (exclusive)
[03:05]  Anglicans who oppose gay bishops meet in Jerusalem


[15:10]  Cardinal Newman Society launches center to study Catholic higher ed
[11:05]  Egypt: Poverty and ignorance behind extremist attacks, bishop says
[07:10]  Catholic Radio receives boost from Pope Benedict
[03:05]  Baptist Fellowship presenter questions Christ's deity


[23:10]  American team impacted by mission trip in Russia
[19:05]  Abortion numbers in England and Wales break records again
[15:30]  3000+ attend Hillsong church Cape Town’s first services (photoreport)
[13:05]  German homeschooling parents sentenced to three months in prison
[12:10]  New Zealand judge rules legality of many abortions to be doubtful
[08:10]  Bishop criticized governor for ignoring process on gay 'marriage'
[06:05]  Cameroon: Pope urges Catholics to be active in nation building
[02:10]  Zambian and Zimbabwean bishops call on Southern Africa to act


[23:05]  Zimbabwe partially lifts NGO ban after international criticism
[20:10]  Kyrgyzstan: Confidential files, "illegal" worship and expulsions
[19:05]  Religious commission criticizes Saudi textbooks
[18:10]  WCF gravely concerned about OAS “sexual-orientation” resolution
[15:10]  Worldwide Anglican Communion at an end says Nigerian Primate
[12:05]  Latvian priest declared ?Righteous among the Nations’ for saving Jews
[09:10]  Quake recovery in Japan continues; missionaries undeterred
[06:05]  Catholic organizations organize pilgrimage for life in Mexico
[03:10]  Hillsong church plants Cape Town campus (photoreport, exclusive)


[16:10]  Iranian government cracks down on believers
[12:05]  Up-and-coming Disney star vows abstinence till marriage
[07:10]  Fire destroys Catholic church in Egypt
[04:05]  British House of Commons decides fatherhood is irrelevant
[01:10]  Andrew Palau brings Beachfest Festival to South Carolina


[22:05]  Church leaders respond to homosexual weddings in California
[19:10]  German Lutherans might elect first openly homosexual bishop
[16:05]  The government is trying to stir up Muslims against Christians (press)
[13:10]  Climate for evangelism changes in Germany
[10:05]  Christian immigrants in Stockholm reach out through a local pub
[07:10]  Catholics continue to help in quake's aftermath
[04:05]  Bible distribution plans moving forward in Punjab State
[02:10]  Delegates from Vatican conclude visit to Vietnam


[23:05]  Iowa residents cope with disaster, church helping
[20:10]  Kazakhstan considers oppressive religion law
[17:05]  ?Catholic’ mayor celebrates gay ?marriages,’ bishops express regret


[23:05]  Polls: Southern Baptist pastors, evangelicals back McCain
[20:10]  Pro-life pharmacies opening around the United States
[17:05]  Irish vote exposes EU democracy challenge says churches' leader


[18:10]  Canadian churches welcome PM's apology on residential schools
[15:05]  Nepal's transition to secular republic is hailed by Christians
[12:10]  Parents should defend children from ideological imposition (press)
[09:05]  Six months without homes after attacks, Christians still wait
[06:10]  British MP applauds 400 million missing Chinese
[03:05]  Vatican to premier a unique musical about Mary
[00:10]  Episcopal Bishop Robinson enters homosexual civil union


[21:05]  Southern Baptists launch National Evangelism Initiative
[18:10]  Bishop: Indoctrination is real danger of Education for Citizenship
[15:05]  Chinese Christians forbidden to help with earthquake relief
[12:10]  Sri Lanka floods leave 400,000 homeless; GFA calls for prayer
[09:05]  Kenyan bishops mourn deaths of two MPs
[06:10]  Good news from Iraq, Christian school dedicated
[03:05]  Success of Pope’s U.S. visit echoing through the Church
[00:10]  Gilbert: 'Death check' could stir SBC toward renewal (press)


[21:05]  ?Gospel of Judas’ story criticized for ?scholarly malpractice’
[18:10]  Indianapolis Baptists mobilize relief teams
[15:05]  Spanish cardinal: Catholic teachers must share the faith with their lives
[12:10]  Underground chapel in Jordan may be the world’s oldest church
[07:05]  Malatya trial reveals unsettling implications for believers
[04:10]  Pope: Science and technology will not redeem mankind (press)
[01:05]  Johnny Hunt elected the Southern Baptist Convention


[22:10]  Turkish authorities again forcing church into a fight to stay open
[19:05]  Polish programs support the same-sex attracted in chaste living
[16:10]  Alternatives to embryonic stem cells producing success stories
[11:10]  Christian advocates for U.S. Marine accused of proselytizing in Iraq
[08:05]  St. Louis parish board member reconciles with Church
[05:05]  Libertarian Bob Barr now opposes DOMA, 'don't ask, don't tell'
[02:10]  Bill to legalize abortion advances to Argentine Chamber of Deputies


[23:05]  Algeria: Archbishop asks state to free Christian convert
[20:10]  Editor of Catholic magazine: Fascism has come to Canada
[17:05]  The California State Assembly OKs backdoor assisted suicide
[16:10]  Palestinians use horse-drawn carriages after Israel bans cars
[14:05]  Sunday Angelus: 'True religion is to love God and neighbor'
[12:10]  Church of England blasts British government
[10:10]  Uzbek authorities persecute Christians in Kazakhstan
[09:05]  Myanmar church strong, but needs relief resources
[08:10]  English Catholics will show solidarity with Iraqi Christians
[06:05]  UK Catholic adoption agency forced to close doors
[03:10]  Algeria: Four condemned to prison for becoming Christian
[00:05]  Archbishop of York completes ?leap of faith’ from 12,500 feet
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