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[21:10]  Mission Backpack in US meets two needs of orphans at once
[18:05]  Protestants now just over half of US adults, study finds
[16:10]  European Union split at UN over abortion issue
[14:10]  Three men held over killing 7 Pakistani Christians in 2002
[12:10]  Croatian church cafe says 'pray up' instead of 'pay up'
[10:10]  Bishop calls on young people to give up text messages for Lent
[08:10]  New studio opens doors for more ministry in Lithuania
[06:10]  Kenyan churches welcome agreement to end post-election crisis
[04:10]  Tickets for U.S. Papal Masses are in high demand
[03:05]  "Human Rights Watch" plans to turn Morocco into pro-gay country
[02:10]  Act of reparation to be held for profanation of Cathedral in Argentina
[01:05]  SBC president challenges Baptists to rebuild Union after tornado
[00:10]  Christian tortured to death by Vietnamese authorities


[23:05]  Planned Parenthood website promotes pornography to teenagers
[22:10]  Obama tells debate audience he regrets Schiavo vote
[21:10]  Indian Catholics set quotas to empower women
[21:05]  CHRC under scrutiny for attacks on freedom of expression
[20:10]  Top-rated no-nonsense marriage TV show kicks off fifth season
[19:05]  Liberty University in US plans to plant 500 new churches
[18:10]  US Senate passes pro-life amendment to Indian Health Care bill
[17:05]  US Lutheran remembered for his commitment to church unity
[16:10]  General secretary and six staff quit Latin American church group
[15:05]  Call to action after pastor's daughter is burned in Peru
[14:10]  Uganda's church leaders welcome cease-fire announcement
[13:05]  Benedict XVI: Free the truth from society’s lies and distortions
[12:10]  Ministry helps millions who've been forced to leave their homes
[11:05]  Nigeria: Report reveals scandal of nation’s criminal justice system
[10:10]  Bangladesh: Catholic charity to the rescue as rats gnaw at the poor
[09:05]  UK couple rejected for fostering kids over beliefs on homosexuality
[08:10]  Russian Orthodox open to dialogue on status of Catholic dioceses
[07:05]  Jordan's Prince El Hassan bin Talal wins 2008 Niwano Peace Prize
[06:10]  Kenya: Catholic expert says church is guilty of fanning tribalism
[05:05]  Two churches in Canada ask to offer same-sex blessings
[04:10]  Polish Catholic radio that stirred controversy loses EU funding bid
[03:05]  Sri Lanka: Funeral held for murdered Christian pastor
[02:10]  Philippines bishops will respond to government corruption
[01:05]  Arab information ministers vote to limit information
[00:10]  Newly named Argentinean ambassador to Holy See will not accept post


[23:05]  Students from around the U.S. will gather for Paradise in Kansas
[22:10]  Catholics call on to refuse platform for pro-abortion politicians
[21:05]  Church moves into action after deadly sugar refinery blast (press)
[20:10]  Bishop feels “honored” by attacks from Chavez supporters
[19:05]  Randy Stonehill talks about his friendship with Larry Norman
[18:10]  Church in Oceania expects Pope’s visit to bring renewal
[17:05]  Barbaric tribal practices open window to dark future of infanticide (press)
[16:10]  AIDS orphans the focus of camp ministry in Zambia
[15:05]  Multimillion pound interfaith centre to open in England
[14:10]  A Friendly Dialogue launches at unique New York event
[13:05]  Ukrainian prison chaplains receive professional training
[12:10]  UK Catholic bishop will be "investigated" for "fundamentalism"
[11:05]  Belarus: New Life church pastor met with the US Ambassador
[10:10]  Christian agency warns of oil exploitation dangers in Sudan
[09:05]  English Catholics celebrate Cardinal Newman’s 207th birthday
[08:10]  Jordan issues statement on crackdown on religious freedom
[07:05]  Evangelical Churches of Ukraine discusses joint social projects
[06:10]  Macedonia: Religious freedom survey, February 2008
[05:05]  Socialist legislators fight over abortion legalization bill in Uruguay
[04:10]  Cardinal: "Like it or not," Christianity gave Spain its identity
[03:05]  British Conservative Party calls for reduced abortion limit
[02:10]  Drought-stricken farms get Baptist hay lift in Tennessee
[01:05]  Survey finds one-tenth of Americans used to be Catholic
[00:10]  Haiti government requirements backlog docks, threatens ministry


