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[23:10]  Catholic schools shouldn't bring students to "Bodies" display
[22:05]  University students protest morgentaler decision on Parliament Hill
[21:10]  Russia: Old Believers use new media to demand religious freedom
[20:05]  One more superstar decides to abstain from pre-marital sex (press)
[19:10]  Church of Canada receives $9.7 million refund from the government
[18:05]  Christian photographer punished for refusing same-sex job?
[17:10]  US Baptists gather in Atlanta hoping to forge new alliance
[16:05]  March for life founder well and thankful for prayers and concern
[15:10]  Kazakstan: Secret police operation to close down entire denomination?
[14:05]  Kenyan children pray for their country, ask for rain - and it pours
[13:10]  UK government education guidelines: no "mom" and "dad"
[12:05]  Bulgarians can't agree on compulsory religious education proposal
[11:10]  Jordan's Queen: Bombs not the answer to Palestinian crisis
[10:05]  Mozambique leader heads church peace mission to Burundi
[09:05]  Ministry looks for sponsors for nurses in Afghanistan
[08:10]  Crowd packs Barcelona convention center to defend the family
[07:00]  Catholic Church numbers in Norway swell with arrival of Poles
[06:00]  Global climate affects response to the Bible Pathway Ministries
[05:00]  World church body sending team to violence-hit Kenya
[04:00]  Spanish bishop angers gays by mentioning church doctrine
[03:00]  Christian and civic groups say Zimbabwe needs new constitution


[18:10]  More Canadian city officials refuse to allow pro-life ads
[17:05]  Cornerstone University in the USA hails new chief
[11:10]  Christians need help of government to open their school in Niger
[10:05]  The Church does not accept impositions says Spanish cardinal
[09:05]  Sunday Mass not enough to be a good Christian, says bishop (press)
[08:10]  Lithuanian bishops challenge liquor sponsors on basketball ads
[07:05]  Missionary team starts 'building the house' in Papua New Guinea
[06:10]  Ohio state celebrates Catholic Schools week
[05:05]  Bella producer reveals upcoming distribution schedule for Canada (press)
[04:05]  Pope: Science cannot fully understand the mystery of man (press)
[03:05]  Pastor in Pakistan murdered for evangelistic work
[02:00]  Greek Orthodox church leader Archbishop Christodoulos dies


[21:00]  Pope and WCC look to Christian unity at ecumenical 'festival'
[20:00]  Mike Huckabee and Ron Paul lead pro-life rallies in USA
[19:00]  After avoiding abortion, Northern Ireland launches "40 Days for Life"
[18:00]  Church body pleads with Kenya not to shun Africa's goodwill
[17:00]  Polish Orthodox church leader decries TV 'discrimination'
[16:00]  Jewish Rabbi calls on the Pope to help in the battle against abortion
[15:00]  Sweden gives prisons power to block pornography
[14:00]  Young people lament pain of church division before Rome meeting
[13:00]  Sri Lanka: peace deplore being portrayed as rebel agents
[12:00]  Airport in Britain cancels flights for church service
[11:00]  Global campaign for a "moratorium" on abortion announced
[10:00]  Fun Munich carnival held on Holocaust Remembrance Day angers Jews
[09:00]  WCC head tells Vatican newspaper, shared communion is his goal


[18:00]  Skateboard kings jump for Jesus to bring ministry to boarders
[16:30]  Latvian cardinal angers gays in call for low public profile by them
[16:00]  Christian Aid relief agency condemns Israel’s blockade of Gaza
[15:00]  Germans overwhelmingly oppose embryo research
[14:00]  Early release from Hubei Labor Camp for church leaders
[13:00]  Calls mount for truth and reconciliation commission in Kenya
[12:00]  Christians condemn attack on churches in Orissa, India
[11:00]  Holy Land churches denounce Israel's blockade as 'immoral'
[10:00]  China's official Protestant church chooses younger leaders


