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[23:05]  Houston prepares to dedicate new Co-Cathedral
[22:10]  Famous Mexican actress to star in pro-life play authored by herself
[21:05]  Minister to apologize to people condemned by Christians
[20:10]  Pennsylvania Catholics positioned to swing presidential election
[19:05]  U.S. university is helping equip missionaries abroad
[18:10]  Bella starts in Canadian movie theatres April 11
[17:05]  Sirius satellite radio to offer channels covering April papal visit
[16:10]  Rajasthan State Assembly tries anti-conversion bill again
[15:05]  Catholic Charity raises alarm over worsening IDP camps in Kenya
[14:10]  No Catholic can support abortion, euthanasia or research with embryos (press)
[13:05]  Polish church faces accusations of child sex abuse cover-up
[12:10]  Croatian parish offers coffee in exchange for prayers
[11:05]  London Christian mayoral candidate is against ?mega-mosque’
[10:10]  Zambian bishops at loggerheads over Chinese investment
[09:05]  History is made when children get new families in Peru
[08:10]  The right-defenders of Bulgaria write to the President of Belarus
[07:05]  Priest rewrites biblical stories: Goliath a drunkard, Eve a sex fiend (press)
[06:10]  Russian president-elect and Orthodox church head extol close ties
[05:05]  Still no word from missing Christian pastors in Laos
[04:10]  Vatican distances itself from convert's 'personal' views on Islam


[15:05]  Man makes “miraculous” recovery from brain death after accident (press)
[12:10]  Dutch Christians, Muslims try to quell Quran film anger in Egypt
[09:05]  Christian churches work to get out the vote in Zimbabwe
[06:10]  German churches unable to maintain their buildings (exclusive)
[03:05]  Saudi monarch proposes monotheistic dialogue with “our brothers”
[00:10]  Wanted: One million Americans to pray pro-life Rosary


[21:05]  Houston church vandalized twice during Holy Week
[18:10]  Barack Obama says he is a practicing Christian (exclusive)
[15:05]  Muslim convert baptized by the Pope to marry in the Church
[12:10]  Christian orthodox designer introduced new collection (photoreport, exclusive)
[09:05]  Chinese believers to print Olympic Bible in China
[06:10]  Russian Baptists unite with Orthodox agansit homosexuality
[03:05]  Belarus government refused to modificate state religious law
[00:10]  California to mark 40th anniversary of Humanae Vitae


[21:05]  The Bible is battling high crime in the United States
[18:10]  BeachReach shows collegians 'what a good time really is'
[15:05]  Sacramento Library board may increase access to porn
[12:45]  Kay Warren held a seminar for women in Kiev, Ukraine (exclusive)
[12:10]  Christian Church attacked in Pakistan during the Holy Week
[09:05]  Stances harden on North Korea's nuclear hopes (press)
[06:10]  Jesus Festival held in Democratic Republic of the Congo (photoreport)
[03:05]  Bishop to dedicate oratory at Ave Maria University
[00:10]  Australians energized by World Youth Day preparations
[00:10]  Ecuador churches submit 100,000 signatures to prevent recognition of abortion


[23:05]  Canadian Human Rights Commission employees admit to misconduct
[22:10]  “Privatization” of the faith in Uruguay criticized by bishop
[21:05]  Churches help ease pain of flood victims in Arkansas
[20:10]  Nebraska bans public funding for destructive embryo research
[19:05]  Study: 'Living together' before marriage a statistical risk
[18:10]  Frank Wright helps calm the troubled waters at NRB
[17:05]  Mexico still Catholic, but number of atheists on the rise (press)
[16:10]  California will reconsider ruling that made homeschooling illegal
[15:05]  Norwegian monk who was stage director and bishop dies in Paris
[14:10]  Belgian politicians propose allowing euthanasia to terminally ill kids
[13:05]  Teens from opposite ends of the spectrum head to serve
[12:10]  Pregnancy top reason young women get fired in Spain
[11:05]  Rosary and virginity adverts draw flak from Polish Catholics
[10:10]  Study: Britain’s Muslims will outnumber Roman Catholics in a decade
[09:05]  Belarus believes that religious legislation doesn’t need changes
[08:10]  Russian Ministries will help the church address HIV/AIDS
[07:05]  British government to reconsider Catholic monarch ban
[06:10]  Zimbabwe Christian students urge peace, even if poll is rigged
[05:05]  Venezuelan archbishop denounces Chavez’s new commune project
[04:10]  Only two European mayors decline to participate in Gay parades
[03:05]  Pastor of New Life church is threatened with new fines
[02:10]  Archbishop rejects idea to allow gays to adopt children in Uruguay
[01:05]  Spike in Baylor University tenure denials protested
[01:05]  Children brought to tears viewing film about Jesus' life
[00:10]  Supreme Court of US upholds inmate's "right" to abortion