[23:05]  University of St. Thomas, Houston, cancels pro-abortion speaker
[22:10]  LifeBox initiative shows soldiers that churches care
[21:05]  New report details deprivation facing Burmese refugees in Malaysia
[20:10]  Archbishop decries “coercion” of Catholic hospitals in merger dispute
[19:05]  Canadian Priests for Life Head Fr. Jim Whelan dies of heart attack
[18:10]  Emergency ministry team diverts suicide epidemic
[17:05]  Oscar awards portrayed an America without hope
[16:10]  US religious freedom institute criticises reprint of Danish cartoon
[15:05]  Cuba needs contemplative religious, says Vatican cardinal
[14:10]  Pope encourages religious to stay focused despite challenges
[13:05]  Christians of Bearus made an appeal to the world community
[12:10]  Jerusalem eases burial restrictions and approves a civil cemetery
[11:05]  Government will investigate English Catholic schools
[10:10]  Authorities of Eritrea released 35 evangelical Christians
[09:05]  Indian Orthodox Bishop Thomas Mar Makarios passes away
[08:10]  Draft Kosovo constitution eliminates protection for unborn
[07:05]  Sainthood sought for Croatian cardinal jailed in communist era
[06:10]  Pope Benedict provides “new public grammar” for reform of Islam
[05:05]  Churches see hope in Pakistan election that shows 'people's will'
[04:10]  New Jersey governor would sign 'gay marriage' bill, after election
[03:05]  Arroyo has waived authority to govern says Protestant group
[02:10]  New German Catholic leader stirs debate with celibacy remarks
[01:05]  Global Council of Indian Christians coordinator arrested in Orissa
[00:10]  Catholic Church calls Mexican capital “murderous city”


[23:05]  World Congress of Families shocked by vote to legalize euthanasia
[22:10]  National Football League to allow church Super Bowl parties
[21:05]  Exiled Cubans join in prayer campaign called for by archbishop
[20:10]  Bioethics Journal: Newborns who suffer are "Better off Dead" (press)
[19:05]  President Bush recognizes work of Mercy Ships in West Africa
[18:10]  Buddhists enter Catholics’ property dispute with government
[17:05]  Spiritual Renewal leaders visited the US Prayer Breakfast (photoreport)
[16:10]  $4 million study to understand why people believe in God (press)
[15:10]  Partnerships blossom in Cuba even as politicians are wary
[14:05]  Terry Young spoke at Moscow Good News Church
[13:10]  Brazilian politicians issue pro-life manifesto at National Meeting
[12:05]  Faith leaders in Kenya unhappy with a call for fresh elections
[11:10]  Cardinal asks for resignation of entire London, England Hospital Board
[10:05]  A new Prayer School has been launched in Moscow
[09:10]  Indian pastor beaten up by Hindu activists in Andhra Pradesh
[08:05]  God is thirsty for our faith and love, Pope Benedict says
[07:10]  Talented British artist hangs herself due to grief after abortion
[06:05]  World Christian media urge languages protection as UN warns
[05:10]  Second largest diocese in Ireland receives new bishop
[04:05]  Kazakhstan: New wave of raids on Baptist churches
[03:10]  Church group head seeks European council that includes Catholics


[16:10]  US: Bill banning discussion on homosexuality in schools fails
[13:05]  Ukraine’s President met with Patriarch Aleksii II of Moscow and All Rus
[10:10]  Bible to be center of Lenten preaching at the Vatican
[07:05]  Homosexual pair attempts "matrimony" in Argentina
[04:10]  Chinese Christians ask international community for support
[01:05]  Business Project To Be “Donkey” for Christian Ministry (exclusive)


[22:10]  Textbook donations to Union University exceed expectations
[19:05]  Italian judge convicted for shunning courtrooms with crosses
[16:10]  Peruvian Bishop condemns illegally created abortion protocol
[14:15]  Ukrainians Forced to Watch Openly Homosexual Movies in Prime Time (exclusive)
[13:05]  Vatican Secretary of State calls for Christian renewal in Cuba
[10:10]  Story of a Golden Gloves champ will make it to the Silver Screen
[07:05]  Brazilian bishop questions boycott of Anglican world gathering
[04:10]  Pro-gay booklet to be distributed to all US school districts
[01:05]  Disability ministry partners with the academic world