[13:00]  President declares January 20 "National Sanctity of Human Life Day"
[12:00]  25,000 attend fourth annual walk for life in San Francisco
[11:00]  British journalist hits the top ten list of most important Christian stories of 2007 (press)


[16:30]  Ministry launches child survival program in the Philippines
[16:00]  Ministry plans to expand pastor training around the world
[15:00]  Violence in Kenya mobilizes ministry team
[14:00]  Brazilian bishops order recall of abortion-promoting DVD
[13:00]  Respect other people's opinions, Pope says after university rumpus (press)
[12:00]  AIDS challenges churches to show unity, says Irish nun in Geneva (press)
[10:00]  Asian-based Spanish priest is new Jesuit superior general
[09:00]  London Christians will unite in prayer for their city
[07:00]  "In God We Trust" back in proper place on new US $1 coins
[06:00]  Pope and WCC head Kobia to pray together for Christian unity


[12:00]  Pakistani Christian has been murdered in Peshawar
[06:00]  Archbishop of Melbourne urges support for Kenya (press)
[04:00]  Russian Ministries discussed future of training leaders in Belarus
[02:00]  German Cardinal praised for his openness to other churches
[00:00]  Rome university head says he wants to re-invite Pope


[22:00]  UN religion rapporteur to visit Israel and Palestinian territory
[20:00]  Hungarian bishops defend right of Jesuits on hunger strike
[18:00]  Despite the hardships, for pro-life Christians - "It's a wonderful life" (press)
[16:00]  US religion and policy group opposes arms sale to Saudi Arabia
[14:00]  Christians worldwide mark 100 years of prayers for unity


[17:00]  Car bomb explodes outside Iraqi church in the city of Mosul


[13:00]  Philippine military leaders need moral foundation, says chaplain
[12:00]  Anglican leaders condemn Zimbabwe police action in churches
[11:00]  Russian Catholic official rejects claims of subservience to Orthodox
[10:00]  Pro-Mugabe bishop now forms his own church division
[09:00]  Malaysian opposition leader says government misusing Islam
[08:00]  Hong Kong church heads reject Beijing universal suffrage verdict


[16:00]  Rights group calls Orissa attack on Christians “unprecedented”
[15:00]  Kenya church leaders fear more violence as politicians ignore calls
[14:00]  Spain: Socialists attack church in wake of pro-family demonstration
[13:00]  Trial of Faith In 2008: Global survey of Christian persecution
[12:00]  Albert Mohler: All involved with IVF responsible for "human tragedy" (press)
[11:00]  Adventists say WHO seeks partnership with faith-based groups
[10:00]  Russian priest: If Homosexuality excused why not also pedophilia? (press)
[09:00]  Pro-Mugabe Zimbabwe Anglican bishop loses priest's licence
[08:00]  ?Refreshing’ Archbishop is Anglican of the Year
[07:00]  Vandals shoot up "Thou Shalt Not Kill" billboard outside abortion clinic
[06:00]  US Orthodox church offers Scriptures to Greek fire survivors


[18:15]  Sunday Adelaja is not a pastor in Ukraine anymore (exclusive)


[23:00]  Remembering Mother Teresa's stance on Roe v. Wade
[22:00]  New Argentine health minister gives indications of pro-life position
[21:00]  Pro-Life March scheduled to shake up beach resort town in Brazil
[20:00]  Interview: Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber on morality and film (press)
[19:00]  Belarus: "I don't write the laws, I just implement them" (press)
[18:00]  Pope again has focused on passing on true Christian values
[16:00]  Churches urged to ?be on the record’ about their role in schools
[15:00]  God turned being falsely imprisoned in Brazil, into something good (press)
[14:00]  Partnership with medical ministry allows team to reach African kids
[13:00]  Vogue Magazine attempts to bring partial birth abortion into vogue
[12:00]  666 raises it’s ugly head in British House of Commons debate
[11:00]  Tundra ministry still growing despite Arctic cold
[10:30]  Epiphany Prizes honor inspirational movies & TV
[10:00]  UK aid agency official is new chair of church microfinance group
[09:00]  Bishop goes against Canada’s Human Rights Tribunals
[08:00]  Kenya: Children’s choir veterans among victims of violence
[07:00]  It was Christmas, but that's when attack started in Indian state
[06:00]  Chinese Christians to use Olympics for outreach
[05:00]  Breakaway Zambia Catholic group against compulsory celibacy
[04:00]  Pastor in India begins new ministry after attack
[03:00]  Powerful Catholic order, the Jesuits, in Rome to elect new superior


