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[22:05]  Drugs, violence characterize gay parade in Sao Paulo
[20:10]  Catalan institute seeks to change definition of marriage to include gays
[18:05]  Church calls on FARC to reconsider peace in wake of leader’s death
[16:05]  Oxford rector says mosque call to prayer â€?un-English’
[11:10]  Messianic Jews call for inquiry as Bible-burning row hits Israel
[09:05]  New land rent procedure for religious organizations introduced
[07:10]  UK Town Council issues 10,000 right-to-die cards
[05:05]  Christians kindling hope in Mexico City's homeless
[03:10]  Rick Warren and 1,700 leaders launch the PEACE Coalition
[01:05]  US religious giving to poor nations is at record levels, study finds


[23:10]  Book examines unresolved issues of murder of Mexican cardinal
[21:05]  Christian water ministry may be heading to China
[19:10]  Deaths exceed births in increasing number of major US cities
[14:10]  Christian groups step up relief efforts for China quake victims
[12:05]  Ministry battles paganism in African country
[10:10]  Poland embraces successful March for Life and Family
[08:05]  Pastor from Belarus sent an appeal to the President of Kazakhstan
[08:05]  Zimbabwe Methodists condemn violence as toll mounts
[06:10]  Men who assaulted UK priest sentenced to four years in prison
[04:05]  McCain repudiates Hagee endorsement after Hitler remark revealed
[03:10]  Pro-lifers in U.S. prepare to protest birth control pill
[01:05]  Mexico City barrios tug at these missionaries' hearts


[23:10]  Some religious leaders oppose proposed Australian Bill of Rights
[21:05]  39th Annual GMA Dove Awards reveals a few surprises
[19:10]  Crucifix will stay in Quebec National Assembly says Premier
[17:05]  Calif. Supreme Court asked to delay same-sex marriage decision
[17:05]  Oxford lab to revisit carbon dating of Shroud of Turin
[15:05]  Russian Jews shocked with Bibles burned in Israel
[13:10]  Protestors in Germany harass 15,000 strong Christian youth festival
[11:05]  Truth is not a threat to tolerance, Spanish archbishop says
[09:10]  The Dinka Rek people can now read the Bible in their own language
[07:05]  German radio documentary: exorcisms are being outsourced
[05:10]  Hindu radicals attacked Bible school students in Karnataka
[03:05]  Catholics fund Centre for those struggling with homosexuality
[02:05]  African church conference discusses misuse of foreign aid
[00:10]  Pope prays for Church in China, earthquake victims


[22:05]  Youth ministry study helps Egypt outreach
[21:10]  Ukraine President invites Pope Benedict to visit Kiev
[19:05]  Zimbabwe police ban open-air prayer meetings


[14:10]  Geography challenges the ministry of The GodMan in Madagascar
[11:05]  Catholic Church in Malawi warns clergy off partisan politics
[08:10]  UN Chief going to Myanmar to discuss cyclone aid
[05:05]  Paraguay Church: occupation of land aggravates tensions
[02:10]  Constantinople Patriarch will join Baptism of Russia celebration


[23:05]  Defense of Human Rights Subsection 13(1) "absolutely shocking" (press)
[20:10]  Extreme Makeover blesses New Orleans Baptist church
[17:05]  US schools’ sex abuse scandal raises questions about double standards
[14:10]  Kenya: Catholic Church rolls out national healing programmed
[11:05]  Over 300 gather at National Day of Prayer for Eritrea
[08:10]  Filipino archbishop to continue anti-gambling drive despite suit
[05:05]  Iraq to execute al Qaeda leader in murder of bishop
[02:10]  Denver archbishop: Catholics should face Obama’s views on abortion