[23:05]  Knight of Columbus head writes guide for changing culture
[22:10]  Tribal humor confusing, encourages passionate teaching
[21:05]  Chilean bishop backs legitimacy of labor strikes
[20:10]  Messianic pastor's son injured by bomb at the family house
[19:05]  Australian Christian Festival celebrates 10th Birthday
[18:10]  Ministry sees child-sponsorships soar on Compassion Sunday
[17:05]  Ultrasound laws added in Ohio and South Dakota
[15:05]  Scholars from US find Greek New Testament manuscripts
[14:10]  Battle over human life to intensify, says Spanish cardinal
[13:05]  HANDS Teams now build schools in South Africa
[12:10]  Benedict XVI to celebrate Mass on anniversary of death of John Paul II (press)
[11:05]  Taiwan Christian leaders sad at failure of UN referendum
[10:10]  Supreme Court of Belarus gave negative answer to the church
[09:05]  Pope: Be not afraid to acknowledge Christianity as the truth (press)
[08:10]  Russian saber-rattling concerns Christians
[07:05]  The coordinator of the Campaign for human rights faces a fine
[06:10]  British PMs allowed free vote on controversial embryo bill
[05:05]  Pope's baptism of Muslim journalist queried by Islamic leaders
[04:10]  President George Bush pens Easter message (press)
[03:05]  $270,000 gift to aid Union University students
[02:10]  Colorado Catholics forgive Mormon missionaries during Holy Week
[01:05]  New churches needed to combat 'evangelistic deficit' in US
[00:10]  Sudanese Christians Celebrate Easter under Islamic Law


[23:05]  Intercession of Virgin Mary prevented war in South America (press)
[21:05]  Anti-war protesters disrupt Easter Mass at Chicago cathedral
[20:10]  San Jose earmarked for church-planting conference (press)
[19:05]  Obama's church printed pro-Hamas, anti-Israel editorial
[18:10]  San Jose cathedral to host Mass for California Democrats
[17:05]  Canadian church magazine is first to sponsor Darwin exhibit
[14:10]  Vatican's Triduum celebrations Chinese themed
[13:05]  Adopt a Terrorist for Prayer Movement begins in USA
[11:05]  Governments relax watch on Christians, Muslim outreach growing
[10:10]  “Magical” chants win Austrian monks recording contract
[09:05]  Protests as Archbishop of Canterbury delivers Easter Message
[08:10]  New hope comes to women survivors in Uganda
[07:05]  Church in Korea launches new TV channel and website
[06:10]  Christian broadcaster beams the Gospel into Europe from Iceland
[05:05]  Nestle joins faith group for launch of Rwanda water project
[04:10]  Luis Palau brings historic event ?home’ to Argentina
[02:10]  Rick Wakeman to perform his ?greatest work’ – ?The New Gospels’
[00:10]  US report: Eritrea among worst violators of religious rights


[23:05]  Petition in support of Romania’s defense of marriage is issued (press, exclusive, documents)
[22:10]  Everychild Foundation project at HOLA to break ground
[20:10]  A year after tornadoes struck, families still need help
[18:10]  Ministry will present Passion Play on front lawn of Westminster Abbey
[17:05]  260th Anniversary of conversion of “Amazing Grace” author
[14:10]  Kiev Good News Church celebrated its 1st Anniversary (press)
[13:05]  Children see Christ's life in their own language
[12:10]  France is planning to accept Iraqi Christian refugees
[11:05]  Dr Congo: Archbishop promotes "zero corruption" among youth
[10:10]  1,300 UK women have had at least five abortions (press)
[09:05]  Retiring patriarch gives Easter address to people of Jerusalem
[08:10]  Rick Renner named one of most influential Christian leaders of 2007 (press)
[07:05]  Libyan President Gadaffi questions accuracy of the Bible
[06:10]  Pastor in Belarus received notices from the police
[05:05]  Pope urges all people to be open to redeeming power of Jesus
[04:10]  A ministry fashions growth out of Bolivia's flood devastation