[22:10]  Union University service marks new beginning
[19:05]  Australian governments to introduce euthanasia bills this year
[16:10]  Christians support American inmates in Mexico’s prisons
[15:05]  Catholic Radio Network starts media training for the youth in Sudan
[14:10]  Book of Hope is planning outreach to tribal peoples in Brazil
[13:05]  Bishops of India plan defense against anti-Christian extremists
[12:10]  New Life church will hold a press-conference on freedom of faith
[11:05]  World church body has begun search for new general secretary
[10:10]  Christians worry as parliamentary elections seek change in Pakistan
[09:05]  Ukrainians to hold prayers for safety on the roads
[08:10]  Church of England puts its trust in the voice of pod
[07:05]  Spanish cardinal: Parents should help youth respond to their vocation
[06:10]  Japan Christian activists protest after US soldier's rape charge
[05:05]  Ministry walks families through complex Guatemala adoptive system
[04:10]  Man “angry at God” drives minivan into church sanctuary
[03:05]  Luxembourg parliament voted to legalize euthanasia bill
[02:10]  Immigrant ministry denounces abuses against Central Americans
[01:05]  Bobby Welch prayed at the 50th running of the NASCAR race
[00:10]  Jean Chretien to receive Order of Canada for "Same-Sex Unions"


[23:05]  Clinton looses pro-abortion leader's endorsement to Obama
[22:10]  Religious freedom in the United States is under threat?
[21:05]  Douglas Shaw & Associates was awarded for its service
[20:10]  Florida board of Education approves evolution compromise
[19:05]  Openings for ministry's first mission trip to El Salvador
[18:10]  US Catholic university approves gay straight partnership club
[17:05]  Famous evangelist Billy Graham released from hospital
[16:10]  Bishop urges Australian government: Reverse Kosovo recognition
[15:05]  Prosecutor’s office preferred charges against pastor in Minsk
[14:10]  Church of Scotland head warns against anti-English banter in sport
[13:05]  Argentinian bishops: Catholics must support the Church
[12:10]  WCC urges peaceful resolution to Kenya Pakistan Gaza conflicts
[11:05]  Belarus: New controls on foreign religious workers
[10:10]  Cardinal asks Catholics to protest British embryo bill
[09:05]  Russian gay activists complain of Pride ban to European Court
[08:10]  Chinese Christians sentenced: Senior pastor issues appeal
[07:05]  Lutheran bishop's recipe for media and the Church: Respect
[06:10]  Moscow Good News Church: Ringing in the Vietnamese New Year
[05:05]  World Council of Churches announces interim leadership plan
[04:10]  Christian activist: Castro’s retirement will open era of reconciliation
[03:05]  Ugandan Church threatens to quit communion over homosexuality
[02:10]  African church membership growth swells Lutheran numbers
[01:05]  Baptists missionaries welcome displaced Kenyans
[00:10]  Mexican cardinal: pro-abortion politicians don't represent the people


[23:05]  George H.W. Bush endorses Sen. John McCain
[22:10]  New leadership at Send the Light Ministry ensures future growth
[21:05]  Stephen Baldwin: Still pounding the pavement in Hollywood for Jesus
[20:10]  Logo for 2009 World meeting of Families unveiled
[19:05]  NY Church "pulls out all the stops" in campaign against abortion bill
[18:10]  Winter Olympics stirs Baptists Christians to action
[17:05]  Australian churches call for a new direction in Indigenous policy
[16:10]  Study: estrogen in water from the pill devastating to fish populations
[15:05]  Zimbabwe Christians say no hope for Mbeki-brokered talks
[14:10]  Cardinal Bertone: TV “continues to have evangelizing potential”
[13:05]  Displaced Kenyans wish for 'normal', church tries to help (press)
[12:10]  Anglicans name bishops away from British Prime Minister
[11:05]  World Council of Churches announces interim leadership plan
[10:10]  Opponents of Pakistan President win elections
[09:35]  Update on the Golden Age Bible Study in Moscow Good News Church
[09:05]  Papal trip to Cuba possible, Vatican Secretary of State says
[08:10]  Kosovo's Declaration of Independence: importance of Prayer
[07:05]  Embassy of God Ukrainian Pastor Deported from Russia
[06:10]  WCC says Kobia is to stand down as general secretary
[05:05]  Cardinal Ortega: John Paul II’s visit changes face of Church in Cuba
[04:10]  Catholic college faces complaints after forbidding abortion health plan
[03:05]  Jamaican Christians: homosexuality will not be accepted
[02:10]  Algeria: Priest jailed for celebrating mass at wrong place
[01:05]  Brazilian Bishops' pro-life campaign spreads to City Hall
[00:10]  Wycliffe Bible Translators is recruiting prayer partners


