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[23:05]  Ontario government responds to anti-Christian ruling
[20:05]  Virginia students pray in front of D.C. Planned Parenthood
[17:05]  Rev. Hagee: “Amen” to Pope Benedict’s “moral vision for America”
[16:10]  Islamic extremists kill another Christian in Somalia
[15:05]  Germany's Catholic Church employed forced labourers during war
[14:10]  British Catholic schools on guard against opportunistic baptisms
[13:05]  Belarus Christians face new fines from the government
[12:10]  Zimbabwe Church must give leadership say world, African churches
[11:05]  Protestants in Russia facing increased pressure
[10:10]  The Czech Republic Ambassador visited New Life in Minsk
[09:05]  Congo's shattered peace slows evangelism
[08:10]  Moscow: Home groups provide catalyst for spiritual growth
[07:05]  Brussels abandons plans to protect gays and lesbians
[06:10]  The Moscow Church serves to the English-Speaking Community
[05:05]  Tennessee Franklin Graham Festival draws 45,000 people
[04:10]  Malaysian Catholic newspaper continues legal fight to use “Allah”
[03:05]  Catholic radio to reduce Protestant programming in “identity change”
[02:10]  Vermont stops just short of 'gay marriage' recommendation
[01:05]  Ministry prepares to care for Eldorado children
[00:10]  Ontario Human Rights Tribunal: Christian Ministry is not Christian


[23:05]  Controversial Episcopal bishop scheduled for book trade conference
[22:10]  Australian church urges end to citizenship test 'lacking relevance'
[21:05]  New Barna research describes use of technology in churches
[20:10]  Attack on me is attack on black church, Rev. Wright says
[19:05]  Christians in India concerned about new anti-conversion law (press)
[18:10]  New York Cardinal Egan slams Giuliani for receiving communion
[17:05]  Trans World Radio and team up to further the Gospel
[16:10]  Australian bishops issue letter against decriminalisation of abortion
[15:05]  Disability ministry goes to its knees on Global Day of Prayer
[14:10]  Survey examines the reading of Sacred Scripture in Europe
[13:05]  Ten to fifteen preteens a year have abortions in Britain
[12:10]  Church group lauds Malawi government for shunning trade deal
[11:05]  Israeli interior ministry recognises homosexual overseas adoption
[10:10]  Anglican activist hails judge's ruling on Japan's Iraq involvement
[09:05]  Pope: Ask Christ ?what do you want me to do with my life?’
[08:10]  Burundi: Vatican embassy suffers minor damage in rebel attack
[07:05]  Spanish bishops call for media ethics courses
[06:10]  Swiss grant rights to animals but liberalize abortion laws
[05:05]  The Bethlehem Christmas Project helps the needy children (press)
[04:10]  Canada pushes Poland to advance homosexual rights
[01:05]  Brazilian church: we did not encourage the priest to take balloon flight


[22:10]  40 Days for Life participants celebrate abortion clinic rollbacks
[19:05]  Pastors' Conference in Indianapolis: Prepare for revival
[16:10]  Christians in Somalia supposedly killed for their beliefs
[13:05]  Moscow warns homosexuals not to organize "gay" demonstrations
[10:10]  Nepal tries to right its course in light of food crisis
[07:05]  Pope: Sowing the joy of the Gospel is the mission of the Church
[04:10]  WCC calls on Zimbabwe to announce all election results
[01:05]  British Christians praying for the collapse of the European Union


[15:05]  Russia: Visa changes leave religious communities in limbo
[12:10]  Round table strategizes to grow the Czech church
[09:05]  Debate over Pakistan Blasphemy Laws features on Pakistan TV
[06:10]  Palestinian Christians not persecuted, say leaders, but tensions exist
[03:05]  Mexicans to light 7000 candles for unborn outside Legislative Assembly
[00:10]  Florida evolution academic freedom bill passes


[21:05]  Archbishop calls on Mexicans to prepare for Eucharistic Congress
[18:10]  Christian students across the U.S. counter Day of Silence
[15:10]  Radio station in Ecuador gets welcome surprise
[12:10]  Former Islamic extremists call for 'deradicalisation' centres
[09:05]  Bishop: Work must be done to keep Christians from leaving Iraq
[06:10]  Muslim mob attacks Christians in Kano State, Nigeria
[03:05]  Women tell of coerced, illegal abortions at Kansas Abortion Clinic (press)
[00:10]  Nancy Pelosi criticized for false “environmentalist” Bible quotation