[23:05]  Gospel Dream 2008 premieres on Gospel Music Channel
[20:10]  Supreme Court approves law curbing child pornography
[17:05]  Jamaica: British Baptists sorry for trans-Atlantic slave trade
[14:05]  Acting Moscow mayor takes gays' accusations in good fun
[11:10]  Spain: intolerance of parents who object to Socialist course (press)
[08:05]  Six million orphans in Ethiopia are in need; a Christian group is helping
[05:10]  Proposed human-animal hybrid embryo ban fails in UK
[02:05]  S. Africa's Boesak urges churches: Stand up to Zimbabwe 'tyranny'


[23:10]  Florida amendment 'deceptive' mailer decried
[15:05]  Ontario forces taxpayers to pay for “sex-change” operations
[13:10]  McDonald's vice president verifies pro-family issues
[11:05]  True youthfulness is found in Jesus, Pope Benedict says (press)
[09:10]  Breakthrough for missionaries in Papua New Guinea
[07:05]  Business lunch held with the Good News Business Club
[05:10]  Christians of Iraq are calling for help from Western Christians (press)
[04:10]  Church is reaching the International Community in Moscow
[03:05]  Zimbabwe food crisis deepens, workers say
[01:10]  Pope reaffirms Church’s stance against homosexual marriage


[23:05]  3,000 Assyrian Christians received into Catholic communion
[22:10]  Arkansas Baptists help after massive flooding and tornadoes
[21:10]  Australian church writes to Bush, condemning torture veto
[19:05]  Quebec will continue prayer despite Human Rights Commission order
[18:10]  California ruling could have nationwide impact
[17:10]  CARA concerned over interpretations of the U.S. religious survey
[16:10]  Allan Carlson will be a visiting professor at Hillsdale College
[15:05]  Christian organization condemns Myanmar referendum result
[13:10]  South African religious leaders condemn xenophobic killings
[11:05]  Ukrainian President greets Christians on Pentecost
[09:10]  Bomb blasts put church planter under suspicion
[07:05]  Global church groups to join in prayer for Middle East peace
[06:10]  Russian Church: the cult of reason is losing its power in Western world
[05:10]  Cardinal Zen says time not right yet for papal visit to China
[03:05]  Pakistani Christian doctor is booked under blasphemy laws
[01:10]  C.S. Lewis strongly opposed any screen adaptation of Narnia (exclusive)


[15:05]  Gospel broadcasts removed from two crucial radio networks
[12:10]  Christian Reformed Church plan to plant church in Michigan Prison
[09:05]  Half a million signatures in Ecuador to defend life and family
[06:10]  Southern Baptists pray for the unreached peoples of the Amazon Basin
[03:05]  Carlson to keynote at international conference on family in Spain
[00:10]  Catholic students’ pregnancy support campaign banned


[21:05]  Human Rights Commission bans prayer in City Hall of Saguenay
[18:10]  Evangelists in the United States ready to boost baptisms
[15:05]  New conference focuses on strategic African leaders
[12:10]  International Conference of Orthodox Chaplains held in Kyiv
[09:05]  Tajikistan: Last days for country's only synagogue?
[06:10]  White House says 'activist judges' at fault for gay marriage ruling
[03:05]  Ministry sees hope in the rubble of China's quake
[00:10]  Priests for Life Canada selects Fr. Thomas Lynch as new director


[21:05]  California Supreme Court legalizes 'gay marriage'
[18:10]  World Youth Day ad campaign in Sydney aims to involve locals
[15:05]  Feder to meet with pro-family leaders in the Netherlands
[12:10]  The Orthodox Church negates UFO-people - a Theology professor
[09:05]  International Christian Medical Conference held in Norway
[06:10]  Khartoum attacks pinpoint plight of Darfur, says Sudan bishop
[03:05]  Archdiocese of Indianapolis sues Facebook over fake profile of dean
[02:10]  International religious history conference held in Ukraine
[01:05]  Mexicans to hold massive protest for life on May 25
[00:10]  Hillary Clinton wins among all categories in West Virginia