[23:05]  Tanzanian President: Bush's AIDS program with is saving lives
[22:10]  Number of exorcisms on the rise on Australia's Gold Coast
[21:05]  Folk singer to Christian music matriarch, Lily Isaacs' journey of faith (press)
[20:10]  Bishop of Rock Ministerial Family John Gimenez with the Lord
[19:05]  Haitian easy-to-read Bible translation is under way
[18:10]  NBA star calls all pro-life conservatives "fake Christians"
[17:05]  Baptist church sends team to Alabama town hit by tornado
[16:10]  Churches plan 2011 Jamaica gathering to promote anti-violence
[15:05]  Spanish socialist ruling party seeks to make abortion free
[14:10]  Cardinal explains reasons for new standards for sainthood
[13:05]  Sudan’s Episcopal Church has elected a new Head
[12:10]  Serbian Orthodox bishops denounce Kosovo independence declaration
[11:05]  Young Christians' centre in Gaza is attacked by gunmen
[10:10]  Liberal Christianity is dying, Orthodox Bishop says
[09:05]  Arab Christian TV in danger of losing broadcasting permits
[08:10]  UN agency seeks funds to help children and women in Africa
[07:05]  Church in Spain has right to address political issues, says bishop
[06:10]  The UK Evangelical Alliance invites Christians to join Sharia debate
[05:05]  Youth conference encourages church in Russia
[04:10]  US bishops ask ICE to assist communities after immigration raids
[03:05]  Abigail Mason wins a joint Grace Award for “Saving Sarah Cain”
[02:10]  Southern Baptists honor China advocate with Religious Liberty Award
[01:05]  Persecution strengthens faith of Christians in Iraq
[00:10]  Largest Anglican parish in Canada secedes over same-sex blessings


[23:05]  Baptist Church directory issue escalates in Texas
[22:10]  US bishop laments “satanical attitude” behind cemetery vandalism
[21:05]  Pro-life nurse says Barack Obama supports infanticide
[20:10]  Kentucky Bishops: Catholics can’t vote for pro-abortion politicians
[19:05]  USCIRF urges Egypt to respect and enforce court rulings
[18:10]  New Jersey bishops call for Day of Prayer to protect marriage
[17:05]  US Jewish leaders call reintroduction of Latin prayer 'retrogression'
[16:10]  Damage assessed at Union's biblical center Jackson, Tenn.
[15:05]  Kazakhstan: Revival of state hostility to churches fuels check-ups?
[14:10]  Teddy bear row teacher will start a new job in China
[13:05]  Kenya Protestant churches apologise for role in post election crisis
[12:10]  Shopkeepers in Pakistan beat evangelist for preaching
[11:05]  Members of a Baptist church in Leeds deported to Nigeria
[10:10]  Belarusian TV Company gave its answer to the church
[09:05]  Spain: “International Women’s Day” is a political manipulation? (press)
[08:10]  Displaced Kenyans buoyed by aid from Baptist volunteers
[07:05]  Human trafficking is modern slavery, says Vatican official
[06:10]  Speak of faith in political statements, ex-Norway PM tells churches
[05:05]  Anglican Bishop: Labour government the beast of revelation
[04:10]  Flights double for Mission Aviation Fellowship during Kenya crisis
[03:05]  Pope mobilizes Catholics to help Christians in the Holy Land


[04:10]  Billy Graham continues recovery during hospital stay for elective procedure
[03:05]  Turkmenistan doesn't want to change the Religion Law
[02:10]  Australian bishops applaud national apology to Indigenous peoples
[01:05]  Study: Catholics who attend Mass are less likely to divorce
[00:10]  ?Amazing Grace’ and ?Bella’ among winners at Faith & Values Gala