[21:05]  300 schools to close in Ontario because of birth rate crash
[18:10]  TobyMac, Casting Crowns win most Dove Awards
[15:05]  Violation of K-Mart worker's rights of conscience goes to Court
[12:10]  U.S. Study: Unchurched less likely to come to church
[09:05]  Prayer and giving undergird ministry for another year
[06:10]  HIV-positive cleric more convinced AIDS-free world is possible
[03:05]  ACLU wins lawsuit against courthouse’s Jesus picture
[00:10]  Church in Cuba hopes for greater government cooperation


[23:05]  Primary victory keeps Clinton's presidential hopes alive (press)
[22:10]  New studies support abstinence education in United States
[21:05]  Adopt a Terrorist for Prayer founder mobilizes for Iraq deployment
[20:10]  Brazilian judge rules abortion law unconstitutional
[19:05]  Hillary Clinton wins Pennsylvania Catholic vote handily
[18:10]  Christian development work re-evaluated August 2008
[17:05]  Pope has helped to close “chapter of shame and sorrow” in U.S.
[16:10]  Update: SSPX rejects “signing an agreement with Rome”
[15:05]  Holy See to reflect on status of bishop elected president of Paraguay
[14:10]  Catholic Adoption Agencies won’t accept sexual orientation regulations
[13:05]  Christians flock to Jordan River but unable to take plunge
[12:10]  Revival in India comes out of devastating famine
[11:05]  Eritrean government sending ministers to military training camps
[10:10]  Faithful to be able to venerate exhumed remains of Padre Pio
[09:05]  70 percent of Italian doctors refuse to commit abortion
[08:10]  Lithuanian bishops condemn new abortion rule for doctors
[07:05]  Ministryy feels impact of Zimbabwe's political crisis
[06:10]  A year went by since Belarus Church have been protecting their rights
[05:05]  Church condemns 'cowardly' killing of Sri Lanka priest
[04:10]  Zimbabwe tensions could end in genocide, Christian leaders warn
[03:05]  South Korean president seen as man of faith
[02:10]  Yale Art School threatens to ban abortion "art" display
[01:05]  The Pope visited a vocal, reform-minded American Church
[00:10]  Canadian lawyers support Unborn Victims of Crime Bill C-484


[23:05]  Brazilian priest floating on party balloons for charity is missing
[22:10]  Pastors in the United States gather as hearts cry for revival
[21:05]  Catholic Gov. Sebelius vetoes restrictions on late-term abortion
[20:10]  Cardinal says president misinformed in his criticism of the Church
[19:05]  World Youth Day costs Catholic Church in Australia $150 million
[18:10]  Wayward Catholic Bishop wins presidency in Paraguay
[17:05]  United Methodist Church set to debate Middle East divestment
[16:10]  Milestone anniversary for outreach in Guatemala
[15:05]  Marriage Uncensored passes landmark 150th episode
[14:10]  Kenya: ?Ambassadors of Peace’ to launch National Healing Initiative
[13:05]  Attacks on the family undermine peace, warns Spanish bishop
[12:20]  Congress of Families mourns passing of Cardinal Alfonso López Trujillo
[12:10]  Archbishop Migliore: Urban slum conditions must be addressed
[11:05]  South Africa honours former WCC leader Philip Potter
[10:10]  “We need to know who to forgive,” says archbishop in Guatemala
[09:05]  For the first time Rwanda gets purposeful for 40 days
[08:10]  Brussels demonstration against persecution of Iraqi Christians
[07:05]  British Catholics trained for World Youth Day communications
[06:10]  Debt cancellation movement marks 10 years of campaigning
[05:05]  Chinese Christian bookstore owner re-arrested
[04:10]  Highlights from the Pope's Address to Young People
[03:05]  “We need the children who are aborted,” Austrian bishop says
[02:10]  St. Gregory’s University issued $1.5 million challenge grant
[01:05]  Israeli Supreme Court sides with Messianic Jews
[00:10]  Salute the Danish Flag - It's a Symbol of Western Freedom (press)