[18:00]  Bush visits site of Jesus' birth: "It's a moving moment for me" (press)
[16:00]  Two Christian artists will present a new morning show
[15:00]  Bob Boyd Ministry brings hope to Kenya students
[14:00]  San Fran Mayor touts pro-homosexual record at second inauguration
[13:00]  Muslim figures say they back re-election of London mayor
[12:00]  City suggestion to tax churches gets shelved after public scrutiny
[11:00]  Church will help Nigeria to deal with high death toll
[10:00]  Canadian gays barred from organ donations as high medical risk
[09:00]  Christian sites are targeted in Mosul, Iraq
[08:00]  UN officials fear violent impact on Kenya children
[07:00]  Airport worker in England loses right to wear her cross
[06:00]  Turkish Christians marking 2000 years since birth of St Paul


[16:00]  Churches join Kenya's relief aid effort while pushing for talks
[15:00]  British Muslim group angered at bishop's claim of 'no-go' areas
[14:00]  Vatican wants world-wide prayers for sex-abuse victims of clergy
[13:00]  Fifteen states turn up noses at money for abstinence education
[12:00]  Malaysian Christian leaders protest against ban on use of 'Allah'
[11:00]  Editorial: Poland, the Pope, and the Death Penalty (press)
[10:00]  Indian churches say they can't get access to Orissa violence victims
[09:00]  British queen honours Anglican theologian and ecumenical leader
[08:00]  Indian Cardinal calls for UN moratorium on abortion
[07:00]  US scientists start new evolution offensive, could stir creationists
[06:00]  Marriage amendments getting ready to go on ballot in four states
[05:00]  Tutu is hopeful for a peaceful Kenyan outcome
[04:00]  Catholic hospital sued for refusing to make man look like a woman
[03:00]  Jerusalem bishop opposes 'breakaway' Anglican conference


[14:00]  World Vision closes offices in Kenya, urges peace
[13:00]  Church in India sees politics in anti-Christian violence
[12:00]  Planned Parenthood entices teens with "Mile High Club"
[11:00]  Philippine church leaders plan for continued activism
[10:00]  U.N. to use Spider-Man to push agenda on U.S. schoolkids
[09:00]  Christians in India demand protection after killings
[08:30]  Nigeria's leaders seek commitment to God and good governance
[08:00]  Christians are helping flood victims in Bangladesh
[07:00]  Tutu joins church-backed bid to end Kenya's violence
[06:00]  Friendship soccer match unites Cambodia and Korea
[05:00]  Christians speak out against Bhutto assassination
[04:00]  Justice slow in coming for slain Turkish missionaries
[03:00]  Key state - New Hampshire - okays same-sex unions


[20:00]  Moldova expelled four priests before Christmas
[19:00]  Secular Brits oppose government plan to fund religious charities
[18:00]  Anglican future conference planned for the Holy Land
[17:00]  Film team shares message of peace in violent African prison
[16:00]  Ministry will pray on anniversary of Emancipation Proclamation
[15:00]  UK Clinics have killed over one million human embryonic kids
[14:00]  North Korea trying to expose underground church
[13:00]  Greek Catholics join walk for peace held in Lviv, Ukraine
[12:00]  69-year-old pro-lifer in US assaulted and seriously injured (press)
[11:00]  Taize urges youth to promote unity between churches
[10:00]  Karol Ladd speaks about Britney Spears and Motherhood
[09:00]  Seven church members beaten up by Hindu radicals in India
[08:00]  Top Islamic council declares victims of rape must abort child
[07:00]  Indian Prime Minister promises protection for Christians
[06:00]  Pakistan churches seek international support after Bhutto's death
[06:00]  Christmas parade in Ghana was a success
[05:00]  Unused Bibles soon to be headed to the field
[04:00]  Faith-based organizations caution Malawi in linking with China
[04:00]  Pakistan postpones elections; ministry weighs in
[03:00]  Pope highlights "educational emergency" of passing on values