[23:05]  Analysis: Christianity beaten out of the Public Square in Ontario
[22:10]  Archbishop: Church supports complete sexual education
[21:05]  Colorado personhood amendment takes aim at Roe
[20:10]  Colorado Human Life Amendment petition signed by over 130,000
[19:05]  Israel celebrates 60th year: Baptists' support predates 1948
[18:10]  Texas pastor resigns after involvement in gay porn site exposed (press)
[17:05]  Archbishop orders end to lay preachers at Massachusetts
[15:05]  Austrian, Swiss churches to 'work as a team' at Euro football
[13:05]  China Aid President responds to remarks by Franklin Graham
[12:10]  Child ministry invests in Ghana's future with two new teams
[11:05]  Members of the British Parliament visited New Life church
[10:10]  Reform of religious freedom law could be anti-Christian
[09:05]  Zimbabwe bishops say state terror will ruin run-off
[08:10]  Cardinal Bernardin Gantin passes away at 86
[07:05]  Formal court date set for persecuted Uyghur Christian
[06:10]  Christians position to be ready to aid China with rebuilding
[05:05]  Festival of creativity «God’s talent» held in Belarus church
[04:10]  Situation critical for cyclone-devastated families in Myanmar
[03:05]  March for Life gets another national media blackout in Canada
[02:10]  Arab Baptist seminary safe after Beirut fighting
[01:05]  Rally for marriage to be held at Democratic National Convention
[00:10]  New Testament proclaimed in an Amazon village


[23:05]  Chinese Catholics begin recovery from devastating earthquake
[22:10]  Chaplain shares Christ with Army Rangers (press)
[21:05]  Ministry assesses tornado damage in Oklahoma
[20:10]  Bills would give teachers freedom teaching evolution
[19:05]  Catholic League declares end to Rev. Hagee controversy
[18:10]  Texas pastor connected with prominent gay porn website
[17:05]  Catholic college cancels speaker due to pro-abortion views
[16:10]  Controversial retired Australian bishop reprimanded for his book
[13:05]  Archbishop in Kenya heads 500 million-dollar refugee fund
[12:10]  Malawi group says some church leaders put tribe before Bible
[11:05]  Heroic Catholic nurse who saved Jews during WWII dies
[10:10]  Africa fastest growing information technology market, UN
[09:05]  At Vatican, Armenian spiritual leader decries genocide denial
[08:10]  Amending Universal Declaration of Human Rights to be proposed
[07:05]  Violence erupts again in Lebanon, ministry determined to stay
[06:10]  UK efforts to lower abortion age limit will backfire
[05:05]  Church agencies mobilise to support China's earthquake victims
[04:10]  A major worship symposium was held in Riga (exclusive)
[03:05]  Vatican launches Latin section on its website
[02:10]  Christian resource center has big plans in strategic location
[01:05]  Pope congratulates Israel on statehood, protects rights of Christians
[00:10]  Orthodox priest in Ukraine beaten by rival bishop


[23:05]  Gospel music legend Dottie Rambo killed in bus accident
[22:10]  Canada's 'West Coast' March for Life has over 1000 participate
[21:05]  Tornadoes kill 22 in Oklahoma, Missouri and Georgia
[20:10]  Donahue and Obama advisors scuffle over Catholic identity, abortion
[19:05]  Heath Shuler: Rare pro-life Democrat in Congress
[18:10]  Colombia pushes Catholic hospitals to provide abortions
[17:05]  Mayoral candidate criticized for opposing same-sex marriage
[16:10]  Argentine group binds diverse Christians in 'Catholic' country
[15:05]  Words of Hope launches new radio program in Albania
[14:10]  Symposium of Catholic Universities takes place in Lviv, Ukraine
[13:05]  Belarus: KGB pressure Orthodox not to venerate Soviet-era martyrs
[12:10]  A ministry is working to give Uganda's children a future
[11:05]  Tanzania: Two Catholic nuns among 15 killed in road accident
[10:10]  Church leaders in Kenya seek to pacify violent tribal sect
[09:05]  Historic moment for religious expression in China
[08:10]  Indian churches seek 'greening of faith', 'plastic-free campuses'
[07:05]  Director of Vatican daily explains why Pope speaks of early Christians
[06:10]  Northern Ireland party leaders say no to legalizing abortion
[05:05]  National church focuses on rebuilding in Myanmar
[04:10]  Zimbabwe needs truth, reconciliation commission, says magazine
[03:05]  Millions pray â€?Your Kingdom come’ on Global Day of Prayer
[00:10]  Evangelical group issues manifesto against “single-issue politics”