[23:05]  More victims come forward after Pope Benedict XVI’s visit
[22:10]  Prayer emphasis within SBC, at annual meeting, expands
[21:05]  Children's Hospital Boston offers "sex change" to adolescents
[20:10]  Beach is celebratory setting for baptisms, pastor says (press)
[19:05]  Press: That Horton Movie is actually pretty pro-life
[18:10]  SSPX reiterates disagreement with Catholic Church
[17:05]  Missionary broadcast ministry adds new language to line-up
[16:10]  Memorial Service for Clyde Cook a Stirring Sendoff (press)
[15:05]  Ukrainian Orthodox Church prohibits its clergy from running for office
[14:10]  About 5,000 children in South Africa receive Bibles
[13:05]  Holy Land is safe to visit, says Cardinal Ruini
[12:10]  Ministry apologizes for donations from contraceptive-producing firms
[11:05]  Grace Ministry International team field tests a new tool in Brazil
[10:10]  Polish Orthodox Church bishops walk out on meeting of Presidents
[09:05]  Film crew hopes their work leads many to Christ in Togo
[08:10]  US commentators mull results of Pope Benedict's visit
[07:05]  Global corruption benefits rich nations says church report
[06:10]  Bishop of troubled Kenyan diocese named archbishop
[05:05]  Ukrainian President extols high level of Ukrainian-Vatican relations
[04:10]  Greens leader pushing for legalised euthanasia in Northern Territory
[03:05]  British churches condemn 'violence and intimidation' in Zimbabwe
[02:10]  Reports of Dalit reconversions in India are false
[01:05]  Kelly Clarkson adds her voice to youth rally
[00:10]  Ivory Coast: Church urges citizens to vote wisely in November poll


[23:05]  Canadian bishops urge support for Unborn Victims of Crime Act
[22:10]  9/11 first responder: Pope’s Ground Zero visit is an incredible thing
[21:05]  Student-led "Day of Truth" to be held April 28
[20:10]  Mission in U.S. celebrates anniversary, plans to keep growing
[19:05]  Yale student insists abortion "art project" NOT a hoax
[18:10]  Iraqi Christian in U.S. pleads for disabled husband (press)
[17:05]  Pope leaves thanking America and pointing to Christ our Hope
[16:10]  Moscow Good News Church building a marriage ministry
[15:05]  Catholic activists reject call for 'legal abortion' in Europe
[14:10]  African Dinner Fundraiser for Embrace AIDS campaign
[13:05]  Canada's government responds to food crisis
[12:10]  Government of Argentina's largest province declares itself "pro-life"
[11:05]  South African cardinal seeks halt to weapons shipments to Zimbabwe
[10:10]  Nepal Christians hopeful of 'full religious freedom' under Maoists
[09:05]  Four Christian teachers murdered in Somalia
[08:10]  Youth ministry makes progress in reaching every tribe
[07:05]  Kosovo: Foreign experts to blame for controversial language in Constitution (press)
[06:10]  The President of Pontifical Council for the Family, passes away
[05:05]  Heart to Heart Ministry held a meeting in Moscow church
[04:10]  Zimbabwe Christian students say Mugabe is as bad as Ian Smith


[16:10]  Christian family who saved Jewish refugees from Nazism honored
[13:05]  Turkmenistan: "It is our duty to check up on religious organisations"
[10:10]  We failed love test, Catholic Church in Kenya admits (press)
[07:05]  Thousands march against abortion in Sao Paulo
[04:10]  46 Christians arrested in Kashi, Xinjiang; 2 detained for 15 days
[01:05]  Pope calls for renewal of American Church and evangelization


[22:10]  Obama says domestic terrorist like pro-life Senator
[19:05]  California marriage amendment close to its goal
[16:10]  Religious organizations have organized a Vigil of Prayer for Spain
[13:05]  Cornwall Alliance issues climate change agenda (documents)
[10:10]  Danish churches say ?Let’s Talk’, after Muslim scholars’ dialogue call
[07:05]  Another shooting ends in the death of a Christian leader in Iraq
[04:10]  Unrealistic to live as if one religion Vatican cardinal says in Kenya
[01:05]  Brazilian bishops condemn attempts to legalize abortion


[22:10]  Dutch Government barred marriages in the country?
[19:05]  Pope: Jews and Christians have common spiritual ties
[17:25]  Silvana Clark: Who needs Oprah? Family volunteer opportunities at church (press, exclusive)
[16:05]  New Life church organized Easter concert in Oncological center
[13:10]  Two years since martyrdom, pastors still feeling pressure in Turkey
[10:05]  Scrap farm export subsidies to fight food crisis, says Swiss ethicist
[07:10]  Mohler: Pope's convictions underscore Catholic-Protestant divide
[04:05]  Colombian archbishop: country needs to change and end conflict
[01:05]  Study: Marriage breakdown costs at least $112 billion a year
[00:10]  President Bush to Pope: "Here in America you'll find a nation of prayer"