[10:50]  Five Muslims face trial for Christian murders in Indonesia
[10:45]  An aviation ministry hopes to start Christian school
[10:45]  60,000 Christian pilgrims to visit Holy Land this Christmas
[10:40]  Church in Philippines may grow as children spread hope
[10:35]  Rebecca St. James will sing for worldwide malaria efforts (press)
[10:30]  Flourishing ministry in Haiti needs room to expand
[10:30]  Rick Wakeman’s Silent Nights rock Norwich Cathedral
[10:30]  Korean missionary to be apostolic prefect of the Marshall Islands
[10:25]  Christian ministry in Haiti loses its long-time leader
[10:25]  Former Prime Minister Tony Blair leaves Church of England
[10:15]  Papua New Guinea welcomes new Christian radio stations
[10:15]  Christians in West Bengal, India, are in danger (press)
[10:10]  Two major Christian ministries have joined forces to launch the HIV/AIDS Cube
[10:10]  Archdiocese of Sydney awards grant for adult stem cell research
[10:05]  New libraries help free people from their superstitious religions
[10:00]  Missionaries in India accused in converting to Christianity
[10:00]  Edwin Louis Cole Had One More Son in Riga, Latvia (exclusive)
[09:55]  Living Water International readies mission trip to Israel
[09:55]  Incredible poverty limits outreach in Gaza strip
[09:50]  Hezbollah street protests hamper Christian work
[09:50]  Ministry growth an answer to Haiti's desperation (press)
[09:50]  World Council of Churches will help Christians in wars
[09:45]  Ministry encourages participation in Bible translation (press)
[09:45]  Korean bishop joins in clean up after the oil spillage (press)
[09:40]  Ministry will help vicitims of Cyclone Sidr in Bangladesh
[09:40]  Terrorism in the name of Islam continues in UK
[09:35]  World Vision programs hit by deadly Ebola strain in Africa
[09:35]  Open Doors reaches out to Iraqi refugees (press)
[09:35]  Eritrean government has expelled missionaries
[09:35]  Press: West Papua - Genocide by Demographics (press)
[09:30]  Newspaper outreach seeing results in Canada (press)
[09:25]  Pastor threatened with jail for allowing children in church
[09:25]  Republican Ron Paul doesn't accept evolution (press)
[09:20]  Iran offers help; whispers of persecution grow
[09:20]  Ministry in U.S. helps inner city homeless with care kits
[09:20]  As mosques are constructed all over Europe, only a few are concerned
[09:15]  Christian Satellite will launch a new channel for Iran
[09:15]  Newest ministry boat headed for final outfitting (press)
[09:15]  'Green' church honours early environmentalist
[09:15]  7-year old American girl forced into hiding in China
[09:10]  Russian Ministries get ready for outreach at Christmas (press)
[09:05]  Violence in West Bank is hurting Christians
[09:05]  Lebanon upheaval creates new paths to outreach
[09:05]  UN debates whether to fire controversial official Paul Hunt
[09:00]  Christmas in India is an open door for outreach
[09:00]  The City Council of Rome rejects civil unions bid
[08:55]  Togo hospital ministry blessed by Audio Scripture
[08:55]  Micro-enterprise unites church ministry in Rwanda
[08:55]  Uruguay passes homosexual civil union law
[08:55]  Indian party will persecute Christians in order to gain votes
[08:45]  Expanded ministry in Congo is possible because of peace
[08:45]  Catholic magazine accused of "targeting homosexuals"
[08:45]  Christian Freedom urges Christians to pray for China’s Church (press)
[08:40]  Oceania at risk from biotechnology exploitation (press)
[08:40]  Believers Face New Challenge in Moscow, Russia
[08:35]  5,000 Sportsmen profess faith in Christ in Ghana
[08:35]  World Vision offices in Sri Lanka were attacked (press)
[08:30]  Austrian churches team up for soccer championship
[08:30]  Iraq church has 'new martyrs', says Baghdad archbishop (press)
[08:30]  Ministries partner together for outreach to Kenya's slums (press)
[08:25]  Global churches urge reparations to atone for slave trade
[08:25]  Dutch pastor says he can believe in a 'God who doesn't exist'
[08:25]  Hundreds of Christians stream out of Gaza for Christmas
[08:20]  Hindu extremists and Christians clash again in India
[08:15]  Russian Orthodox leader backs Putin's successor
[08:15]  CURE breaks ground for hospital despite security risks
[08:10]  Gore backs 'moral' stand of top church leader on climate
[08:05]  In Canada you get charged for killing an unborn fawn, but not a human being (press)