[23:05]  Royal Ambassadors reaches 100-year mark
[23:05]  Security increased for Colombian priests under death threats
[22:10]  Western Australia rejects Clone and Kill Bill
[21:05]  Allan Carlson speaks at FRC screening of Demographic Winter
[20:10]  Smashing defeat for pro-abortion forces in Brazil
[19:05]  Student vandalizes pro-life cross display at Wisconsin university
[18:10]  Ministry: Unused books help Christians overseas
[17:05]  Pro-abortion governor publicly stopped from receiving communion
[16:10]  Food crisis 'artificially imposed', says Kenyan theologian/ecologist
[15:05]  Twenty youth saved through House of Mercy Ministry
[14:10]  Irish-based missionary group relocates HQ to Hong Kong
[13:05]  Lebanon's identity crisis may be coming to a head
[12:10]  Former Jordanian minister insists Islam will conquer Rome
[11:05]  Burma’s dictators make propaganda out of suffering
[10:10]  Good News church in Moscow shows the importance of prayer
[09:05]  Sumy head guarantees equal treatment of all religions
[08:10]  Vietnam's church starts working towards unity
[07:05]  Amendment protecting freedom of speech on homosexuality kept in
[06:10]  Report suggests Europe an “elderly continent” in “demographic winter”
[05:05]  Christian pastor in Indonesia released from prison
[04:10]  Pope Benedict XVI appeals for peace in Lebanon
[03:50]  Politician in Ukraine suggests to change Law on Freedom of Worship


[05:05]  China cracks down on Christian literature before Olympics
[02:10]  Vatican cardinal rejects 'atheist fundamentalism' as 'defeatist'


[23:05]  Manager of the Kansas City Royals holds on to faith
[20:10]  8,000 attend massive pro-life rally in Canada
[17:05]  Michigan court: marriage law bans same-sex couples benefits
[14:10]  Zimbabwe church and hospital forced to close in post-poll violence
[11:05]  Anglicans must clarify their identity, Cardinal Kasper says
[09:10]  Ministry encourages churches in Myanmar response
[06:05]  Humans hard-wired for faith, American scholar says
[03:10]  Russian Patriarch prays for and praises Putin successor Medvedev
[00:05]  BMI Christian Music Awards honors recipients


[21:10]  Smashing defeat for pro-abortion forces in Brazil
[18:05]  World Christian leaders urge peace on Israel's 60 anniversary
[15:10]  Newmarket Lutheran Church to ordain active homosexual
[12:05]  Seminar to help journalists strengthen coverage of the Catholic Church
[07:10]  Ruling that NY must recognize foreign same-sex "marriages" stands
[04:10]  MP worries Britain will become Europe’s â€?abortion capital’
[04:05]  Bishops denounce trafficking and abuse of minors in Brazil
[01:05]  'Evangelical Manifesto' targets stereotypes in United States