[23:05]  The U.S. Supreme Court: lethal injection method OK
[22:10]  Christians help Iraqi refugees in the United States
[21:05]  Pope spoke with President Bush about abortion and gay 'marriage'
[20:10]  San Antonio archbishop: Latinos are future of US Catholic Church
[19:05]  Philanthropists help hospital ship provide care for poor
[18:10]  Va. Tech still healing 1 year after shooting tragedy
[17:05]  University of St. Thomas allows previously cancelled pro-life speaker
[16:10]  92 new missionaries take to the field this year
[15:05]  Bl. Kateri Tekakwitha’s cause for sainthood going to Vatican
[14:10]  Archbishop announces candidacy for Kyiv city council election
[13:05]  An outreach to launch new project in Kenya slums (press)
[12:10]  Two Christian families attacked in Bhutan for their belief
[11:05]  Moscow Patriarch and Russian President discuss Orthodox church ties
[10:10]  German woman sentenced to 15 years for killing her newborns (press)
[09:05]  Ukraine Prime Minister ready to work with Council of Churches
[08:10]  'Train stations' trace paths of Bible the most read book in Brazil
[07:05]  Unlimited abortion declared as an unconditional right for all of Europe
[06:10]  Islamists murdered a man in Somalia for Christian beliefs
[05:05]  Minsk’s Prosecutor’s Office has answered to Bulgarian Christians
[04:10]  After Mungiki riots Kenya cardinal says State must 'protect all'
[03:05]  New compendium examines Pope’s teachings on marriage
[02:10]  Ontario lesbian education minister will look at "homophobia"
[01:05]  Mike Huckabee starts political action committee
[00:10]  Basketball chaplain seeks to develop creative thinking in youth


[23:05]  Vietnam to return confiscated lands to prominent Catholic basilica
[22:10]  Pope will “do everything possible” to heal scandal of sex abuse (press)
[21:05]  Pope's visit highlights Southern Baptist-Catholic similarities
[20:10]  Brazilian government seeks identities of "homophobic" bloggers
[19:05]  Gender-based abortions gaining ground in U.S., say experts
[18:10]  American Bible Society welcomes Pope Benedict XVI to U.S.
[17:05]  Venezuela: More young people committed to the Gospel needed
[16:10]  "Truth Booth" shows fetal development in Ohio mall
[15:05]  Japanese bishop urges dialogue to attain peace in Tibet
[14:10]  Christians across the globe are praying for North Korea (press)
[13:05]  Young Germans failing to respond to Pope Benedict, survey finds
[12:10]  Norwegian Christians protest "gender-neutral" marriage bill
[11:05]  Archbishop: Catholics should confront Socialist “cultural revolution”
[10:10]  Hundreds of Ukrainians are praying for New Life church
[09:05]  Ministry aids victims of Ecuador's widespread flooding
[08:10]  Overwhelming response to evangelistic campaign in Poland
[07:05]  Sri Lanka church defends shifting of sacred statue in war zone
[06:10]  Russia allows Pope Benedict documentary to be aired
[05:05]  New stem cell technique could make human cloning easier
[04:10]  Tennessee attorney general says Bible classes OK
[03:05]  Philippines Cathedral damaged in bomb attack
[02:10]  Historian of Japanese Protestantism dies, memorial service in May
[01:05]  Lawmaker in USA faces attacks over evolution bill
[00:10]  Muslim cleric proclaims Rome will soon be conquered by Islam