[23:05]  Scientist makes compelling case for faith at Stanford
[22:10]  First Ever - Australian Prime Minister backs gay pride day
[21:05]  50 000 signatures collected in support of Christians in Belarus
[20:10]  Vacation with purpose gains momentum among ministry circles
[19:05]  Ontario premier doesn’t wants the Lord's Prayer in the legislature
[18:10]  True Love Waits adds Bible outreach on Valentine's Day
[17:05]  YouTube apologizes, restores pro-life video
[16:10]  Pro-marriage Hispanics to rally at Democratic National Convention
[15:10]  Ukraine President will support Ukrainian Christians in Russia
[14:05]  Russian Christians targeted as would-be Orange Revolutionaries?
[13:10]  Benedict XVI may visit Germany in 2009, says nuncio
[12:05]  The birthplace of voodoo is now the home of Christian broadcasting
[11:10]  World student federation celebrates 110th annual day of prayer
[10:05]  Naples Police confiscate child's remains in abortion investigation
[09:10]  World Council of Churches now has 349 members
[08:05]  How and why the Roman Curia holds Spiritual Exercises
[07:10]  President of Sierra Leone welcomes ministry
[06:05]  Ethnic, political rifts shackle Kenya churches role says WCC leader
[05:10]  Silvio Berlusconi will support UN "moratorium" on abortion
[04:05]  How Pius IX decided to proclaim dogma of Immaculate Conception (press)
[03:10]  South African parliament votes to remove abortion restrictions
[02:05]  Jesuit university to host obscene rapper Ludicris
[01:10]  Observing Presidents’ Day in the midst of a presidential primaries (press)
[00:05]  Religious Freedom Award presented to Bob Fu of China Aid


[23:10]  Massive study: active fathers are essential for well adjusted kids
[22:05]  Mexican bishops call drug traffickers to conversion
[21:10]  Massive Canadian child porn bust only tip of iceberg say police
[20:05]  Catholics continue to back McCain in the Republican primaries
[19:10]  Screen legend Jane Russell talks about her Christian faith
[18:05]  Kentucky Bishops back bill to increase sentences for sex offenders
[17:10]  Archbishop not happy about Hillary’s Catholic college visit
[16:10]  UCLA researchers confirm new stem cell breakthrough
[15:05]  Pakistani Muslim prisoners attempt to convert Christian inmates
[14:10]  Angola celebrates freedom physically and spiritually
[13:05]  Head of Indian church council assaulted at cathedral
[12:10]  For the EU nothing but full marriage rights for gays will suffice
[11:05]  Youth groups created by Kremlin serve Putin’s cause
[10:10]  Bella screening in UK by Knights of Columbus
[09:05]  British Bishops: Cut the carbon, not the romance - this Valentine’s Day
[08:10]  World church grouping told it needs 'new sources of income'
[07:05]  A Sicilian bishop braves Mafia death threats
[06:10]  Sporting Marvels takes its message to the Welsh Government
[05:05]  WCC leader: Church unity quest means facing hard questions
[04:10]  17 people appear in court over murder of Catholic priest in Kenya
[03:05]  Critics claim radio program on school buses is dangerous for kids
[02:10]  Italian politicians promote more restrictive abortion laws
[01:05]  Britain and Canada pay welfare benefits to polygamist immigrants
[00:10]  Archbishop: Chavez should stay out of elections in El Salvador


[23:05]  Rebecca St. James puts a different spin on Be my Valentine
[22:10]  New documentary: “demographic winter” will result from weak families
[21:05]  Homosexual group labels Catholic church "most homophobic"
[20:10]  African-American missionaries receive apology from SIM International
[19:05]  A bill that denied conscientious objection to pharmacists rejected
[18:10]  Hillary Clinton: I'm more pro-homosexual than Obama (press)
[17:05]  Midwestern apologetics ministry defends the Bible against TV skeptics
[16:10]  The Vatican decided to tighten standards for sainthood
[15:05]  Media and healthcare will make ministry a reality in Africa
[14:10]  Massive pro-life сonference was held in Brazil
[13:05]  Moldova: Bureaucratic obstacles bar religious volunteers
[12:10]  R. Williams "Shocked" and "Overwhelmed" by tidal wave of criticism
[11:05]  Cardinal: Spiritual Exercises needed for renewal of Christian vocation
[10:10]  Israeli attorney general rules that gay couples may adopt
[09:05]  Prayer breakfast was held during Berlinale film festival
[08:10]  Ugandan-born archbishop: Kenya leaders must resolve dispute
[07:05]  Opponent of London’s Mega-Mosque offers Christian choice
[06:10]  Dutch Catholics label Lent the “Christian Ramadan”
[05:05]  Gaza crisis is deteriorating say church and advocacy groups
[04:10]  De-Christianization of Europe is reversible, says Cardinal Tauran
[03:05]  Will doctors kill Jewish man despite protests from his family?
[02:10]  Catholic officials plan “exorcism center” in Poland
[01:05]  Pro-life students don’t want to pay, if university forbids their club
[00:10]  Dissident talks about political transition in Cuba