[22:10]  Study: Americans fine with Christians in politics
[21:05]  Latino Personalities join The American Bible Society’s campaign
[20:10]  Vatican tells parishes not to open archives to Mormons
[19:05]  Indianapolis, North Carolina democratic churchgoers like Clinton
[18:10]  ABC News Report: Ex-gays afraid to come out for fear of persecution
[17:05]  Critic of US 'religious right' takes on a new worry: Atheists
[13:05]  Israeli Bible contest criticized for Messianic Jewish student contestant
[12:10]  Sponsorship program gives hope to communities in Congo
[11:05]  Iraqi Christian refugees pine for home, but fear they face death
[10:10]  Medical charity in Sudan alarmed by health and food crisis
[09:05]  Russian benefactors look to 'instant' churches to ease shortage
[08:10]  UK government job centres advertising for prostitutes
[07:05]  Open your hearts to the afflicted in Myanmar, Pope implores
[06:10]  Kenya: Anglican Church opens its 30th diocese in Kericho
[05:05]  Jordanian Christian applies for asylum in Europe
[04:10]  Human rights cannot be “invented,” says Peruvian cardinal
[03:05]  Study: Family breakdown costs $112 billion each year (press)
[02:10]  Holy Father sends message to cyclone victims
[01:05]  Republican John McCain pledges conservative judges
[00:10]  Crossroad Bible Institute opens Distribution Center in Nicaragua


[23:05]  Olympics: Appeals grow for Bush to protest
[22:10]  Population control movement is 'Number One violator of human rights' (press)
[21:05]  Ontario Premier's plan to scrap Lord's Prayer backfires in opposition
[20:10]  Myanmar cyclone: Relief assessment begins (press)
[19:05]  Archdiocese of Boston breaks ground on Pope John Paul II Academy
[18:10]  Homosexual lifestyle chosen, race not, says UT administrator (press)
[17:05]  â€?Hell’s Kitchen’ chef provokes Catholic complaints in Australia
[16:10]  Jamaican nurses oppose government plan to decriminalize abortion
[15:05]  Judge approves Catholic newspaper’s lawsuit to use “Allah”
[14:10]  US Ambassador spoke on religious freedom in Ukraine
[13:05]  Pope welcomes head of Armenian Apostolic Church
[12:10]  New president may not mean more religious restrictions in Russia
[11:05]  Rain fails to deter thousands from Christian worship in Indian city
[10:10]  Pastor of New Life church addressed to the Minister of Education
[09:05]  Kazakhstan: "A Law on Non-Freedom of Conscience" (press)
[08:10]  Blasphemous art works remain at Vienna Cathedral Gallery
[07:05]  Myanmar cyclone deaths soar; Christians responding
[06:10]  Ever seen the message in a movie? – New Catholic website launches
[05:05]  Zimbabwe Anglicans face 'communist-style' persecution says bishop
[04:10]  Cyclone deaths could reach 10,000 in Myanmar (press)
[03:05]  Cardinal Amigo: Catholics have moral obligation to support the Church
[01:05]  Two unknown men killed Catholic priest in Mexico City
[00:10]  A mission sending agency does more than send


[23:05]  Four states consider permitting academic freedom on evolution
[22:10]  Ministry sends disaster response team to Arkansas
[21:05]  Evangelical Richard Cizik among Time’s 100 most influential people
[20:10]  Archbishop Wuerl says politicians’ support for abortion is wrong
[19:05]  Religious freedom panel urges State Dept. to take action
[18:10]  Huge Victory: Kansas Supreme Court unseals secret abortion suit
[17:05]  United Methodist Church shuns calls for Israel divestment
[14:10]  Allow foreign chaplains at Olympics urges H. Kong sports leader
[13:05]  Relief agencies request “urgent” access to Myanmar after cyclone hits
[12:10]  Abortion kills your sex life says UK doctor in Times Column
[11:05]  Christian parliamentarian will defend rights of minorities in Pakistan
[10:10]  Malaysian court rules church paper can challenge ban on 'Allah'
[09:05]  Institute director: Educational role of the family 'irreplaceable'
[08:10]  New translated books of the Bible soon to debut in Guinea
[07:05]  Swiss Guard swearing-in ceremony highlights corps history
[06:10]  The British Church is Ailing - Send for Dr. Who (press)
[05:05]  Religion needed to help in healing, says European parliament head
[04:10]  Pro-family advocates urge people to act against CBS' 'Dexter'
[03:05]  Pope Benedict to vacation in Australia before World Youth Day
[02:10]  Australian Prime Minister explains why he opposes euthanasia
[01:05]  U.S. response to Iraqi refugees “shockingly inadequate” (documents)
[00:10]  Storms destroy church, rattle seminary in Arkansas