[23:05]  President Bush addresses relationship with Pope Benedict
[22:10]  Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton silent on when life begins (press)
[21:05]  Why are Oprah and Faith Hill supporting "Vagina Monologues" creator (press)
[20:10]  Children's center in India works to light up the world
[19:05]  U.S. students use art to reach souls and help HIV/AIDS victims
[18:10]  Idaho criminalized coercing a woman to have an abortion
[17:05]  President Bush pulling out all stops to welcome the Pope
[16:10]  U.S. study reveals shocking content on BET, MTV
[15:05]  Turkey: One year after Malatya murders, time to address the causes (photoreport)
[14:10]  Cardinal: Weapons disarmament preceded by disarmament of hearts
[13:05]  Kenyan church leaders urge unity government to stay together
[12:10]  Missions remain strong while Bucharest Summit fragile
[11:05]  Pope Benedict calls for a “new humanism” to overcome violence
[10:10]  Blair refuses to respond to embryo research questions
[09:05]  Proselytism gets Christian in Algeria two-year sentence
[08:10]  Danish churches say let's talk, after Islamic scholars' dialogue call
[07:05]  Baroque monastery in Minsk to be luxury hotel?
[06:10]  Women's conference was held in Kiev Good News Church
[05:05]  Ukrainian Christians support Belarus believers (exclusive)
[04:10]  Violent campaign ends with peaceful elections in Nepal
[03:05]  John McCain 'committed to Christ,' pastor says
[02:10]  NYPD, Secret Service and Swiss Guard to protect Pope
[01:05]  Archbishop to give highest honours to gay "rights" supporter
[00:10]  US churches take the Gospel to unreached people in West Africa


[23:05]  Fr. Pavone produces video to show horror of abortion (press)
[22:10]  Pastor, famous Christian rapper in USA reach culture
[21:05]  Australian church group warns of Christian exodus from Holy Land (press)
[20:10]  Christians build reverse confessional on campus
[19:05]  Schwarzenegger will oppose same sex "marriage" ban
[18:10]  Pope Benedict requests prayers for "spiritual renewal" in U.S. visit
[17:05]  Gospel shared in black & white to reach Philly inner city (photoreport)
[16:20]  Copeland Ministries responds to senator Grassley's investigation
[16:05]  US Episcopal Church says court ruling violates constitutional rights
[15:10]  Lord Patel: Embryo research may never produce cures (press)
[14:05]  Vatican cardinal weighs in on pro-abortion politicians and Communion
[13:10]  Hindu Radicals storm Christian school in India
[12:05]  Church calls for international mediation to end Zimbabawe crisis
[11:10]  Official data shows 13,000 baptized in China during Easter Vigil
[09:05]  Christian mission center and church desecrated in India
[08:10]  Czech Christian democrats propose abortion restrictions
[07:05]  Russian Orthodox head urges UN: Protect Kosovo's churches
[06:10]  Election tensions prompt a call to prayer in Zimbabwe
[05:05]  Pakistani Christian lawmaker pledges support to renters
[04:10]  State-Church accord in Norway trims Lutheran role


[18:35]  Rick Renner invited New Jerusalem band to sing at his church (exclusive)
[16:10]  Academy cuts “anti-Catholic” film clips from religion seminar
[12:10]  Clinton strengthens anti-religious links with endorsement by Elton John
[09:05]  Developer sues Missouri Baptist Convention for $10M
[06:10]  Church in New Orleans to close more parishes in Katrina aftermath
[03:05]  Nepali believers pray for change as they head to the polls
[00:10]  Challenges listed by small-church pastors in the United States


[21:05]  Award-winning movie “Bella” to be made into novel
[18:10]  Pope to pray terrorists “turn to the way of love” in Ground Zero visit
[15:05]  Revival stems from thousands of Christians' 28-minute commitment
[12:10]  Missionary grieved over Christian’s apathy for missions
[09:05]  Uzbekistan: Asking about religious freedom violations is "stupid" (press)
[06:10]  Ghana’s President orders schools to reintroduce religious education
[03:05]  D.C. children to sing “Happy Birthday” to Pope Benedict XVI
[00:10]  Zimbabwe's election tensions prompt request for prayer


[21:05]  An unreached people group in the U-S is receiving hope
[18:10]  American homeschooling family allowed to stay in Germany
[15:05]  Italians say goodbye to mother who sacrificed her life to save child
[11:10]  Film team jailed in India, but mission accomplished
[09:05]  Feminists ask Europe to help legalize abortion in Latin America
[06:10]  Rwanda Christians use water project to reconcile with Muslims
[03:05]  Bosnia: Catholic Church targeted for terror
[02:10]  Two-thirds of Brazilians are against the legalization of abortion
[01:05]  WRAP-UP: MBTS enhances origins studies
[00:10]  In court: Church's use of former Wal-Mart