[08:05]  Tension builds among Gujarat’s tribal Christians
[08:00]  Haiti strike blocks supplies; impacts ministry
[07:55]  Myanmar monks named top US religion newsmakers in 2007
[07:55]  Judges of the Slovak high court restricted abortion
[07:40]  Christmas: Kohl's Takes In-Your-Face Attitude (press)
[07:40]  Ruthless attack on Indian children and other believers
[07:35]  Christians express condolences to the family of Benazir Bhutto (press)
[07:30]  Bhutto assassinated; Christians in Pakistan condemn killing
[07:25]  President-elect of Argentina cancels pro-abortion legislation
[07:20]  Seven doctors arrested in Spain for illegal abortions
[07:10]  Canadian press wakes up to the threat to free speech
[07:00]  Sea of Galilee in Israel at lowest level in 5 years
[06:50]  Sexual minorities from London took part in Riga Pride parade
[06:45]  Best-selling author will speak at Baptist covenantion
[06:35]  Gay masses stopped in London's Westminster Archdiocese
[06:35]  "The Great Debaters" inspires preview audience
[06:25]  Lebanon upheaval creates new paths to outreach
[06:25]  Hungary moves closer to recognizing same-sex "marriage"
[06:25]  Galina Bondar: Revisionist Homosexual History (press)
[06:25]  Millions of Christians mark Jesus Christ's birth
[06:20]  Polish bishops: In vitro fertilization a "type of refined abortion"
[06:20]  2nd Festival of Polish carols conducted in Ukraine
[06:20]  Pope Benedict XVI stresses duty to evangelize (press)
[06:20]  Queen Elizabeth II urges to take care of society’s vulnerable
[06:15]  Trouble mounts for the Church in Venezuela
[06:15]  Ukrainian emigrants will get help from Greek Catholics
[06:15]  Country church of Hollywood burns on Christmas Eve
[06:10]  Village in the Philippines sees family of God at work
[06:10]  Evidence abounds of Jesus Christ's birth and life
[06:10]  Christians pray for loved ones lost in Iraqi exodus (press)
[06:05]  Partnership in Burkina Faso yields future ministry
[06:05]  Gospel comes to every child in the Kingdom of Tonga
[06:05]  "Golden Compass" is "The Most Anti-Christmas Film Possible" (press)
[06:05]  American professor thinks Christmas star was planets
[06:05]  Many of China’s Christians attend underground churches (press)
[06:00]  Ottawa Sun reporter "taken aback" by post-abortion pain (press)
[06:00]  Confusion continues about deaths in Orissa’s anti-Christian violence
[05:55]  Violence against Christians could be worse in 2008
[05:55]  Jesus Christ's birth called a political milestone (press)
[05:55]  Gaza’s Christians keep low Christmas profile
[05:50]  Mike Huckabee angers some Catholic Christians (press)
[05:50]  U.S. House passes bill that upholds pro-life policies
[05:45]  U.S. Congress honors the work of pro-life hero Henry Hyde
[05:35]  A couple in central Ohio saved lives of four kids
[05:35]  Chuck Colson, Janice Crouse are Man and Woman of the Year
[05:25]  Missionaries narrowly deported for homeschooling
[05:25]  Bethlehem flame comes to Ukrainian churches
[05:20]  Coca-Cola accused of insulting Russian Christians
[05:10]  US President George W. Bush released Christmas message (press)
[05:05]  Greensburg churches rebuild after tornado destroyed town
[05:00]  Christmas greeting from leaders of Church of Canada (press, documents)
[05:00]  Pilgrims flock to most peaceful Bethlehem in years
[05:00]  Ukrainian Christians Work to Overcome HIV/AIDS
[05:00]  Gladys Staines appeals for peace in Orissa
[04:55]  The Golden Compass Battle of Catholic Schools (press)
[04:45]  Christmas Greetings from Canadian Prime Minister Harper (press)
[04:45]  Ukrainian Biblical Society Outlines Plans for 2008
[04:45]  A Wisconsin man accused of killing his preborn children
[04:35]  Teens of Canada want freedom for Christmas
[04:30]  Children's Hope International recruiting role models for kids
[04:30]  New Veggie Tale movie opens in theatres January 11
[04:25]  Christmas Message from the Jerusalem Heads of Churches (press)
[04:20]  Persian Christians celebrate anniversary for Christian TV
[04:20]  Bishops in Canada meet with clergy to discuss network
[04:20]  Beyond Christmas: A Message from Scotland’s Christian Leaders
[04:10]  Bill to legalize euthanasia introduced to Indian legislature
[04:10]  Internal violence creates an opportunity for the Gospel
[04:10]  Compassion is ready to help children out of poverty