[14:10]  Cornerstone University holds 7th annual ESL conference
[11:05]  Right activists in India condemn 'international silence' on Tibet
[08:10]  Central Asia's harsh winter calls for quick action (press)
[05:05]  Argentina to vote on legalization of abortion
[02:10]  Church in Latin America should motivate faithful to give generously (press)


[23:05]  Christians using World Water Day to raise awareness
[20:10]  Judge dismisses suit against Southwestern Baptist Seminary
[17:05]  Ministry team poised to respond to Midwest flooding
[14:10]  Dalit сivil rights case sent to the National Commission
[11:05]  Police watch at the Pastor’s house in Minsk, Belarus (press)
[08:10]  US State Department assesses religious freedom in Ukraine
[05:05]  Police brutality hardened us, say Zimbabweans beaten at meeting
[02:10]  Son of Ariel pastor injured in blast in Israel


[23:05]  Bulgarian rights advocates support New Life church in Minsk
[20:10]  Pro-Life Pentecost in Brazil: what it means for the rest of the world (press)
[17:05]  Historic missions project launched in Ireland
[16:10]  Picket organised at Belarusian Embassy in Bulgaria (press)
[14:10]  Philippines Easter has crucifixions, beatings, penitence, revelry
[11:05]  Political prisoners in Belarus denied religious freedom
[10:35]  Islamists threaten to target Christians in Indonesia this Easter
[08:10]  Evangelical Christians differ on climate dispute
[05:05]  Bible in bomb shelter inspired Chiara Lubich to change the world
[02:10]  Missionary kids step out to serve in Tanzania
[01:05]  President Bush to greet Pope upon arrival at air force base
[00:10]  Creation & Climate Change: Intl group disavows U.N.'s claims


[23:05]  Christian businessman to provide equity during Boston Marathon (press)
[22:10]  Archbishop: Reconciliation in Bolivia a challenge for Holy Week
[21:05]  Cyber attack hits United States Christian ministry
[20:10]  Former abstinence educator blasts “unsound” teen STD study
[19:05]  Australian Study: Dramatic drop in abortion, low proportion of gays
[18:10]  Journalist helps Christian organizations get known
[17:05]  US-based head of Russian church offshoot dies, praised by Putin
[16:10]  Church and State in Kenya calls for unity as Bishop Kioko is buried
[15:05]  Anti-Conversion bill declared unconstitutional in Gujarat
[14:10]  Orphanage ministry is expanding in India
[13:05]  Greek Orthodox leaders attack civil unions proposal
[12:10]  Hindu radicals beat up Christian pastor in India
[11:05]  New Bible Focuses on God’s Concern for Justice, Peace in England
[10:10]  Meeting of Moscow Catholic bishop and Orthodox Patriarch cancelled
[09:35]  Rick Renner сelebrates church's first anniversary in Ukraine (exclusive)
[09:05]  Muslims purchase Easy-to-Read Arabic New Testaments
[08:10]  Polish President warns EU could force "gay marriage" on the country
[07:05]  Azerbaijan government freed Baptist pastor from prison
[06:10]  Work must be enlightened by morality, says Italian cardinal
[05:05]  Asian Christians urge Beijing to talk to Tibetans
[04:10]  Alcoholism handbook presented in Ternopil, Ukraine
[03:05]  Religious believers happier than atheists and agnostics: study
[02:10]  United States: Christians' role in government explored
[01:05]  Argentine parliament might legalize gay "marriage"
[00:10]  New Baptist Hymnal song titles released in USA