[23:05]  Aborted baby pictures displayed at University of Toronto
[22:10]  As FEMA shuts trailers in New Orleans, rebuilding need mounts
[21:05]  Children make 600 rosaries for gifts during papal visit to New York
[20:10]  McDonald's trying to obscure the issue of support of homosexuality
[19:05]  Planned Parenthood income tops $1 billion for first time (press)
[18:10]  Canadian Catholic College living out the way of Christ (press)
[17:05]  Mexican bishops: Church condemns conduct of drug traffickers
[16:10]  Haitians eating dirt to stave off starvation
[15:05]  Olive trees used by Jerusalem bishop as bridge to Muslims
[14:10]  Economic hardships make Zimbabwe locale of new project
[13:05]  Spanish bishops publish children’s catechism
[12:10]  Government of Finland pressures Nicaragua to legalize abortion
[11:05]  Arroyo government accused of laxity on killings by Filipino group
[10:10]  Ministry responds to overlooked need in Muslim areas
[09:05]  Vienna cardinal expresses regrets about controversial artwork display
[08:10]  Pakistani Hindu killed over blasphemy accusation
[07:05]  Mugabe can save himself by stepping down, says Tutu
[06:10]  Greek church stands against legalization of homosexuality
[05:05]  Atheists might receive the right to be ordained (exclusive)
[04:10]  Salvadorans working to ready Cathedral for papal visit
[03:05]  20th annual Southern Baptists' Crossover enlisting volunteers
[02:10]  Christian leader writes a letter of gratitude following his release
[01:05]  Lesbian speaker of New York City Council under investigation (press)
[00:10]  Texas authorities remove 400 children from religious compound


[23:05]  Students drawn to worship at 'Paradise' in Kansas
[22:10]  Political leaders stalled, but ministry moves at full speed ahead
[21:05]  Ruling by Chilean high court is application of existing law protecting life
[20:10]  US religious freedom panel urges Bush not to attend Beijing games
[19:05]  Google to be sued for anti-Christian discrimination
[18:10]  Rick Warren meets with Kenyan government leaders
[17:05]  Bishop apologizes for hiring worker facing child porn charges
[16:10]  Vietnamese Catholics continue struggle for land despite threats
[15:05]  ProChrist: Crowds flock to Evangelistic event in Poland
[14:10]  Christians of Zimbabwe respond to the state of flux
[13:05]  New Life received an answer from the President administration
[12:10]  New book tells of Italian police officer who saved 5,000 Jews
[11:05]  New Messianic Jewish center in Jerusalem drawing protests
[10:10]  Poland ratifies Lisbon Treaty with opt-out from EU Human Rights Charter
[09:05]  Christian church assembly in India reveals growth
[08:10]  Fine for Belarusian Christians for collecting signatures
[07:05]  No place for dead, so church leaders plead for Khartoum cemetery
[06:10]  Euthanasia similar to Hitler’s racial purging, says Nuncio in Spain
[05:05]  X-Factor Youth Ministries provide opportunities for youth
[04:10]  A pro-life politician in Italy pelted with eggs during speech
[03:05]  Vocations posters encourage men to “Discover the Priesthood”
[02:10]  Larger than Life Hollywood icon Charlton Heston dies at 84
[01:05]  Ministry re-tools to better approach Egyptian church's future
[00:10]  Hearings against Kansas Planned Parenthood delayed until May


[23:05]  Clinton vows to fight for same-sex marriage benefits
[22:10]  Pope wants to visit Mexico in 2009, says Cardinal Rivera
[21:05]  In New Orleans, joy abounds as congregation returns home (press)
[20:10]  After prayer furore, Vatican says it wants to respect Jews
[19:05]  Mission Aviation Fellowship installed a new President
[18:10]  1 Year of legal abortion in Mexico: 22 Injuries, 8 Dead Mothers
[17:05]  “Abortion” keyword blocked from U.S. public health database
[16:10]  Medical outreach works to bring hope to children (press)
[15:05]  Don't focus on clash of civilisations, say Christian communicators
[14:10]  Welsh magistrate under investigation after "anti-gay" comments
[13:05]  A ministry brings hope to Moldova's villages
[12:10]  Former German Minister of Justice creates “suicide machine”
[11:05]  Rice crisis is a challenge says Philippines church leader
[10:10]  Pope: The Church’s opposition to divorce is a ?yes’ to human dignity
[09:05]  Blasphemous works removed from atheist's exhibition in Vienna
[08:10]  Radio ministry to shine light into Buryatia, Russia
[07:05]  Sorrow, defiance, Iraq Christians bury slain priest
[06:10]  Killing of Catholic government minister in Sri Lanka is deplored
[05:05]  Over 100 pro-family leaders help defend marriage in Romania
[04:10]  Constitutional Court in Chile outlaws morning after pill
[03:05]  McCain won’t change pro-life, marriage planks in GOP platform
[02:10]  Archbishop Desmond Tutu speaks at St. Joseph’s University
[01:05]  US Supreme Court to hear New Age park memorial case
[00:10]  Canadian National March For Life only 5 weeks away