[23:05]  Christian groups are appalled at defence of Dr Death
[22:10]  President Bush: We have defended human life (press)
[21:05]  Vatican’s decline of new Argentinean ambassador leads to changes
[20:10]  Christian couple in New Zealand changes lives of many troubled kids (press)
[19:05]  Jamaican religious leaders respond to proposal to legalize abortion
[18:10]  Canadian environmental guru: Jail politicians who deny climate change (press)
[17:05]  Pope Benedict will pay his first visit to the US in April
[16:10]  Canadian Justice Minister: No legalized Brothels for 2010 Olympics
[15:05]  Catholic Church in Poland reports sharp drop in vocations
[14:10]  Sponsored children in Uganda now have a future
[13:05]  UK Bishop fined £47,345 in gay employment case
[12:10]  Philippine, Japan church councils call for end to 'militarism' in Asia
[11:05]  Archbishop of Canterbury responds to his critics on Sharia law
[10:10]  Children's ministry will help kids as historic snow hits China
[09:05]  The family is key to the economy, says Spanish cardinal
[08:10]  Catholic Commission says Zimbabwe not yet ready for elections
[07:05]  Irish cardinal ends legal dispute over sex abuse documents
[06:10]  Churches of Kenya stand as a beachhead against anarchy
[05:05]  Spain: presidential candidate would eliminate gay adoptions
[04:10]  Ukrainian Catholic University to teach Christian managers
[03:05]  Afghanistan security said to depend on aid, not just military force
[02:10]  N. American scholars to probe links between religion and ecology
[01:05]  Gay activists to speak in Ontario elementary schools
[00:10]  Ministering life through the heart to Heart Women's Ministry


[23:05]  LA Times reveals horrific new details about raided abortion clinics
[22:10]  Dr. James Dobson endorses Mike Huckabee for president
[21:05]  Ministry in US will send another wave of kits to the homeless
[20:10]  Brazilian bishops launch national campaign against abortion
[19:05]  Former British Archbishop weighs into Sharia law row
[18:10]  Visiting instructors at the Kiev Good News Seminary
[17:05]  American Pastor being held in Russia for 60 days
[16:10]  Demonstrators demand answers in residential school cases
[15:05]  French Court: Parents can register names for fetuses
[14:10]  Eritrean officials arrest nearly three dozen believers
[13:05]  Interest in Scripture presents challenge to ministry in India
[12:10]  Press: What did the Archbishop of Canterbury actually say?
[11:05]  Egyptian court will officially recognize Christian converts
[10:10]  Religious leaders say they must share blame for Kenya's woes
[09:05]  Pro-family poster in UK condemned as "offensive"
[08:10]  Pope Benedict appeals for end to renewed political violence
[07:05]  Aged 60, WCC meets to discuss 21st century challenges
[06:10]  Action call to save traditional marriage in Romania
[05:05]  Belarus has stepped up pressure on Baptist сhurches
[04:10]  Turkish parliament lifts university headscarf ban
[03:05]  Anglican leader's Sharia comments stir furious British response


[04:10]  Christians in Ukraine oppose aspects of tolerance course in schools
[03:05]  Ruling party deputy in Ukraine wants to see Sunday Adelaja deported
[02:10]  Scandal: Catholic school board approves anti-Catholic brochure
[01:05]  A new draft law proposes death penalty for apostasy in Iran
[00:10]  Dr. James Dobson calls vote for McCain unconscionable


[23:05]  Christian group receives award from MySpace
[22:10]  President Bush in last address to national prayer breakfast
[21:05]  Hollywood’s 16th Annual Faith & Values Awards Gala will be held soon
[20:10]  California supreme court to decide on gay 'marriage' by June
[19:05]  Vacations with a Purpose on the rise among US Christians
[18:10]  Christian TV producer says Hollywood can be redeemed
[17:05]  California Christians unite to remove children from public schools
[16:10]  Book of Hope ministry shares its big plans for 2008
[15:05]  Kenia: Catholic Lenten Campaign ?08 focuses on national renewal
[14:10]  Orissa Christian refugees say they are now in an 'open prison'
[13:05]  Life athletes president addresses children at GHANA KidsGames
[12:10]  Italian professors: The Pope is hostile to science (press)
[11:05]  Zambian cleric chides president for dismissal of pan African envoy
[10:10]  Eritrean officials imprison 35 members of underground church
[09:05]  Britain's N.I.C.E. think tank not so nice: Lewis' prophesy comes true (press)
[08:10]  'Pope's newspaper' is appearing in colour for the first time
[07:05]  Belarus: Renewed pressure on charismatic Christians
[06:10]  Archbishop of Canterbury sparks Sharia law row in Britain
[05:05]  Hieronymos of Thebes elected head of Greek Orthodox church
[04:10]  Serbia: Why won't the authorities stop religious violence?
[03:05]  Ontario campuses will give no support for pro-life groups
[02:10]  South Africa: Catholic Bishops condemn police raid on church
[01:05]  Abortion moratorium: Using the United Nations against itself (press)
[00:10]  Holy See Congress to mark anniversary of Pope’s Letter on Women