[23:05]  Bishop calls on Venezuelans to spiritual journey with Christ
[22:10]  Study says marijuana is far more harmful than cigarettes
[21:05]  Abortion debate rescheduled for tonight after student union quash
[20:10]  Homosexuals oppose Evangelical youth event in Germany
[19:05]  Ministry gets the go-ahead for international adoption
[18:10]  Peruvian Congress approves "rapid" divorce system
[17:05]  Some Methodists challenge as Bush campus library takes shape
[16:10]  Bible literacy changes many lives in India (press)
[15:05]  Dalai Lama threatens to step down if Tibetan violence continues
[14:10]  Bishop calls for better provisions for returning refugees in Sudan
[13:05]  Cardinal calls for construction of a church in native land of St. Paul
[12:10]  European religious leaders say faith symbols 'offend no one'
[11:05]  Despite violence, people are turning to Christ in the Middle East
[10:10]  Belarus doesn’t see any grounds to change religious legislation
[09:05]  Cardinal Arinze: True liturgical reform must avoid “wild liturgy”
[08:10]  Albania munitions blast rattles ministry in Tirana
[07:05]  Russian church leader tells UN, human rights need moral norms
[06:10]  Violence hits Christian Bible College in Sri Lanka
[05:05]  Mob of Hindu radicals attacks nuns, teenage girls
[04:10]  Church in Uganda launches peace education in its schools
[03:05]  BBC to present series exonerating Judas, Pilate and Caiaphas
[02:10]  Vatican in talks to open church in Saudi Arabia
[01:05]  Family mission trips North America see registration climb
[00:10]  Jack Kevorkian to run for Congress in Michigan


[23:05]  Death threats from homosexual activists hit Oklahoma politician
[22:10]  Barack Obama's pastor distraction to campaign
[21:05]  US religious freedom group condemns China crackdown in Tibet
[20:10]  40 Days for Life reports saved lives, heightened awareness
[19:05]  Bishop: Family cannot be made equal with homosexual unions
[18:10]  Supreme Court to hear FCC broadcast indecency case
[17:05]  Planned Parenthood apologizes for accepting racist donor
[16:10]  Onitsha Cathedral becomes Nigeria’s first minor basilica
[15:05]  Top evangelical leader leaves the Evangelical Alliance UK
[14:10]  Benedict XVI offers Mass for soul of Iraqi archbishop
[13:05]  Hope finds its way to eager listeners throughout India
[12:10]  Cardinal Bertone encourages business leaders to embrace gospel values
[11:05]  Spain now concerned about country's dismal birth rate
[10:10]  Read Bible with women's eyes, says Philippines theologian
[09:35]  Bible translations find unique audience in India
[09:05]  Iraqi Christians still suffering five years after start of war
[08:10]  UK Psychiatric College: women who abort are at risk of mental illness
[07:05]  Pope highlights St. Paul’s contributions to Greece
[06:10]  All can help change Mid East situation say Jerusalem church heads
[05:05]  Nuncio to Iraq asks for security guarantees for Christians
[04:10]  Council of Europe may call for abortion as a right
[03:05]  Ethiopian Christians were attacked when worshipping in church
[02:10]  California state superintendent endorses right to homeschool
[01:05]  Obama's Wife, an abortion advocate, speaks at Catholic University
[00:10]  Southwestern Baptist Seminary honors founder B.H. Carroll


[23:05]  Tens of thousands of Americans to enter Church at Easter
[22:10]  U.S. economic woes not hurting short term missions
[21:05]  Teens at risk as permissive sex yields STD epidemic (press)
[20:10]  Diocesan priest community established in Denver
[19:05]  Bolivia not yet recovered from last year, floods strike again
[18:10]  Archbishop: Why pro-abortion politicians are denied communion
[17:05]  Pope Benedict’s U.S. education address could be call to fidelity
[16:10]  Christian bookstore in Egypt raided by police, employee arrested
[15:05]  Zambia's first lady rows with bishop who queries presidential aims
[14:10]  British Cabinet ministers could lose jobs over hybrid embryos vote
[13:05]  Roman Catholic Church holds 16th diocesal Youth Day in Ukraine
[12:10]  Uzbekistan government continues to punish Christians (press)
[11:05]  Dalai Lama calls for international probe into China’s Tibet crackdown (press)
[10:10]  Phone-Calling ministry makes great difference in Russian church
[09:05]  Will Prime-Minister of Belarus meet with the Pastor of New Life church? (press)
[08:10]  "Brown's Bottled It": the fall of labour under Gordon Brown (press)
[07:05]  Churches issue joint call for constitutional council in Sri Lanka
[06:10]  Moscow Good News Church celebrated the Women's day
[05:05]  New Iranian Parliament causes Christians to pray for the country
[04:10]  Pastor in Belarus is forced to knock his house down
[03:05]  Chiara Lubich praised for vision, commitment to church unity