[23:05]  Arizona bishops denounce veto of partial birth abortion ban
[22:10]  All-star guard says he is ready 'to honor God' (press)
[21:05]  U.S. House Bill: great success for population control movement
[20:10]  Intelligent Design foes no match for Stein in 'Expelled'
[19:05]  Pope Benedict to visit with Jewish leaders in New York City and D.C.
[18:10]  US church leaders criticise media coverage of Obama's church
[17:05]  A Christian reveals the ?Mother’ of a plan to fight online predators
[16:10]  Racism can be defeated, says Vatican archbishop
[15:05]  A Great Crate finds a ready home in the Philippines
[14:10]  Religions Committee appreciates activity of Ukraine Evangelicals
[13:05]  Christian Iraqi priest gunned down in Baghdad
[12:10]  'No quick fix' in Sudan says World Council of Churches leader
[11:05]  Red Cross refuses blood donations from homosexuals (press)
[10:10]  Outreach continues due to dedication of teachers in India
[09:05]  Foundation proposes opening museum on abortion in Spain
[08:10]  Re-opening of Cyprus street can build trust, Christian media told
[07:05]  Rome: Pro-abortion politicians 'must' be denied communion
[06:10]  Road to Emmaus gives hope to all Christians, says Holy Father
[05:05]  Turkish men accused of 'insulting Turkishness' still on trial
[04:10]  Tony Blair explains his faith mission in Catholic cathedral


[16:10]  Baptists call Christians to apply their convictions in all areas of life
[13:05]  Scottish cardinal attacks “hype-filled” hybrid embryo research
[10:10]  Sex trafficking of minors grows in the United States
[07:05]  Council examines role of grandparents in Church and society
[04:10]  Welsh Anglican priests vote 'no' on women bishops
[01:05]  "The Church has to be more active in the defense of social status" (press)


[22:10]  Obama's "punished with a baby" comment sparks protests
[19:05]  Ministry partners deploy Scriptures to military families
[16:10]  Cardinal reminds Venezuelan priests they should be disciples
[13:05]  Gay propaganda removed from UK schools only after Muslim complaint
[10:10]  Zimbabweans and churches still wait for full election results
[07:05]  Ukrainian and US Presidents Visit St. Sophia’s Cathedral
[04:10]  Cardinal: Christian values only thing holding Britain together (press)
[01:05]  American Evangelists: Probe chills religious liberty


[22:10]  Ted Turner to fight malaria in Africa with Christian groups
[19:05]  McCain won’t change pro-life, marriage planks in GOP platform
[16:10]  Blair championing religion leaves Catholics outraged
[13:05]  Hard pressure on Christians in Belarus continues
[10:10]  Honduran lawmakers defend life from moment of conception
[07:05]  Revised Global AIDS program emphasizes abstinence and fidelity
[05:05]  China and Vietnam see boom in converts this Easter
[02:10]  Benedict XVI appoints archbishop of Mobile, Alabama
[01:05]  Leading Christian music artists will perform for Pope Benedict XVI
[00:10]  Gov. Mike Huckabee reflects on 'Final Four' finish