[04:10]  Christmas message from Katharine Jefforts Schori (press)
[04:10]  Gaza Christian kidnapped, forced to marry Muslim
[04:05]  Cardinal says gays should be banned from office (press)
[04:05]  Latvian Cardinal warns of "military" attack on values (press)
[04:00]  Old Navy has put a blockade around Christmas
[04:00]  Alexy II urges Europeans not to abandon Christianity (press)
[04:00]  Pro-Life Czechs march to commemorate victims of abortion
[04:00]  Church leader urges Kenyan politicians: Negotiate for peace
[03:55]  Denzel Washington: "I Read the Bible Every Day"
[03:55]  Chief Rabbis of Israel rule abortion "a Grave Sin"
[03:50]  Cardinal: "Value-free" sex education already a value choice (press)
[03:45]  Quebec Mayor: place "organized religion" under state control
[03:45]  Kidnapped church worker in Turkey released
[03:45]  Tensions ignite alarming violence against churches in Iraq
[03:45]  Ministry launches new program in Ethiopia
[03:45]  Large numbers at risk of starvation in Zimbabwe
[03:40]  Church of North Korea quietly marks Christ's birth
[03:40]  Church Planter starts ministry with Children's Bible Club
[03:40]  Poland's best-selling cooking nun makes publishing history
[03:40]  'In God We Trust' to resume prominent place on $1 coin
[03:40]  Banking partnership attacks extreme poverty in Africa
[03:35]  Conference shows growth of Ghana's church
[03:35]  British bishop warns on dangers of 'secular fundamentalism' (press)
[03:35]  Zimbabwe hospital sets up radio station for counselling
[03:30]  Church and business leaders team up to advance the Gospel
[03:30]  Christmas parade in Ghana will unite churches
[03:30]  Ministry escapes massive flooding in the UK
[03:30]  Religion may be a swing factor in Kenya's elections (press)
[03:30]  Christmas Greetings from The Archbishop of New Zealand (press)
[03:30]  Cuban Christians got largest shipment of Bibles in history
[03:25]  "Hate Crimes" bill defeated; SB 777 on the ballot? (press)
[03:25]  Christian film industry in the United States alive and well
[03:25]  Catholics want to protect the freedom of religious expression
[03:20]  Young Europeans to converge on Geneva for Taize prayers
[03:20]  Anglicans and Roman Catholics will help homeless
[03:15]  Southern Baptists respond to Mexico's flooding disaster
[03:15]  Global Christian consultation tackles biotechnology
[03:15]  Family lost in the snow relied on God to survive
[03:15]  Spiritual issues not important in raising children, poll finds (press)
[03:10]  Signs of Christian unity encourage missionaries in Ireland
[03:10]  Orphans in Russia get excited about brand new Bibles
[03:10]  Scottish 'carol' has dividing wall at Bethlehem in lyrics
[03:10]  Press: My Christmas Story - By Senator John McCain (press)
[03:10]  Wal-Mart donates $200,000 to The Salvation Army
[03:05]  Hotels in the United States ban Gideon Bibles (press)
[03:00]  Missionary hospital provides grounds for the Gospel, expands
[03:00]  Press: A Christmas report from Great Britain (press)
[03:00]  Judge in US halts implementation of "domestic partnership" law
[02:55]  Panel: World needs to pressure Sudan's Islamic regime (press)
[02:50]  Outreach in Arctic region a success, team continues on
[02:50]  Christian activists jailed in Egypt for 'insulting Islam'
[02:50]  Muslim businessman takes over a century-old Catholic daily
[02:50]  Christian Democratic Union to unite all Christian parties
[02:40]  A persecution ministry considers the Colorado shootings
[02:40]  “Allah” is only for Muslims, Malaysian official says (press)
[02:35]  Situation with Christians in Iraq: More Than Survivors
[02:35]  In Ukraine Catholics hold open air Christmas Mass
[02:30]  Building places of worship in Moscow still a struggle
[02:25]  Egyptian government compensates Christians
[02:20]  Archbishop writes on duties of Catholics in political participation
[02:20]  Why Rick and Kay Warren are involved in battle against the HIV/AIDS (press)
[02:15]  Diocese secedes from Episcopal church over gay bishops
[02:10]  Church defends citizens facing power outage in Ukraine
[02:10]  Churches, houses are burned in anti-Christian violence
[02:05]  Latvian Cardinal Janis Pujats: Gays don’t need protection (press)
[02:05]  Pope: "Institution of the family undermines peace"
[02:05]  Christian сhurches of Ghana vie for ?The Ultimate Goal’
[01:50]  Catholic church pull out of "front-line" health care in UK