[16:10]  Evangelical Christians murdered by Muslims in Ethiopia
[13:05]  Media is wrong about 7 social sins, says cardinal
[10:10]  Lesbian Ontario minister hires "homophobia" watchdog for schools
[07:05]  Zambian Protestant church can't pay pastors
[04:10]  India state government revokes 'anti-conversion' bill
[01:05]  The situation in Haiti must change, says Benedict XVI


[22:10]  Ministry issues call for help as growth outpaces staff
[19:05]  School district to modify Bible class in Odessa, Texas
[16:10]  Two killed in clash between Indian upper-caste and Dalit Catholics
[13:05]  Churches distressed after kidnapped Iraq archbishop found dead
[10:10]  Burma: civilians displaced in fresh attacks as UN envoy visit fails
[07:05]  Bishop warns of "well orchestrated conspiracy" by gay activists
[04:10]  Rwandan priest's jail term for genocide upped to life
[01:05]  Resolution denouncing anti-homeschooling ruling introduced


[22:10]  Pro-family leader thanks MTV for exercising Media wisdom
[19:05]  TV ministries in US face new March 31 deadline
[16:10]  President of MUSIGA: No awards for songs with profane lyrics
[13:05]  Vatican: Spain government will improve relations with the Church
[10:10]  Dozens sun-blinded in India after Marian apparition rumor
[07:05]  Pakistan bomb attack kills 24, damages Catholic cathedral
[04:10]  Nuncio in Mexico: Church has no interest in priests being politicians
[01:05]  Lambeth invitation 'not possible' for Gene Robinson
[00:10]  Bishop: Notre Dame President is wrong to allow Vagina Monologues


[23:05]  This time around, Jena is making spiritual headlines (press)
[22:10]  Ministry in US feeling the sting of struggling economy
[21:05]  World Congress of Families outraged by home-schooling ban
[20:10]  Peruvian archbishops fight together against abortion lobby
[19:05]  Pro-homosexual Spitzer resigns after being caught in sex scandal
[18:10]  Kids' ministry in the United States keeps them in church
[17:05]  U.S. Bishops’ immigration committee asks ICE to decrease raids
[16:10]  Exclusion of gay US bishop could spur African bishops to change
[15:05]  Polish priest who is cosmologist wins 2008 Templeton Prize
[14:10]  Vatican bishop has listed new modern social sins
[13:05]  Faith commissioned study says Tanzania is losing out on gold boom
[12:10]  Ukraine President wishes UAOC Head Happy Birthday
[11:05]  Tributes flow for Lukas Vischer, Swiss pioneer of church unity
[10:10]  Uganda's children are slowly recovering from war
[09:05]  Church in Spain will fight abortion despite election results
[08:10]  Pope: True happiness comes from hoping in God, despite adversity
[07:05]  UK Catholic Bishop insisting on Crucifixes in every classroom
[06:10]  Kenya's power-sharing deal in the works, aid on the way
[05:05]  Catholic clergy threatened by Muslim militants in Philippines
[04:10]  HK Christian leader seeks recognition for Orthodox in China
[03:05]  Ministry trains part of peace solution in Angola
[02:10]  Slovak city plans Europe's 'biggest' statue of Christ
[01:05]  Catholics could swing Pennsylvania Democratic primary
[00:10]  Catholic University President approves vulgar pro-lesbian play