[23:05]  Clean water transforms an ancient Peruvian people group
[22:10]  Wal-Mart is taken over 7 year-old's exposure to Swimsuit Edition (press)
[21:05]  Rally supports Okla. rep. at center of gay comments stir
[20:10]  Faithful offered chance to have Pope pray for their intentions
[19:05]  Commentary: Joyce Arthur versus Ken Epp and Bill C-484 (press)
[18:10]  National Child Abuse Prevention Month and foster care go hand in hand
[17:05]  Theologian: Catholic Relief Services promotes condom use
[16:10]  CNN founder who once derided Christianity joins it to fight malaria
[15:05]  Cuba's new leadership opens doors to sodomy, and “sex changes”
[14:10]  Evangelical leaders: Jewish people need Jesus Christ
[13:10]  South Africa: New Anglican head calls on Church to heal the world
[12:05]  The Saint John’s Bible makes pilgrimage to the Vatican
[11:05]  A new building technique open ministry doors in Ghana
[10:10]  Pope: John Paul II was “a witness of the Resurrection of Christ”
[09:05]  Japanese group calls for retrial of Catholic ex-boxer on death row (press)
[08:10]  Pakistani Christians get gift packs from Local Government Fund
[07:05]  UK researchers announce first cloned human/animal hybrid embryos
[06:10]  Pope Benedict: Mercy of God is “key” to understanding John Paul II
[05:05]  Kenya: Leaked report reveals election body’s costly incompetence
[04:10]  Kazakhstan: Large fines as official tells Baptists not to appeal to UN
[03:05]  New buildings will house brand new families for orphans
[02:10]  Archdiocese of Baltimore bicentennial to begin during Pope’s visit
[01:05]  Church in Colombia calls for efforts to release all hostages
[00:10]  Queen Rania steps up on YouTube to break down stereotypes


[23:05]  Perkins: Evangelical Christians facing new issues
[22:10]  Scientist removed from screening of Intelligent Design documentary (press)
[21:05]  Despite destruction by Katrina, church keeps missions focus (press)
[20:10]  Magdi Christian Allam attributes conversion to Benedict XVI
[19:05]  A new aircraft will allow ministry to expand for MAF
[18:10]  Famous model protects family values in Ecuadoran constitution
[17:05]  Senator John McCain also courts Catholic vote
[16:10]  UN rights body's critics say Islamic nations using it to curb speech
[15:05]  Algerian believers face diminishing freedoms
[14:10]  Netherlands 'second only to US' in number of Christian groups
[13:05]  Convention attendees in Ireland hear a message of revival
[12:10]  New Religion law in Macedonia fails to solve church problems
[11:05]  Czech abortion numbers fall along with live births
[10:10]  Sudan church leaders warn of threats to peace accord
[09:05]  Zimbabwe’s election: Christians all over the world praying (press)
[08:10]  Christians made an appel to Belarusian embasy in Kiev
[07:05]  European Court mandates pension benefits to "gay" couples
[06:10]  Leading Christian calls for ban on building mosques in Britain
[05:05]  Cardinal: Humanity harmed by abortion and attacks on the family
[04:10]  Filipino church leaders pray and pay tribute to ailing Aquino
[03:05]  Chilean Congress might permit homosexual "marriage"
[02:10]  Deal Hudson gets Rev. John Hagee’s real opinion of Catholicism
[01:05]  Ronald McDonald cozies up to homosexual movement
[00:10]  U.S. Supreme Court accepts religious monument case


[23:05]  California bishops back repeal of anti-discrimination law
[22:10]  US megachurch Pastor Rick Warren visits Rwanda
[21:05]  Social commentator calls on McCain to advocate traditional values
[20:10]  Evangelicals less likely to divorce, Barna survey says
[19:05]  Ministry taking forward strides in City Reachers
[18:10]  Clinton rally at Catholic College causes bishop to cancel appearance
[17:05]  Christian, Jewish leaders to celebrate Israel’s 60th birthday
[16:10]  Deaf team will help missionaries in Central America
[15:05]  Bishop: Christian hope does not involve resignation
[14:10]  Audio Scripture Ministry demands outpace growth
[13:05]  Spanish bishop hopes abortion will be eliminated from law
[12:10]  Disparate bands now terrorise in Darfur, says church leader
[11:05]  Encourage passion for evangelization, Pope tells Salesians
[10:10]  Christians are praying for China as Olympics draw near
[09:05]  Judy McConnell told about the women's conference in Moscow (press)
[08:10]  Russian artist critical of Orthodox was targeted, says husband
[07:05]  Summorum Pontificum bringing back many separated bretheren (press)
[06:10]  Ministry connects with Malaysian student fellowship in Moscow
[05:05]  Cardinal Sandoval says social justice needed to combat violence
[04:10]  International organizations call for global prayer for China
[03:05]  Eighty protestors detained during peaceful rally in Belarus
[02:10]  Pro-Life protest to be held Saturday in São Paulo
[01:05]  Notre Dame to hold fourth annual Eucharistic Procession
[00:10]  Baptists are helping flood victims in Arkansas
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