[23:05]  US assemblyman seeks state holiday commemorating gay activist
[22:10]  Big Ten school may have a new student ministry soon
[21:05]  Pro-abortion republicans endorse John McCain
[20:10]  Assemblies of God suffers two fatalities after deadly tornadoes
[19:05]  Study abroad makes personal and global poverty real
[18:10]  Communion distributes second draft of proposed ?covenant’
[17:05]  Teacher may lose teaching license for defending Christian beliefs
[16:10]  Nation's top pro-life judicial activist speaks out on John McCain
[15:05]  Pastor attacked and three believers injured and hospitalized
[14:10]  Burundi: Church leaders visit to support peace and reconstruction
[13:05]  Vatican announces first congress on Divine Mercy
[12:10]  Italian doctors will save kids who survived abortion
[11:05]  Militants push anti-conversion laws; ministry trains pastors
[10:10]  Cyclone creates difficulties for ministry in Papua New Guinea
[09:05]  Church groups fear growing HIV emergency in Kenya
[08:10]  Asian theologians warn: Fundamentalism can harm faiths
[07:05]  Sant' Egidio asks Malawi to say where it stands on death penalty
[06:10]  ?Hands off Bibles’ church body tells Malaysian government
[05:05]  British cardinal witnesses 'horrifying' conditions in Zimbabwe
[04:10]  Spanish elections resemble referendum on abortion, gay marriage
[03:05]  BBC interview: Shroud dating may have been inaccurate
[02:10]  Persistent persecution of the church continues in Zimbabwe
[01:05]  New Lenten 40 Days for Life campaign begins today
[00:10]  Judge upholds homosexual curriculum for Maryland schools


[23:05]  Religious groups in Colorado ask for respectful immigration debate
[22:10]  Super Bowl champ Plaxico Burress: "Give God all the glory" (press)
[21:05]  Parents in US seek tax breaks, textbook funding for Catholic schools
[20:10]  Court upholds dismissal of lawsuit over homosexual children’s books
[19:05]  Terri, the Rerun?: Father fights for life of cognitively disabled daughter (press)
[18:10]  Stolen bronze angel statue recovered in alley in Detroit
[17:05]  Catholic leaders of Lviv criticize “Christian Ethics” textbook
[16:10]  Kazakhstan: How threatening are President Nazarbayev's comments? (press)
[15:05]  Testimony of Italian priest killed in Turkey shows holiness of love
[14:10]  Black Stars won the Ghana 2008 because of prayers? (press)
[13:05]  German ministry: Anti-religious kid’s book dangerous for young people
[12:10]  Sri Lankan bishops repeat call for 'peace zone' after terror attack
[11:05]  Earthquake hits Rwanda, ministry plans help strategy
[11:05]  Most Influential Christian Leaders of 2007 Named (exclusive)
[10:10]  UK researchers clone three-parent embryos intended for implantation
[09:05]  Malaysian Christian leader denounces confiscation of Bibles
[08:10]  Pope Benedict XVI prays for those who defend life
[07:05]  Indian woman attacked for converting to Christianity
[06:10]  Congo sees aid coming following another disaster
[05:05]  Kenyan church leaders lament their lack of unity in political crisis
[04:10]  Cardinal: Chavez is not necessary to achieve agreement with FARC
[03:05]  It all started as a press conference at the Hollywood Press Club… (press)
[02:10]  Cardinal Sandri stresses crucial role of Ukrainian Catholic Church
[01:05]  International Mission Board appointed new missionaries in U.S.
[00:10]  Court: No opt-out of homosexual indoctrination in class for parents