[23:05]  Buenos Aires confers award on transsexual on Women’s Day
[22:10]  Fired Cedarville professor wins initial appeal
[21:05]  Almsgiving unmasks idolatry of money, says Mexican cardinal
[20:10]  U.S. mustn't forget history, Bush tells NRB
[19:05]  World Youth Day to boost Australian economy by $231 million
[18:10]  Missionaries from North America see Hawaii's less exotic side
[17:05]  China harasses Christians ahead of Beijing Olympics
[16:10]  Indian archbishop asks people to trade liquor for milkshakes
[15:05]  Renegade Anglican cleric praises Mugabe as 'prophet of God'
[14:10]  Cardinal Bertone praises religious tolerance in Azerbaijan
[13:05]  Ghana: Government restores teaching of religious education
[12:10]  Pope Benedict: Hedonistic secularist mentality pervades the church
[11:05]  Church plays ball and reaches the community in Thailand
[10:10]  Spanish bishops congratulate Zapatero over triumph in elections
[09:05]  Vatican art from past centuries to be displayed in Rome
[08:10]  Ministry weighs in over Nepal's upcoming elections
[07:05]  Pastor in Belarus was fined 350 thousand rubles
[06:10]  The Moscow Good News Church has completed newest worship album
[05:05]  Catholic agencies ask UN to protect human rights in Kenya
[04:10]  Cultural center in Germany to honor victims of Nazi euthanasia
[03:05]  The Moscow X-Factor youth ministry celebrated Men's Day
[02:10]  School boycotts St. Patrick's parade over embryonic stem cell support
[01:05]  Orissa religious violence spotlights caste tensions
[00:10]  John McCain rallies Catholics as he prepares for general election


[23:05]  Canadian TV station yanks ex-homosexual ad for "discrimination"
[22:10]  Ministry gets ready to tell about Jesus during Native American Games
[20:10]  Tony Blair accepts Yale position to teach on faith, globalisation
[19:05]  Missionary team brings 'support' to a Haitian church
[18:10]  Jesus V8 Ute off and running in Sydney, Australia
[17:05]  Pro-life group launches Humanae Vitae Priests web site
[16:10]  Vicious circle returns to Holy Land, says bishop after Israel attack
[15:05]  US-educated woman who trained as cellist to lead British church
[14:10]  First meeting of Ternopil Council of Churches
[13:05]  Archbishop of Canterbury gets praise from Nigerian Islamic leader
[12:10]  Russia: Methodist church dissolved for minor bureaucratic slip
[11:05]  Malawi trying to curb faith leaders who mislead on AIDS
[10:10]  Pope: resurrection of Lazarus reveals Gods power over life and death
[09:05]  Kidnapped church worker in Afghanistan feared dead
[08:10]  Nigeria will study media and religious transformations in Africa
[07:05]  Changes in Russia has ministry revamping approach
[06:10]  Catholic MPs resist prime minister in British embryo bill controversy
[05:05]  Church leaders vow not to leave Kenya to politicians alone
[04:10]  Christians in Turkey fear discrimination by nationalist hardliners
[03:05]  Belarus in sanctions fight with the United States


[21:05]  Catholics negotiate St. Patrick’s Day and Holy Week conflict
[15:05]  Evangelical vote a ?must’ for McCain say analysts
[13:05]  New Delhi Christians protest against attacks
[11:05]  Venezuelan cardinal: Stay out of crisis between Ecuador and Colombia
[09:05]  Catholic Bishops call on Chileans to pray for rain
[07:05]  Catholic college hosts Canada's most outspoken abortion advocate
[05:05]  Jordan government deports Evangelical Christians
[03:05]  Pope’s Encyclical challenges Catholic charities to be professional


[16:10]  Ukraine-Vatican relations to be discussed at international conference
[13:05]  Multiculturism a factor turning moderate Muslims radical? - Preview (press)
[10:10]  Chinese leader denies that one-child policy is changing
[07:05]  Religious leaders: Obama’s Sermon on the Mount citation inaccurate
[04:10]  Russia's religious leaders congratulate Putin heir Medvedev
[01:05]  US rights aide at Christian event urges Zimbabweans: 'Fight on'


[22:10]  Missionaries plant seeds among collegians in US
[19:05]  Brazilian government prosecutes homeschooling family
[16:10]  Catholics chafe under government mandates for embryo bill vote
[13:05]  Conference on Christian ethics lessons in Ukrainian schools
[10:10]  World Vision wants peace, then justice in Northern Uganda
[07:35]  WCF praises Romania’s support for traditional marriage
[07:05]  UK to hand sovereignty to EU without referendum
[04:10]  Pastor in India detained in connection with death of young man
[01:05]  Broadway Baptist Church to vote on pastor termination