[20:35]  Christians stopped sexual depravity of German kids (exclusive)
[20:00]  Ukrainian Media Oppresses Christians, Uses Old KGB Methods (exclusive, documents)
[19:50]  Tajikistan: Why is a new Religion Law needed?
[18:55]  Poland agreed on "World Day against the Death Penalty"
[18:50]  Mexico City made a first step to euthanasia in Mexico
[18:50]  Israel will have to recognise foreign same-sex adoptions
[18:45]  Uruguay president will veto legislation of abortion
[18:45]  Turkmenistan: Baptist forced to leave homeland
[18:40]  Some key facts about marriage in the United States (press)
[18:40]  Parish to "lose nothing" when veteran priest expelled?
[18:35]  Comparing a strong marriage amendment to a very weak one (press)
[18:35]  Uzbekistan punishes for unregistered religious activity
[17:55]  Petition to Portuguese Medical Association (press)
[17:50]  One in five Brits can't name the "little town" of Jesus' birth
[17:45]  Catholic church vandalized with pro-abortion graffiti
[17:40]  Riga declaration on religious freedom and human rights (press)
[17:35]  Ford still shows support for the homosexual agenda
[17:30]  Christian researcher sues after being sacked over evolution
[17:25]  Ukraine prays for people living with HIV/AIDS
[17:20]  Bill to legalize euthanasia introduced to Indian legislature
[17:15]  Gays from London took part in Riga Pride parade
[17:10]  Adventists of Azerbaijan are going through hard times
[17:05]  Time to exit the public schools in the United States
[17:00]  Boycott Worked: Compass flops- opening weekend $26 million
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