[23:05]  Two archbishops of Dublin in court over sex abuse documents
[22:10]  Archbishop of Military Services promises to recruit chaplains
[21:05]  Catholic protests listing of reputed relics for auction on eBay
[20:10]  US Christians being urged to give homeless a sweet Valentine
[19:05]  New York court rules state must validate Canadian gay"marriages"
[18:10]  Australian Catholics to build affordable housing for mortgage crunch
[17:05]  Rabbinic group in U.S. bans voting for anti-family values candidates
[16:05]  Lawyer for democracy activist, Peng Meng, files for medical parole
[15:10]  Bishops: moral guidance is not meddling in political campaigns
[14:05]  Malaysian Security Ministry bans missionary?s book on Islam
[13:10]  Italian doctors issue call to treat newborns that survive abortion
[12:05]  Bishop: pastors cannot remain indifferent to suffering of young people
[11:10]  Humanitarian agencies warn: Afghanistan security is under threat
[10:05]  Ukraine launches a new political party, the Party of the Righteous
[09:10]  Pakistan-born British bishop gets death threats after Islam claims
[08:05]  Training seminar for ministers held in Moscow, Russia
[07:10]  Fatmir Sejdiu, president of Kosovo meets with the Holy Father
[06:05]  Unrest threatens freedom throughout Middle East, boosts ministry
[05:10]  Frightened and traumatised Kenyans are 'desperate' for solution
[04:05]  British women will carry children for homosexual partners
[03:10]  Philippine government will choose new Vatican ambassador
[02:05]  Rick Renner ministers at U.S. Ministers' conference
[01:10]  Christians beaten for asking officials to account for burning Bibles
[00:05]  Many traumatized in the wake of Kenyan election violence


[23:10]  Bishop: Likelihood of pro-life president "less than hoped for" (press)
[22:05]  Ministry sponsors film that brings communities together
[21:10]  Canadian taxpayers subsidising abortion in a number of ways
[20:05]  Monument to John Paul II almost ready in Cuba
[19:30]  Boston gym’s ad featuring nuns and a naked man draws fire
[19:10]  Call for Bibles up around the world, ministry seeks to answer
[18:05]  Rhode Island governor and wife attend pro-life rally
[17:10]  Christian radio reaches urban areas in Latin America
[16:05]  Diocese of Keewatin preparing online, printable curriculum
[15:05]  Bishops and European mediators will try release hostages in Colombia
[14:10]  Crusade Draws Unexpected Numbers of People to Christ (press)
[13:05]  Italian priest calls on athletes to stop blaspheming
[12:10]  Top Vatican cardinal to attend Lutheran anniversary in Norway
[11:05]  Turkish crowd protests over plan to allow Islamic headscarves
[10:10]  Russia to complete return of church windows seized as war booty
[09:30]  Spanish bishops: Vote "no" for policies against the faith (press)
[09:05]  British Church of England cathedrals plan choir academies
[08:10]  British, Polish churches at odds over care for migrants in UK
[07:05]  Press: Fighting in Chad could spiral into humanitarian crisis (press)
[06:10]  North Korea on top of persecution of Christians list
[05:05]  Churches welcome European convention on human trafficking
[04:10]  Ex-bishop in Paraguay makes presidential bid official
[03:05]  Tanzanian bishop warns on treatment of Burundi refugees


[01:05]  Native American leader receives YWCA’s Racial Justice Award
[00:10]  Will Iowa Supreme Court protect the definition of marriage? (press)


[23:05]  TBN to air Inspired Ambition program on its JCTV channel
[22:10]  Physician's Guidelines: Doctors "are allowed" to starve to death (press)
[21:05]  A new tool for urban teen outreach in North America released
[20:10]  New York art exhibition weaves the story of the Prodigal Son
[19:05]  Tennessee Senate passes constitutional pro-life amendment
[17:05]  Church doing well, despite challenges in Kazakhstan
[16:05]  A new football star Malcolm Kelly sets goal of making a difference
[15:05]  An influential ministry helps unite families in Ghana
[14:10]  Democrats want special land privileges for Ukraine churches
[13:05]  Lithuanian gays will be stopped from adopting children
[12:10]  As Queen's chaplain, Rose will not tone down her message
[11:05]  Ukraine parliament ensured confidence in the confessional
[10:10]  Interfaith summit to take place in Japan before G8 meeting
[09:05]  The Anglican Covenant Design Group meets in London
[08:10]  South African police raid Methodist church in Cape Town
[07:05]  Scottish pagan gathering spells worry for some Christians
[06:10]  A Canadian aid worker freed by North Korea after three months
[05:05]  Top UN official in Burundi pledges support for churches' work
[04:10]  Rowan Williams: society should not leave the sacred unprotected
[03:05]  Kyiv concludes weekly prayer marathon for Christian unity
[02:05]  Hay-Bale and Cross monument to the unborn erected in Canada
[01:10]  Catholic schools in US weigh in on new drug testing program
[00:05]  Needs of private schools in America are group’s priority
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