[22:10]  Ecuadorian bishops call for peace and solidarity in region
[19:05]  Girl once scheduled for euthanasia will testify against attacker
[16:10]  S.E. Europe Catholics to draft 'mixed marriages' handbook
[13:05]  Peruvian cardinal: Leading a “double life” is source of crisis
[10:10]  Christians in Middle East pray for release of kidnapped archbishop
[07:05]  Belarus: Religious freedom petition delivered, but fines continue
[04:10]  'Thou shalt not steal sermons from the Internet', Polish priests told
[00:10]  Historic Brazilian decision on Personhood of unborn delayed by motion


[23:05]  McCain seals nomination, leading Huckabee to drop out
[22:10]  Actress Drew Barrymore donates $1 million to feed Kenyan kids
[21:05]  Bishops denounce deception of Catholics who promote abortion
[20:10]  Wisconsin considers bill to force pharmacists to supply abortifacients
[19:05]  Canadian unborn victims of violent crime bill passes second reading
[18:10]  Sikhs won’t give up daggers for U.S. meeting with Pope
[17:05]  California Court rules homeschooling illegal
[16:10]  Ministry opens 10th hospital in Ethiopia in as many years
[15:05]  Kenya: Catholic Relief workers say pact offers nation fresh hope (press)
[14:10]  Christian Believer charged with forced conversion
[13:05]  Missionary in Bosnia sees growth in hockey outreach
[12:10]  Waiver of loans that sparked suicides hailed by Indian churches
[11:05]  Women's conference was held in Belarussian church
[10:10]  Kyrgyzstan: Work on new Religion Law speeded up
[09:05]  Radio ministry to Sudan mourns the loss of a faithful worker
[08:10]  Benedict XVI: St. Leo the Great was one of the greatest Popes
[07:05]  The Court in Belarus refused to investigate 50 000 citizens appeal
[06:10]  World Vision wants peace, then justice in Northern Uganda
[05:05]  China Christian exile says religious freedom is Olympic year blip
[04:10]  Mozambique: Equity needed for a stable nation, bishops say
[03:05]  Canada considers halting taxpayer funding for perverse films
[02:10]  Restore rights of Ainu indigenous people, urges Japanese pastor
[01:05]  Paraguayan bishop: former bishop is still in a state of disobedience
[00:10]  NBA's Wade pays for homes in New Orleans


[23:05]  Timorese rebel may surrender to the Catholic Church
[22:10]  Kansas Grand Jury disbands in Planned Parenthood case
[21:05]  Woman bishop likely for New Zealand diocese
[20:10]  Cardinal Rivera: Families, “eradicate the darkness in your homes”
[19:05]  New Zealand warned by a former jihadist about “soft” approach
[18:10]  Abortion rights politicians unwilling to stand up for "choice"
[17:05]  Brazilian bishops: research with embryos is unconstitutional
[16:10]  House of Representatives committee OKs revised AIDS funding
[15:05]  Muslim delegation meets with Vatican to prepare interfaith conference
[14:10]  Christians forced to reconvert in Himachal Pradesh
[13:05]  World church body condemns violence from both sides in Gaza
[12:10]  Latest global figures show Catholic Church growing
[11:35]  Kiev Good News Church сelebrates first anniversary (exclusive)
[11:05]  Christians requests Ukraine authorities to prohibit film Safo
[10:10]  World church body to monitor Zimbabwe elections, UN head told
[09:05]  Spanish bishops elect strongly pro-life president
[08:10]  Australian Catholic bishops praise political agreement in Kenya
[07:05]  Pope Benedict to kick off celebrations for youth center
[06:10]  Wellington Kotuku children’s choir moves audiences to tears
[05:05]  Jordanian prince condemns kidnapping of Chaldean bishop in Iraq
[04:10]  Catholic hospital to allow transgender surgery after being sued
[03:05]  Flooding in Ecuador is unifying Christian churches
[02:10]  Catholic dissident in Cuba nominated for Nobel Prize
[01:05]  Notre Dame awards Laetare Medal to Martin Sheen
[00:10]  Obama: Sermon on the Mount supports gay civil unions