[23:05]  Australian â€?Footplate Padre’ speaks on the Holocaust
[22:10]  Priest-pilot leads flight squadron in charitable “fly-a-thon”
[21:05]  Washington pharmacists may refuse to fill Plan B prescriptions
[20:10]  Students in United States prepare for next year's outreach
[19:05]  American soldier killed in Iraq with Bible nearby
[18:10]  Australian bishops urge government to ban pornography
[17:05]  US-based Catholic Worker Movement celebrates 75th anniversary
[16:10]  House of Mercy team went in orphanages of Moscow
[15:05]  Christian leaders urged to condemn sale of Hitler doll in Ukraine
[14:10]  Zimbabwe presidential election to continue in runoff
[13:05]  The Good News Church in Kiev celebrated Easter
[12:10]  Kazakh government throws weight behind religion law
[11:05]  Catholic leader: Secularist currents in Latin America come from Spain
[10:10]  Soaring rice prices are a spiritual crisis, says Filipino priest
[09:05]  Festival in Bucharest aims to share Gospel with an entire city
[08:10]  Cardinal: Education should be founded upon the truth about man
[07:05]  Church grows despite restrictions in predominantly Islamic Sudan
[06:10]  Furious Britons give Brown worst electoral pummeling in 40 years
[05:05]  British Christians offered cell phone “prayer alerts”
[04:10]  Indian churches condemn 'commercialisation' of faith
[03:05]  Academy of Social Sciences in Vatican examining globalization


[16:10]  Soccer team could face reprimand for “Holy Goalie’s” Pope shirt
[13:05]  Methodists yes to full communion with Lutherans; no on gay change
[10:10]  Archbishop recalls relationship between work and man’s dignity
[07:05]  Christian broadcasters having an impact on Mongolia
[04:10]  United Methodists uphold stance on traditional marriage
[01:05]  VeggieTales’ Phil Vischer to receive Briner Award


[22:10]  New Zealand joins this year’s British Back to Church Sunday
[19:05]  President Bush envisions International Day of Prayer
[16:10]  Episcopalian diocese sues new Anglicans for real estate
[13:05]  Uganda churches resist plan to cut religious education in schools
[10:10]  Sex education a major problem in Japan, says Christian group
[07:05]  Christian band shares Gospel in Poland's prisons
[04:10]  Kenyan Anglican Catholic leaders want more than talk on displaced
[01:05]  Over 760 registered for Canadian National March for Life


[22:10]  Virus disrupts missionary training in Virginia, U.S.
[19:05]  Survey: United States has highest interest in the Bible
[16:10]  Islamic extremists kill Christian evangelist in Somalia
[13:05]  Italian mother "lays down her life" for her unborn child
[10:10]  Arrival of Olympic torch in Hong Kong debated by Christians
[07:05]  Zimbabwe: Church groups call for urgent action by the UN
[04:10]  Kazakhstan considers restrictive new religion law
[01:05]  Spanish bishop: Socialists want to eliminate God from hospitals
[01:05]  New seminary in Havana will form more than 100 seminarians


[22:10]  Kansas governor Kathleen Sebelius vetoes abortion bill
[19:05]  World’s largest prayer meeting gathers momentum (press)
[16:10]  Theologian Packer quits Anglican Church of Canada
[13:05]  Evangelist Brian Fossett to be vice president nominee
[10:10]  Election 08: Barack Obama 'outraged' by pastor Wright
[07:05]  Sacramento library system continues policy allowing porn viewing
[04:10]  Christians gather for North Korean Freedom Week
[04:10]  School gives hope to Iraqi children of all faiths
[02:10]  Prime Minister deplores selective abortion of girls in India
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