[23:05]  Mexican bishops call for constitutional reform of religious freedom
[22:10]  California will begin hearings on homosexual marriage law
[21:05]  Australia issues coins, stamps for World Youth Day
[20:10]  Brazil approaches historic decision on the personhood of embryos
[19:05]  Resignations at L. American council 'painful' says church leader
[18:10]  Minneapolis parish’s “progressive” liturgies being brought into line
[17:05]  US church leaders ask Rice to address crisis in Gaza
[16:10]  Marriage defines itself, "liberal Democrat" says (press)
[15:05]  Catholics to receive four new saints in October
[14:10]  Trial of “Doctor Death” begins in Germany
[13:05]  Seeds planted at international book fair in Egypt
[12:10]  Oxford University programme to probe belief in God
[11:05]  Man sentenced to jail after attempting secret abortion on his wife
[10:10]  Russia's election outcome expected, ministry remains alert
[09:05]  The Appeal of Belarusian citizens lodged to the Constitutional Court
[08:10]  Kenya: Full text of Coalition Agreement signed by Kibaki and Odinga (press)
[07:05]  A boy raised by dogs is transformed by the power of God's love
[06:10]  Priest in Ukraine under investigation for child molestation
[05:05]  Pope encourages Americans to defend traditional marriage and family
[04:10]  About 40 Christians were kidnapped by anti-Christian radicals in India
[03:05]  Venezuelan cardinal blames government for occupation of chancery
[02:10]  Massachusetts bills would advance homosexual power in state
[01:05]  Audio Scriptures score with student athletes in USA
[00:10]  Obama promises to dedicate presidency to homosexual activism


[23:05]  Southern Baptists 6.7 percent of the United States population
[22:10]  Virginia cuts all government funding to Planned Parenthood
[21:05]  Anti-Catholic pastor who endorsed McCain likened to Farrakhan
[20:10]  Bipartisan panel urges Cuba to end religious repression
[19:05]  Ministry sets out to ignite passion across the US this year
[18:10]  Nova Scotia liberals want province to cover sex-change surgeries
[17:05]  US tax service probes denomination over Obama speech
[16:05]  Castro interested in prisoner exchange with US, says Cardinal Bertone
[15:10]  Ukrainian child education: State should cooperate with churches
[14:05]  Italian airline reformer became Vatican's financial controller
[13:10]  China is considering the elimination of its one-child policy
[12:05]  Christians of Ukraine named President’s wife "Person of the Year"
[12:05]  House of Mercy leaders awarded during Russia's 'Year of the Family'
[11:35]  Marriage and traditional family in the U.S. under broader assault (exclusive)
[11:10]  Filipino-Canadian Mennonite uses coffee to help build peace
[10:05]  No party defends the family in Spain, report asserts
[09:10]  Send the Light leader in Latin America takes on new role
[08:05]  Pope Benedict prays for kidnapped Iraqi archbishop
[07:10]  Pope Benedict at Angelus: "We confess our blindness"
[06:05]  Kofi Annan leaves Kenya after making peace deal
[05:10]  Hindu militants forcibly enter Christian worship services
[04:05]  Indian Baptist group issues '10 commandments' for elections
[03:10]  Protestant leaders call for end to US economic embargo on Cuba


[16:10]  How Chavez supporters occupied Archdiocese of Caracas chancery (press)
[12:05]  Pakistani Christian female basic servant abducted
[09:10]  Undercover investigation reveals Planned Parenthood's racism
[06:05]  Cardinal Pell’s home to host Pope for World Youth Day
[03:10]  Obama: "Biggest mistake" was vote to help Terri Schiavo
[00:05]  Colorado bishops clarify stand on Human Personhood amendment


[21:10]  Canadian Christian leader defended Human Rights Commissions
[18:05]  Eleven minors detained in China for attending Bible Study
[15:10]  Roman clergy and seminarians to compete for basketball Clericus Cup
[12:05]  Outreach team makes building blocks of ministry in Ghana
[09:10]  Malawi churches review role of condoms in AIDS fight
[06:05]  Russia: State investigates Methodists at Orthodox bishop's request
[03:10]  Church leaders detained in Inner Mongolia, China
[00:05]  Study: Parents have the most influence on their kid's beliefs
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